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1. The Trinity

2. Evolution

3. No God

4. The Leaders

5. The People

6. Man

7. Transcendental Man

8. The Superman

9. The Superbeing

10. Spiritual Globes

11. Stressing the Essential

12. Why the State Withers

13. Making More Equal

14. Post-Atomic

15. Points 1-10

16. Evolutionary Pressures

17. The Higher Poet

18. Electron Freedom

19. Either/Or

20. Self-Judgement

21. The Ultimate Essence

22. Bright and Dark

23. More God than Man

24. Synthesized Voice

25. Dispelling a Futuristic Myth





The Trinity isn't blessed,

As traditionally believed;

The first part is cursed,

And pertains to the Devil.


The second part is a mixture

Of the Devil and God,

Since Christ isn't pure

But both cursed and blessed,


Who, as the 'Three in One',

Is a man, like us.

But the third, which has still to come,

Will be the blessed outcome of the others.





What began in the fire

Must conclude with the light.

What arose in the daytime

Must decline with the night.


The advent of man

Had its roots in the apes,

Who preceded the pagans

As a vine precedes grapes.


Yet man isn't static

But proceeds to evolve,

And from pagan to Christian

Shows greater resolve.


Now the Christian has passed

The transcendent has begun,

And man stands a stage closer

To the Nietzschean superman.


The Superman is post-human

And towards him man will tend.

But his future successor

Is by no means the end.


For from there to the Superbeing

Is the stage on the threshold

Of eventual transcendence

And escape from the flesh-hold.


Then globes of pure spirit

Will expand into space,

Leaving planets behind them

With never a trace.


And expansion will lead

To the merging of separateness.

Where once they were many,

They will end-up in oneness.





Even if more advanced civilizations

Than the Earth's had attained to transcendence

And thereby established

Spiritual Globes in the Universe,

Those globes of pure spirit wouldn't be God,

Any more than planets are the Devil,

But only what precedes God.


Even if every civilization but man's

Had attained to transcendence,

The resulting globes of pure spirit

In the Universe still wouldn't be God,

Irrespective of whether they had all merged

Into one another and formed an indivisible whole.

The absence of man's contribution

And its eventual expansion

Towards the larger globe of pure spirit

Would preclude the formation

Of Ultimate Oneness, which is the Omega Absolute,

In complete contrast

To the separate, manifold nature

Of the Alpha Absolute(s), or stars.


Only with the eventual establishment

Of the Omega Absolute would God

Actually exist as Ultimate Oneness,

Whereas, in the meantime, He would be

In the process of formation,

Like a foetus in the womb,

Struggling to be born.


Just as one should never confound planets

With the Alpha Absolute(s),

So one should never imagine

That God is established, following transcendence.

The Spiritual Globes which emerge

From superbeings, in various parts of the Universe,

Would be but the final stage

On the road to Ultimate Oneness,

Expanding towards one another in response

To the mutual attraction of Being.





The leaders aren't themselves led

But supervise the evolutionary progress

Of the People.  They don't live

Like the People, but in their own separate

And rather conservative worlds.

They understand evolution

But don't actively participate in it,

Since directors rather than directed.


They don't personally enter the 'promised land',

For such is not their fate.

They make personal sacrifices

On behalf of the People,

Standing aside while the latter move ahead.

Their main task is to ensure that the People

Are set on course for the transcendental Beyond,

Never to deviate from it.


They aren't of the People

And therefore they're not with the People.

They must always remain separate,

Opposed to whatever regressive tendencies

The People may display.

They are the guardians of evolutionary progress,

Who serve the People's best interests.

They lead the People towards salvation

But can never be saved themselves.





The People are often hardworking,

But sometimes lazy,

Often spiritual but sometimes sensual.

They are the crude clay from which

The highest humanity can be formed,

The crucible in which

A new human type can be forged,

Superior to anything that preceded it.


They often live in the city

But sometimes in the country,

Are often artificial but sometimes natural.

They are more paradoxical

Than might at first appear,

For they show an aptitude for the artificial

Without desiring to suppress

What naturalness they possess.


They often bless but sometimes curse,

Often praise but sometimes swear.

Their choice of language

Is offensive to cultivated ears,

Since it betrays a contempt for sex

Which, in living closer to nature,

The older classes tend to reject.


They often live close together

But sometimes far apart,

Are often quiet but sometimes noisy.

They signify a closer approximation

To the Ultimate Oneness of God

Than do their rulers and masters,

And, if they aren't particularly considerate,

Are at least tolerant!





Man isn't static, like the animals,

But free to evolve.

His pagan beginnings in

A pre-dualistic context of lopsided sensuality

Eventually led to a Christian climax

Of dualistic balance between

The flesh and the spirit,

In which man assumed the mantle of God.


Modern man, however, is lopsided

On the side of the spirit

In the post-dualistic context

Of transcendentalism,

And is accordingly drawing near his end.

The Superman will be as different

From modern man as primitive man was

From his ape-like ancestor,

A species towards which

Transcendental man aspires.

We need not regret the passing of our own.





He no longer lives in a dualistic world

And therefore isn't partial to

Sexual discrimination, which he regards

As a regrettable anachronism.


He doesn't recognize females as women

But increasingly as 'lesser men',

And expects them both to behave

And dress like himself.


He isn't entirely averse to sex with women

But prefers plastic inflatables

Or pornographic models,

Regarding marriage as 'square'.


He prefers television to books

And contemplation to meditation,

Since a cross between man and superman.


He lives in the city and substitutes

An occasional stroll through the park

For life in the country.


He isn't averse to essence

But can only approach it by degrees,

Availing himself of spiritualized appearance.





The Superman isn't the thing

That Nietzsche's 'great noontide'

Might lead one to believe,

But a life form superior to man

And inferior to the Superbeing.


The Superman won't be God but godly,

For the Holy Spirit will be transcendent,

While the Superman

Will be partly mundane

And therefore tied to the beastly.


But he will be far less sensual than man,

Because freed from the natural body

And thereby elevated

To the post-human heights of

A brain artificially ran.


Having an old brain

Will keep him inferior to the Superbeing

Of the millennial communes

Which are destined to supplant him

With the termination of all pain.


But the old brain will be

Kept under tight control

As he expands the new brain

With the aid of such synthetic drugs

As the leaders may extol.


And thus he will know a superior form

Of upward self-transcendence

To transcendental man,

Whose television spirituality in appearance

Is the contemporary norm.





Man stands between ape and superman,

But the Superbeing will stand between

The latter and the Spiritual Globes,

Devoid of ego.


The Superbeing won't require

The assistance of synthetic drugs

To expand consciousness upwards,

For it will be beyond the visionary.


Living in the light of superconscious mind,

The Superbeing will be solely concerned

With the cultivation of spirit, as a means

To the attainment of transcendence.


The new brains of the Superbeing

Will be fused together

Into a collective entity transcending

The communal separateness of supermen,

Each new brain being a component of the whole.


And, like a tree whose leaves

Are packed closely together

And significant of sensual communalism,

The Superbeing will signify

The spiritual communalism of

The highest phase of millennial life.


There will be many such Superbeings

Throughout the planet,

And they will eventually

Attain to transcendence, becoming

Spiritual Globes which will merge

Into one another in the transcendental Beyond.





There will be many Spiritual Globes

Throughout the Universe, following

The attainment to transcendence by

The Superbeings, but they will merge

With those nearest to themselves

And thus form progressively larger wholes.


These Spiritual Globes won't be things

But metaphysical states-of-mind,

And because they'll represent

Being at its purest, will be attracted

Towards one another in the transcendental Beyond.


Doubtless those within the vicinity

Of this part of the Galaxy will merge

Into wholes which may in turn be attracted

Towards those in remoter parts of it,

So that, eventually, all Spiritual Globes there

Will become unified.


And as the attraction of other Spiritual Globes

From other galaxies is felt, so will those

Which exert the strongest attraction,

Presumably because they are larger,

Exert the most influence.


Thus they will attract

The smaller Spiritual Globes to themselves,

To some extent being pulled

But to a greater extent pulling,

Until Spiritual Globes from separate galaxies

Duly become merged.


And with the gradual merging

Of these 'galactic globes' of pure spirit,

The convergence to the Omega Absolute

Will be nearer completion, requiring

Only the merging of more distant globes

To form the ultimate 'universal globe' ...

Of God ... the Supreme Oneness.





Considered in its ultimate manifestation

Supreme being would be

Antithetical in constitution to the stars,

And therefore it wouldn't shine

With a star-like radiance.

Rather, this supreme state-of-being

Would be all but invisible to sight,

Since essence rather than appearance

Is the attribute of an ultimate life.

Supreme being could only be

Noumenally experienced, never phenomenally seen,

And it would amount to a density

Of pure spirit glowing in the void of space.

Such a density, if detectable, could

More resemble a Black Hole than a star.

Indeed, it might well constitute

What are now regarded as Black Holes

From the viewpoint of the optical sense.

If this were so, then terms like

The 'Clear Light of the Void' are inadequate

For describing Ultimate Reality, since stressing

The apparent rather than the essential.

God as supreme being wouldn't possess

The apparent attributes of a star,

But would be inner light - the opposite

Of outer light, whether clear or not.

The Holy Ghost is a better term for approaching

The noumenal essence of Ultimate Reality,

But 'pure spirit' is better again,

Since more noumenally specific.

A bias for any traditional world religion

Would be inappropriate to

The ultimate world religion.

We must adopt new terminology for

A fresh religious perspective.





If the State 'withers away',

In Engels' oft-quoted phrase,

It is because religion flourishes.

The State cannot 'wither away' by itself,

But only in relation to the flourishing of religion.

If religion doesn't flourish,

The State has no business 'withering away'.

It cannot abandon the world to chaos,

But must protect religious progress.

The Christian religion, being dualistic,

Caused the State to 'wither away' partially.

The transcendental religion of the future,

Being post-dualistic, will cause it

To 'wither away' completely.  And after

The State has disappeared

There will only be religion, the religion

Of the supermen-superbeing phases

Of the post-Human Millennium, tending ever nearer

To the culmination of spiritual evolution

In the post-Millennial Beyond.  Eventually

There will be no religion at all, but only God.

For God is the outcome of all striving

Towards divine transcendence.





It is easier to treat woman as the equal of man

When she makes a determined attempt to be equal

Than when she insists on her womanhood.

A woman with short hair and fingernails,

No make-up, dressed in pants and low-heels,

Is more likely to strike men as equal

Than one whose appearance is traditionally feminine.

If she is well-educated and cultured to boot,

That is an even better reason

To regard her as an equal.

But too many women insist on being considered

The equals of men

When they make no real effort to be so.

This is wrong; for a woman

Will only be treated as a 'lesser man'

When she looks and behaves like one.

At present sexual equality

Still has a long way to go,

Especially when women insist on taking

The seats offered them by well-intentioned,

Though fundamentally deluded, males

In crowded buses or trains.

A truly liberated woman, or 'lesser man',

Would refuse such an offer,

Deeming it unnecessary for one man

To abandon his seat for another.

And so it is, though

Only equals would know that!

A woman who doesn't look like an equal

Is likely to be treated unequally.

If, in future, women are treated more equally,

It will be because they'll be

More masculinized than at present.

A post-dualistic society should never

Think dualistically, though there will, of course,

Be occasional lapses, not least of all

In regard to propagation!





In the post-atomic society

There will be no particles,

For the proton aspect of the atom

Will be taboo to minds

Accustomed to electron freedom.

There will be only wavicles,

And so 'matter' will have been de-materialized,

In accordance with the transcendental bias of

A post-atomic society.

As nuclear fission split the atom,

So republicanism wrenched man away from

The galactic-world-order in which

The atomic integrity at the basis of life prevailed.

No longer would proton humans

Lord it over an electron majority,

As stars dominate planets.

For in the post-atomic age

Such a majority must be

Free from diabolic constraint

In order that it may be set on

A direct course for transcendence, and hence

The attainment of life to the transcendental Beyond.





Evolution begins with the gaseous mass of stars

And proceeds from point 1 to

The formation of planets at point 2.

Then comes the development of life

On the planets that, at the lowest level,

We can designate as plants

Which, at point 3, are subconsciously-dominated.

With point 4, however, we arrive

At the autonomous life forms

Of the beasts (whether bird, fish, insect, animal,

Or reptile), and evolution then proceeds

To point 5, which is pagan man,

Who is also subconsciously-dominated,

Though capable of further development.

This leads to the dualistic stage

Of human evolution at points 5/6,

When the subconscious and the superconscious

Are approximately in balance,

And with the further development

Of the superconscious we proceed from there

To transcendental man at point 6 -

The opposite of point 5.  Transcendental man

Is then superseded by the Superman who,

As a brain artificially supported

And sustained in communal contexts, signifies

A further development of the superconscious,

And stands at point 7,

The opposite of the beasts at point 4.

With the removal of the old brain

From the superman's stage of evolution,

And the intensified communization

Of artificially supported and sustained new-brains,

We arrive at point 8, when

A life form antithetical in constitution

To the plants (and particularly to trees)

At point 3 is established,

Which has been called the Superbeing.

Now evolutionary progress has only to attain

To a point antithetical to the planets

For the Spiritual Globes of point 9

To bring it closer to its ultimate consummation.

From there, these separate globes of pure spirit

Have only to merge into one another

In the transcendental Beyond to form, at point 10,

The Omega Absolute, antithetical in every respect

To the Alpha Absolute(s) ... of the infernal stars.





Every human being stems from the Diabolic Alpha

And also aspires towards the Divine Omega,

But no two human beings stem from

Or aspire towards to exactly the same extent.

The higher the man, the more will he

Aspire towards the Divine Omega.

The lower the man, the more he will

Stem from the Diabolic Alpha.

Generally speaking, babies, children, youths,

Women, and tyrants stem from the Diabolic Alpha

To a greater extent than they aspire

Towards its antithesis in transcendent spirit,

And for this reason such creatures

Will rarely be popular with higher men,

Who as often as not lead a saint-like existence,

Scorning all but the minimum of sensuality

In allegiance to their spiritual aspirations.

But higher men are comparatively rare

Even in this ostensibly advanced age,

And are generally regarded as cranks or perverts

By the vulgar majority.

Nevertheless evolutionary progress requires

That an aspiration towards the Divine Omega

Be stepped-up at the expense of

A stemming from the Diabolic Alpha,

And therefore that mankind become

More spiritual the higher they evolve.

Doubtless babies, children, youths, women,

And tyrants will remain victims

Of a certain inescapable level of sensuality

For as long as they exist.

Nonetheless the pressure will be on adults

To improve their level of commitment

To the Divine Omega over the coming centuries.

Eventually there will be no human beings at all

But only Supermen, and so man

Will have been 'overcome' in the interests

Of a greater spiritual commitment

Than ever he could manage, what with

His natural body and sensual obligations.

Only a brain artificially supported and sustained

Would really be in an evolutionary position

To expand spirit to any radical extent,

An expansion which could only presuppose

Subsequent transformations ... as appertaining

To still higher stages of post-human life.

But there will be fools and ignoramuses among

The People who will persist

In trying to thwart evolutionary progress

And prevent such an eventuality

From finally coming to pass.

These fools and ignoramuses will stem

From the Diabolic Alpha to a greater extent

Than they aspire towards the Divine Omega,

Opposing those who are morally above them.

Life is often a struggle between

These two opposing tendencies,

Which respectively reflect 'the bad' and 'the good'.

No matter what the situation 'the good'

Must continue their struggle against 'the bad'

In order to improve the quality of life

In this world, and should eventually

Triumph over them altogether, bringing

Higher life on earth closer

To salvation in spiritual transcendence.

To the extent that the world is natural

It is bad, because barbarous.

To the extent that the world is artificial

It is good, because civilized.

The world only becomes better to the extent

That the artificial predominates over the natural.

For the more artificial it becomes,

The closer it draws to the Supernatural, and thus

To the attainment of the highest life form,

In the guise of collectivized new-brains

Artificially supported and sustained, to

The transcendental Beyond in which, ultimately,

Only the Omega Absolute

Of undifferentiated transcendent spirit

Will prevail for all eternity.





The transcendental poet

Will die to the outer world

The better to create

The superior poetry of the inner one.

Essence will supplant appearance

In his creative rebirth

As a transcendentalist.





Not like a bourgeois,

Bound victim of an atomic integrity

In his enslavement to grammatical determinism,

But as a proletarian,

Free creator of a free-electron poetry

In pursuit of post-atomic freedom.





The lower philosopher leans towards science,

The higher one towards literature.

The higher novelist leans towards poetry,

The lower one towards philosophy.

The lower poet leans towards literature,

The higher one - towards the Infinite.





Not everyone can come to my work

With an open mind.

There are many who will

Shy away from it,

Like Dracula from the Cross,

In fear of what it reveals.





What began externally must end internally.

Transcendent spirit won't shine

In the transcendental Beyond, like a star, but will entail

A deeper depth within the depths of space -

The ultimate essence,

Not the primal appearance.





People who dress garishly,

In ostentatious colours,

Approximate more to the Diabolic Alpha

Than to the Divine Omega.

Those who dress in dark clothes

Are usually of a constitution

More spiritual than sensual.

The former are generally

The most ignoble females,

The latter more often the noblest males;

The former more often young than old,

The latter generally old.





A genius is made, not born.

There is no such thing as a natural genius.

Men of genius are the most artificial people,

The ones furthest removed from nature

In their conduct of life.

Circumstances and effort have combined

To make them what they are -

The nearest human beings to the Divine Omega.





Musician, if you must sing,

Put your voice through a synthesizer,

In order that it may be rendered

Artificial in tone and produce sounds

At a transcendent remove from the natural.

You will create the most civilized singing!





The Universe is assuredly very vast

But there's no reason for us to attempt exploring it all.

Exploring the Solar System

To which our planet belongs is no mean task,

And should suffice to satisfy the curiosity

Of space-oriented adventurers for some time to come!

Eventually man may extend his curiosity

To other solar systems in the Galaxy;

Though there is no guarantee of the fact,

And I rather doubt that such an extension

Would serve him much good.

It is more probable that the nearest solar systems

Won't differ too greatly from our own than

The converse and, that being the case, there can be

Scant justification for man's exploring them,

Since they won't have all that much to teach him.

The idea that he will come into contact

With creatures from outer space is also suspect,

Especially when such creatures are envisaged

As being superior to him

In intelligence and evolutionary sophistication.

For a life form superior to man,

And particularly to the transcendental men

Of the ultimate human civilization, could only be

At the Superman's stage of evolution - assuming

It wasn't a Superbeing - and to be at such a stage

Is to have the human brain artificially supported

And sustained in communal contexts

For purposes of spiritual expansion.

No life form superior to man

Would therefore be inclined to explore space,

After the fashion of transitional or transcendental men,

And risk contact, for better or worse,

With space-exploring humans.

Beyond man, the pattern of evolution

Would seem to lead, via the post-Human Millennium,

To the transcendental Beyond, which is space considered

As the setting for separate globes

Of transcendent spirit to converge and expand,

Tending, all the while, towards definitive unity

In the omega point ... of the ultimate spiritual globe.

The transcendental Beyond is synonymous with Heaven;

Though beneath this there is also

The earthly Beyond ... of the post-Human Millennium,

Here we are, men tending towards

The transcendental civilization,

And ahead of us we glimpse the post-Human Millennium,

Which, as its name suggests, is beyond

The human stages of evolution.

But the transcendental Beyond ... of Heaven

Is beyond even the post-Human Millennium,

And thus isn't set on earth but in space,

So that evolution will attain to a culmination

With the establishment of the Omega Absolute

In the same setting as the Alpha Absolute(s) ...

Of the stars are now in

And have always been in - namely space.

So what began in space will also end there,

Though on the most antithetical terms conceivable.

We, however, exist on the planet Earth

And therefore can look in two ways:

Either 'back' to the stars or 'forward' towards

The future attainment of spirit to the transcendental Beyond.

We are already a bit transcendent on the Earth;

For the stars are akin to the roots of evolution

And accordingly set in space on the most basic terms.

Christian theology wasn't mistaken to posit Hell as 'below';

For, indeed, in looking at the sun

And other nearby stars we are effectively

Looking back and down, as it were,

To the diabolic roots of evolution,

Even if our heads happen to be inclined-up

At an acute angle in the process.

Sensual indulgence of one form or another

Was punishable, at death, by banishment from Heaven,

And artists valiantly strove to depict

The Damned being pitchforked down towards Hell,

Where fire was the cardinal element.

Theology exaggerated, but it did so with reason,

Since the man who is more sensual than spiritual

Stems from the Diabolic Alpha

To a greater extent than he aspires

Towards the Divine Omega, and,

When his respective predilections have been added-up

And weighed in the theological balance

At the conclusion of his earthly life,

May well be more qualified for damnation than salvation.

In the Christian schema most people

Of early-Christian times were

Foregone candidates for damnation; since

The ratio of sensuality to spirituality can only be greater

The lower the stage of human evolution.

Damnation scenes rightly preponderate

Over salvation ones in medieval iconography.

Saints were then, as now, the exception to the rule.

But we of a post-Christian age

Should be struggling more towards Heaven

Than sliding or falling back towards Hell.

We may look at the stars,

But few of us would desire to embrace them!

We prefer them where they are

And to distance ourselves from them.

Our aspirations tend towards the transcendental Beyond,

Even if unconsciously and without fanaticism.

Evolution continues whether or not we know why.

It happens all around us and we are caught-up in it.

Even when we don't directly participate

In a particular aspect of evolutionary progress,

We read or hear about it or see a recording of it

And are influenced by it.

Spacemen are a part of our mental universe,

Just as we are a part of the physical one.

For the Universe isn't just stars and planets

With space in-between, but also (at higher levels),

Plants, animals, and humans,

And so evolves from a physical to a spiritual level

Via intermediate life forms.

Eventually the Universe will culminate

In pure spirit, or one vast globe of transcendence,

But it cannot get to that ultimate stage

Without the interim life forms struggling up

Towards the goal of evolution in supreme being.

Transcendental men of the coming world civilization

Will continue the struggle

From where Christian men left off,

And then be superseded by Supermen,

Who in turn will be superseded by Superbeings,

Before spiritual globes emerge from the Earth.

Only on the higher human levels,

The transitional and transcendental ones,

Is there any possibility of contact being established

With aliens from other solar systems;

For no superman would desire to waste time

Exploring farther afield in space

When there was spirit to cultivate in his psyche on Earth.

As evolution progresses, so life becomes

Increasingly interiorized, rendering

External adventure of progressively less importance,

Until, with the Supermen, it ceases to play any role at all.

The space-research programmes

Of both the Americans and the Russians

Of contemporary transitional civilization

May well constitute a kind of

Human peak of space exploration,

Since men of the future transcendental civilization

Will generally be more interiorized than contemporary men,

And correspondingly less inclined

To indulge in external adventure.

Doubtless, some space research will continue;

But there is no reason for us to suppose

That it will bring transcendental man

Into contact with aliens from outer space

Or extend very far beyond this solar system.

There shouldn't be any space wars

Between humans and aliens, at any rate,

Because the most advanced stage of human life

Should be categorically above war,

And would not have put an end to war

Between human beings simply in order

To start it up with aliens

On a much wider and possibly more horrific scale.

As men progress to higher levels of civilization,

So they become more spiritual, and hence passive,

Not given to historical levels of violence.

We needn't expect transcendental men

To go looking for trouble with their alien counterparts

In the farthest reaches of the Galaxy.

Such men may initially have cause

To rage space conflict between themselves

(Or, more specifically, between advocates of

Transcendentalism and upholders of materialism), but

With the advent of the post-Human Millennium on earth

All possibility of such wars should cease.

For the Supermen will be beings of peace in the truest sense -

Dedicated to the contemplation

Of internal visionary experience, and hence

The expansion of the superconscious mind.

Space, fortunately, would be beneath them!



LONDON 1982 (Revised 2011)






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