Op. 29






Copyright 2011 John O'Loughlin





1. Illusion and Truth

2. A True Fight

3. The Divine Right

4. An Absolute Sovereignty

5. Centro-complexification

6. Independent Mind

7. Questions

8. Blessed Cold

9. Meritocratic Affairs

10. Self-Destructive

11. Moral Judgement

12. The Real Obstacle

13. Supersex

14. Alternative Supersex

15. Indirect Approach

16. Last-Ditch Conservatism

17. Supernatural Synthesizer

18. Antinatural Art

19. Supernatural Art

20. Supra-natural Art

21. Realist Art

22. Antinatural Literature

23. Supernatural Literature

24. Atomic Dichotomy

25. Relative Atoms

26. A Relativistic Absolutism

27. Barter

28. Vouchers

29. Money

30. Above Money

31. Supernatural Pitch

32. Spiritual Intimations

33. Beyond Christianity

34. Last Judgement





There are two ways of looking at

The origins of the Universe according to

The Big Bang theory: either as

An extrapolation from Judaic monotheism or as

An extrapolation from the superconscious in deference

To contemporary transcendental requirement,

So that its origins are conceived

As being of nobler provenance

Than perhaps they actually were.

In the first instance, we have

A Judaic abstraction; in the second ...

An example of pseudo-scientific subjectivity.

A Big Bang, just imagine it!

A divine oneness to begin with!

But we ought to know by now

That evil is never solitary,

Always acts in competition with others,

Against others, whether on the stellar level

Of absolute evil, or on the organic level

Of relative evil - an evil, in other words,

Between disparate life forms,

Or between two or more racial variations on

The same life form, as in the case of man.

Absolute evil reacts in the guise of stars,

Which diverge from one another.

Why should they have begun in unity

And duly become many?

If the emergence in the void

Of inflammable gases was possible,

Why should it only have been so

In one part of the void?

What was there to prevent simultaneous or successive

Emergences of star embryos?

And if they subsequently grew into flaming stars,

What was there to prevent the birth of smaller stars

From the reactive frictions and clashes of

The larger primal ones - some of which

Would eventually cool and harden into planets,

To bring about the rudiments of

A galactic order, and so halt

The everywhichway divergence of anarchic stars?

We know that polytheism preceded monotheism,

Since the Jews were once pagan.

They thought-up the idea of

A monotheistic Creator, from which

All the other stars 'fell',

In a 'fallen-angel' revolt against

The 'heavenly unity' of the primary star.

No doubt, most small stars

Did emerge from a larger source,

But not necessarily from only one larger source!

And today, when the Big Bang theory

Is so fashionable, we are induced to believe,

Compliments of pseudo-scientific subjectivity,

That the galactic universe is expanding (!)

Away from a central void

Which is assumed to be its place of origin,

Much as though an explosion

Once took place there

And the consequence, many millennia later,

Is an expanding universe of fully-formed galaxies,

Replete, we may suppose, with

Advanced life on certain planets!

Ah, how very neat from a mystical viewpoint,

But (quite apart from the fact that galaxies

Are never born fully-formed), somewhat baffling

From a rational or factual one!

For what is there about a central void

That should induce galaxies to tend away from it?

And why should such a divergence

Be regarded as an expansion?

And how do millions of galaxies

All diverge in the same way from a central source?

Ah, we should not be so churlish!

They no longer react against one another,

As stars used to do in the bad old days

Of Newtonian objectivity; on the contrary,

They expand mystically outward

Towards some as-yet-unglimpsed horizon

Which - though space is supposed to be curved -

They will never reach,

Since that would halt their expansion,

And an expanding universe

Cannot suddenly cease to expand.

Our sun, too, is apparently expanding outwards,

And must continue to expand until ... bah!

You know my views by now, and I won't conceive of

The diabolic universe in divine terms,

Lest I end-up regarding

The divine one diabolically,

Or altogether overlook

The existence and possibility of a divine universe!

Regarding the diabolic as though it were divine

Is a poor substitute for a truly divine orientation,

And indicates an inability or unwillingness

To abandon evil for the realm of grace.

Those of us capable of a higher allegiance

Should never confound

That which contracts and diverges

With that which expands and converges.

We shall reserve the former tendencies

For the flaming stars

And the latter ones for pure spirit.

And we shall know that it is the destiny of

The expanding/converging universe to tend towards

The divine unity of 'Point Omega'.





They fight for a hard-line People's Republic,

But it isn't from the Marxist illusion

That the truth can emerge, since Communism,

Whether national or international,

Prohibits 'God building'

And won't hear of a theocratic way.

As the furthest reach of democracy,

The pseudo-democracy of a totalitarian exclusivity,

Communism signifies the materialist decadence of

A state absolutism, albeit a pseudo-state.

It will dismantle the 'bourgeois' state

In the name of the proletariat

And, if possible, destroy the Church,

Though not to put a successor in its place

(Since it regards religion as a closed issue,

Never to be resurrected

On different or superior terms).

There is only the people's state,

And in such a state only the spurious gods

Of Marx and Lenin count for anything -

A pseudo-theocracy dovetailed into

The autocratic essence of Communism.

Ah, they fight for a People's Republic,

Oblivious of the fact that such a republic,

Once established, would be a betrayal of

The true Irish people, with their theocratic bias,

Their Catholic opposition to Protestant mores.

If Catholicism were to survive in

A People's Republic of Ireland, it would be

An illogicality, Catholicism and Communism

Being ideologically incompatible.

If truly Communist, they would have no option but

To root it out in the name of the People,

So that only democratic materialism remained.

This would not be a popular move with

A majority of the Irish people, who more identify

With the Church than the State.

They would not like a materialist vacuum,

A state absolutism.

Only the decadent, the lowest elements,

The enemies of the true Irish people,

Would be content with that!

They would relish the triumph of Antichrist.

Not I, however!  But then, in all honesty,

I don't see a so-called People's Republic

Ever coming about in Ireland, since

The majority of Irishmen would never tolerate

The undermining of their religious bias,

Their bias for theocracy, but would resolutely oppose

Any move in that materialist direction.

What, us, sell-out to Protestants,

Socialists, Communists?  Never!

Better an old, moth-eaten theocracy than

A newfangled democratic absolutism!

Ah, I can just hear them!  And talk of

A hard-line People's Republic with Catholicism -

What's that if not nonsense,

A veritable contradiction in terms?

We have had enough nonsense, in the past,

Not to want any more of it in the present!

We will stick to the existing soft-line republic

Which, in its liberal pluralism, at least

Allows us to stick to our religious bias.

In fact, the Church is stronger than the State in

The way it influences our lives.

This is, after all, the way we like it.

And you?  Well, what can I tell them?

Those others fight in vain for a People's Republic.

Maybe one day I shall fight - democratically - for

The dismantling of republicanism in

The interests of an extension and expansion

Of theocracy towards the absolutist level of

A Social Transcendental Centre.

I would encourage the true Irish people

To vote-out democracy and vote-in

The highest theocracy, to extend their interests to

The level of the ultimate theocratic allegiance -

That of the Holy Spirit.  I shall know that

Those who have remained loyal

To the true Christian Church will favour

The development of transcendentalism,

Not Marxist fundamentalism,

Such as would seem to have been derived from

That other - and false - Church.

The true Irish people are a majority in the Republic,

And a majority of that majority

Will favour Centrist salvation to Communist damnation,

Thus confirming their theocratic bias.

The Centre would take over from the Catholic Church

And arrogate state responsibility to itself,

In accordance with the absolutist requirements of

A free-electron stage of evolution.

The Centre is the only means to

The final end of the State, to the overcoming

Of state/church relativity.

We true Irishmen of good faith should view

The existing state as the means to a higher end

And, instead of foolishly deriding it, utilize it

For our higher purposes.

The Church won't step down of its own accord,

Nor should it!  We need the Church,

Just as we need the existing state.

And one day the miraculous may come to pass:

The Tonean tricolour will be lowered

And the Y-like emblem of what is potentially,

If not at this point in time actually, the

True world religion of Social Transcendentalism

Be raised to take its bankrupt place.

The liberal state will have served its purpose,

And the Irish Social Transcendental Centre be born!





Make no mistake, when sovereignty passes from

The people to a leader, when society passes from

The neutron level of Christ to

The free-electron level of the Holy Ghost,

It is 'all up' with republicanism.

You do not have a republic in which

A sovereign leader exists.

The emergence of such a person presupposes

The end of democratic republicanism,

And signifies the beginning of

Theocratic centrism and the age of theocracy.

As autocratic sovereignty preceded republicanism,

So should theocratic sovereignty succeed it.

If the autocratic ruler, as the earthly embodiment of

The Father, ruled by so-called 'Divine Right',

Then the theocratic leader, as the earthly embodiment of

The Holy Spirit, leads by 'Divine Right'.

The people's representative represents the people by

Natural right, derived from the Christian notion of

The equality of all souls, and, in a sense,

He may be regarded as

The earthly embodiment of Christ, Who, likewise,

Must be crucified and resurrected,

Or undergo periodic General Elections which

May result in his removal from office (crucifixion)

And due replacement by

A new people's representative (resurrection)

Under an alternative government.

No such relativity, however, can apply to

A leader, who, on account of his 'Divine Right',

Isn't democratically accountable to the people,

But uses them to further his divine ends,

And must remain in power on a permanent basis,

Since his absolutist status entitles him to

An 'eternity' commensurate with the Supernatural,

Is but a reflection of an Eternal Order

Beyond the comings and goings,

Risings and fallings of the temporal.

The monarch also has his 'eternity', derived from

A so-called 'divine right' appertaining to the stars

And, originally, to the central star of the Galaxy.

He is akin to a quasar on earth,

And his noblemen derive their lordly sovereignty from

The smaller stars, directly ruling over a peasantry

In microcosmic reflection of

The direct rule of suns over planets.

Trees also reflect this galactic-world-order,

And may, in some degree, be regarded as

The blueprint for an autocratic society.

However, at the opposite extreme of evolution,

The theocratic society intimates of

The otherworldly Beyond,

The leader supremely sovereign

And his closest followers, or party comrades,

Deriving their regional sovereignty from him.

These regional leaders are responsible for

The execution of such administrative tasks as

The leader deems fit to authorize,

And are directly accountable to him,

Much as the feudal nobility

Were accountable to their monarch,

To whom they swore a direct oath of allegiance.

These regional leaders, on the other hand, lead the people

On terms specified by the leader.

In a democratic society, however,

The representatives of the people, including

The Prime Minister, are directly accountable to

Those who elected them

And are in no way entitled to sovereign judgements,

All men being considered equal in reflection of

The humanist criteria applicable to

A natural order, an order

Which, with the growth of antinaturalism, is

Steadily undermined, as some men (proletariat)

Are considered more equal than others (bourgeoisie),

And a class war duly ensues,

Resulting, if taken to its ultimate conclusion, in

A communist so-called democracy.

What distinguishes a divine right from

A natural right or, for that matter,

An anti-natural right ... is

The absolutist integrity of the former,

Whether on the subatomic proton level

Of autocratic rule or, alternatively, on

The supra-atomic electron level

Of theocratic leadership.

Divine rights are either instinctual or spiritual,

In contrast to the materialist relativity of

An atomic natural right of liberal representation

Or, alternatively, the materialist absolutism of

A pseudo-atomic (neo-proton) antinatural right

Of communist representation.

The instinctual so-called 'divine right'

Is aristocratic and feudal,

The spiritual 'divine right'

Is meritocratic and centrist.

The relative materialist natural right

Is plutocratic/capitalist, and

The absolute materialist antinatural right

Is bureaucratic/socialist.

Profane rights, whether natural or antinatural,

Take place within a republican context,

Where the People are politically sovereign.

Divine rights, whether instinctual or spiritual,

Take place outside such a context, either in

The pre-democratic Royalist context or in

The post-democratic Centrist one,

Where the People aren't politically sovereign,

Either because they are subjects of

The reigning monarch or because they are

Religiously sovereign, depending on the context.

The end of profanity is the beginning of divinity.

Where the Centre is concerned, it is

The true divinity inspired by the Leader

Rather than the false divinity accruing to the Ruler.

The omega divinity of the Holy Spirit

As opposed to the alpha divinity of the Father.

Self-realizing salvation of the People

And not their worshipful damnation.

We have lived long enough

In the purgatory of democratic profanity.

Let us now welcome

The coming salvation of the Leader's Heaven!





A leader leads the People towards

The goal or goals he has set for them.

He doesn't consult them,

Like a People's Representative,

Because he isn't politically accountable to them

On account of sovereignty being vested

In himself instead of in the masses.

He leads by 'Divine Right', and is, in effect,

The embodiment of the Holy Spirit,

Free from earthly bourgeois attachments.

Thus he is the antithesis of a monarch,

Whose sovereignty derived from

A very different kind of divinity -

Namely, that of the Father - and whose status

Was accordingly autocratic rather than theocratic.

The monarch ruled, he didn't lead;

He upheld natural determinism, not free will;

Respect for the Creator,

Not an aspiration towards an Ultimate Creation.

A leader, appertaining to an antithetical absolutism,

Has nothing in common with a ruler

Other than his absolute sovereignty.

There is no point of contact

Between the two extremes.

The Father and the Holy Ghost must remain separate

And indifferent to each other,

The former symbolic of pure instinct,

The latter ... of pure spirit;

The one reflecting a proton-proton reaction,

The other an electron-electron attraction;

The former before matter, the latter beyond it.

Whereas Christ, Who was said (with reason)

To signify the 'Three in One', was man

And therefore material,

A combination of protons and electrons,

A synthesis of instinct and spirit in the atomic flesh,

Closer to the proton-biased atomicity of

The Mother in the Catholic context,

A diluted Father and Holy Ghost, relative to

The compromise between state and church,

The one stemming from the autocratic Kingdom,

The other aspiring, no matter how indirectly, towards

The theocratic Centre,

A democratic materialism the mean,

Though never more so than in

The preponderating intellectuality of

The Protestant Christ, Who fights shy

Of both proton and electron extremes,

And Whose neutron bias accordingly elevates Him

Above the biased atomicity of the Mother in

A uniquely purgatorial materialism

Which is its own lunar end.

Thus as the 'Son of God',

The second, or democratic, deity in

The evolution of religion

From autocratic beginnings towards

A theocratic culmination, Christ symbolized

An atomic relativity appropriate to

A materialist age.  Since relativity is ever

A compromise between disparate interests,

Whether state and church

Or party within the State

And denomination within the Church,

There can be no absolute sovereignty on

The Christian level of evolution.

Sovereignty is accordingly relative,

Which is to say vested in the masses,

Who are broadly divisible

Between bourgeois and proletarian interests,

And entitled to elect representatives

To govern on their behalf.

As Christ taught that all men were equal

(Irrespective of their elemental bent),

No one man can rule or lead in

A democratic society, though

The representation of the People's sovereignty by

One man, functioning as prime minister or president,

Is obviously permissible.

And this no less in a radical democracy

Than in a liberal one.

Only with the emergence of a Messianic equivalent,

Appropriate to the absolutism of the Holy Ghost,

Does this notion of human equality and its

Political concomitance (of democratic sovereignty)

Become questionable, subject, in the event of

His attaining power, to refutation and abandonment.

Those on the side of theocracy

Will approve of an absolute sovereignty.

Those on the side of democracy

Will reject and try to prevent it.

He will know how and where to succeed, dividing

The minority democratic chaff from

The majority theocratic wheat, as he banishes

The former and leads the latter into

His 'Kingdom', in accordance with

The theocratic principles of a Last Judgement.

Only the wheat shall be saved,

To enter the 'Kingdom of Heaven'

At its lowest level, which is to say,

The Cent(e)rist society of Social Transcendentalism,

The Centre succeeding both state and church.





Those who understand little about theocracy oppose

The centripetal principle of centro-complexification

With the centrifugal principle of decentralization,

Commensurate with the degeneration of politics

From communist and/or liberal to radical Marxist levels,

And the furtherance of participatory democracy.

Instead of encouraging an evolutionary progression

From the Many to the Few or, preferably, the One,

Such political degenerates favour

A devolutionary regression from the Few to the Many,

The centre to the periphery, which is to say, from

Government to themselves, politicians to people.

Little do they realize what degree of chaos

This would engender, though the poet W.B. Yeats

Had some inkling of it when, in The Second Coming,

He wrote of 'Mere anarchy' being 'loosed upon the world'

In consequence of things falling apart from 'the centre',

The sort of situation that would doubtless appeal to

An undisciplined mob, but hardly to men of good sense!

And yet, the 'centre' to which Yeats was alluding in

The above-mentioned poem wasn't the ultimate Centre,

Identified by me with Social Transcendentalism,

But, rather, a bourgeois democratic one,

And it is perhaps inevitable that before

A new and higher centre can be created,

The old one has to be undermined

Through centrifugal action, in accordance with

The oscillatory and relative progression of

Evolution towards a more absolutist goal.

What one must ensure is that such centrifugal action

Doesn't get completely out-of-hand,

Else it may become its own master

And not the unconscious servant of a superior end!

For, eventually, there must be a new centripetal principle,

Leading to the utmost centro-complexification of

A civilization superior, in every respect, to

The previous one, a truly theocratic civilization,

In which sovereignty is vested in the Centre,

In the person of the Leader, who becomes

The executive hub around which the various

Administrative departments of government

Revolve, in deference to his overall will.

In such a civilization, there can be only

One leader, one party, and one people - namely,

The people capable of theocratic upgrading

And allegiance; though, eventually, there is no reason

Why other such peoples shouldn't come under

A similar system within a supra-national framework of

Uniform ideological identification, so that

Centro-complexification goes ahead

On a world-wide basis under the aegis of

A unified regulatory body.

We cannot, in this overly nationalistic age, expect

Much progress towards supra-national unity just yet.

But we can certainly look towards a time

When, with the development of a more

Transcendent consciousness, nations draw closer to

That ultimate centro-complexification of global unity

In the most radical theocratic allegiance.





Mind is in the brain and a part of the brain

No less than wavicles are in matter and

A part of matter, while yet being distinct from particles.

If the brain is material, then it, too, is divisible into

Particles and wavicles, particles predominating

In the old brain, wavicles in the new one,

The brain itself a combination of matter and mind,

Neither wholly one nor the other.

Without brain there is no mind.

Consequently there can be no mind

Without brain on the human level.

Every brain has a mind and every mind a brain.

One day, however, mind will be capable of

An autonomous existence, independent of the flesh,

And then it will be pure and truly divine.

The salvation that Christianity has long promised

And prophesied - namely, a brainless mind,

Commensurate with the Holy Spirit, in a free-electron,

Supra-atomic blessedness of absolute being,

The pure awareness of a wavicle absolutism.

Such pure mind won't arise, however, from man,

Who is ever atomic, but, more probably, from

The second of our two projected post-human life forms,

The new-brain collectivizations of the Superbeings,

Those hypermeditating successors to the

Hypercontemplative Supermen, or brain collectivizations.

This second millennial life form, antithetical to a tree,

Will cultivate the spirit to such an intense degree,

In its superconscious absolutism, that spirit will

Eventually become autonomous and break away

From new-brain matter, to float freely into space

Where, in conjunction with similar

Free-electron transcendences, it will converge

And expand into larger wholes, tending, in a process

Embracing potentially millions of spiritual globes

And extending over eternal tracts of heavenly time,

Towards the definitive unity of

The ultimate spiritual globe universally complete.

The objective of evolutionary progress

Is therefore to free the wavicle essence of

The new-brain from its atomic appearance,

And thus bring about the independence of

Mind from brain.  But, before this can be achieved,

The brain will have to be made independent of the body

And its lower mind of sensations and emotions.

For the body/mind dichotomy,

No less than the brain/mind one,

Also confirms a particle/wavicle distinction,

Only, one in which there are more particles

And fewer wavicles, to the detriment of the brain/mind.





Are you defeated by the world

Or do you intend to conquer it?

Do you run away from evil

Or will you go forward to meet it?

Do you oppose the proletariat

Or are you their mate?

When you have your way, will it be

To run away from hammering noises

Or to have them banned?

Must you seek sanctuary,

In the country, from dogs,

Or is your hand destined to sign their doom?

Can you tell 'the low' from 'the high',

Or are you deaf and blind to both?

Have you settled accounts with your enemies

Or is that a future ambition?

Can the bad-natured see where you stand

Or have you been hiding away from them?

When the good-natured are in need of help,

Will you rush to their assistance

Or leave them to perish?

Does the world appeal to you

Or are you dedicated to its overthrow?

Could you put an end to evil

Or will evil put an end to you?

If the Truth is to be born,

Are you prepared to kill-off the Lie?

In speaking of salvation,

Are you also mindful of the Damned?

Is your hand destined

To divide the chaff from the wheat,

Or will some other do it for you?





My writings are always done

In a cold room in winter.

I can neither afford

Nor do I desire perpetual heat.

The electric fire I use

Would inhibit my creativity,

Counter my spiritual bias,

Drag me nearer the diabolic,

Which is ever hot.

I, however, require cold,

For it facilitates spiritual thought

And enables one to remain closer to the divine.

I am akin to Zarathustra,

With his cool-air heights,

And I wager that Nietzsche

Also spent many a day in a cold room.

Of course, I keep myself well-wrapped,

So as to ward off germs,

And generally I succeed in staying well.

But I would rather suffer

Periodic ill-health from the cold

Than lasting health

In front of the fire every day,

Since such a habit

Would not permit me to write as well

Or as profoundly as I do.

It would stultify me in no time,

Establishing, in place of my cool-air clarity,

A hothouse stuffiness

Injurious to clear thinking.

I would rather perish than become a vegetable.





As politics degenerates towards democratic anarchy,

So, by a counter principle, economics becomes

More important until, with the nadir of

Political degeneration in Marxist socialism, it becomes

All-important, symptomatic of the final decadence.

Contrary to this trend of the rise of the lowest

Towards a position of paramount importance,

Social Transcendentalism will champion

The expansion of religion at the expense of politics,

And to a point where economics would be

Firmly subordinated to theocratic requirement.

Instead of leading an independent life,

As it all-too-often does these days, economics

Would become the servant of religion,

While Social Transcendentalism strove to expand its base

And further Centrist civilization in the world generally

But the more theocratic parts of it in particular.

Ownership of the means of production

Would no longer be solely a plutocratic or even

A bureaucratic affair, but would pass, duly transmuted, to

The meritocracy, who alone would be responsible

For the allocation of funds, with particular emphasis

On meritocratic affairs, though with

Due deference to bureaucracy, albeit a minimum one.





There is a self-destructive aspect to everyone,

By dint of the body having a proton ingredient.

But so, too, does everyone possess

A self-constructive aspect by dint of

The body having an electron ingredient

(Not to mention a self-instructive neutron

And a self-restrictive atomic ingredient).

Where the former contracts and reacts,

The latter expands and attracts, and we

Need not doubt that the more evolved the person

And the more civilized the civilization, the greater

Will be the preponderance of the self-constructive

Over the self-destructive, since evolution presupposes

The furtherance of electrons at the expense of protons,

And this no less in the individual than in society at large.

And yet, no matter how far man evolves

Within his human limitations, he will always retain

The self-destructive aspect to some extent,

If to a much lesser extent than his pagan forebears.

We need not regret this, for it also has its advantages,

Including furtherance of the spiritual life.

Without a self-destructive aspect it is doubtful that

Man would ever consent to becoming superman,

With a brain artificially supported and sustained.





Few people now believe that death

Leads either to Hell or to Heaven,

But there is a sense in which

The manner of a person's dying

Connotes with one or the other.

For instance, a painful death, sustained as

A result of injury or war, would suggest that

The person concerned went to Hell,

Whereas a painless death, attendant upon

Natural circumstances, would suggest the contrary -

Namely, that the person went to Heaven

Or, at any rate, was saved.

Think of the difference between the deaths

Of Adolf Hitler and Aldous Huxley,

And you get the impression that they died

According to the way they had lived -

The one through a bullet in the head,

The other with a shot of LSD.

So, although we have no reason to suppose

That Hitler is now roasting in Hell

Or Huxley freezing in Heaven,

Their contrary manners of dying

To some extent paralleled their respective lives,

Confirming a kind of moral judgement.

As a rule, 'the evil' die cruelly,

Whereas 'the good' die peacefully.

The former are damned, the latter saved -

If only from a painful death.





It is easy to mistake

The apparent for the essential,

To confound protons with electrons,

Particularly when the former

Take on, in human atomicity,

A civilized electron veneer,

And the latter, as masses,

Are obliged to work/behave in a forceful manner,

Thus appearing to have a proton bias.

It is even easier to discard

The essential for the apparent,

To favour an apparent absolutism,

Albeit one couched in essential terms,

So that the apparent appears complete in itself,

And any subsequent reference to

A theocracy-biased, free-electron aspiration is ruled out,

More on account of ignorance than wilful malice.

Thinking on apparent terms about the world

And its historical evolution can lead to

A superficial notion of what constitutes

The main motive or driving-force behind its

Historical evolution - namely the class war,

As between bourgeoisie and proletariat.

But while this is indeed a motive force for change,

It is only the apparent one,

Born of contingent, ephemeral factors

Which vary according to epoch and environment.

The essential driving-force and focus of tension

In the world's historical evolution

Will be completely overlooked,

Being something that can only be grasped

From a theocratic standpoint.

And what is this something if not the 'sex war'

Between selfless women and selfish men,

The apparent bias of each sex

Paradoxically belying the essential one,

Which in women is particle-hard and in men wavicle-soft?

It isn't class division which is the real obstacle

To a brotherhood of men but ...

The intrusion of women between them,

Cutting them off from one another

As a possessive suspicion and sexual distrust

Condition their mutual relations.

Only when men are freed, by religion,

From the possessive clutches of women

Will a true 'brotherhood of man' be possible.

Yet this can only happen in a deeply theocratic society,

Where the essential will take

Considerable precedence over the apparent.





A true brotherhood of man

Doesn't imply that homosexuality

Should come to replace heterosexuality,

The antinatural the natural,

But, rather, that supernatural sex, or supersex,

Should replace natural sex,

And thus a sublimated heterosexuality ...

The concrete heterosexuality of before.

In other words, the absolute must take over

From the relative, as men and women

Cease to be directly dependent on each other

For either sexual or propagative satisfaction.

The essence of a brotherhood of man

Isn't, of course, sensual but ... spiritual,

And signifies an approximation to

The indivisible unity of the Holy Spirit.

A spiritual essence demands a spiritualized appearance,

And so all sex would have to be supernatural,

Reflecting a distinctive electron bias.

For men-become-supermen, this would entail recourse,

Via VDU screens, to higher types of pornography ...

From soft-core mature teenage supernaturalism

To hard-core mature teenage supra-naturalism (the latter

particularly relevant to the centripetal focus

of a radically theocratic society), and for

Women-become-supermen it would entail

The use of vibrators -  a supernatural penis,

Intended to function in succession to the natural one.

As a logical corollary of this, propagation would

Proceed on a supernatural basis,

The female supermen granted access

To sperm banks from which the appropriate sperm,

Donated by male supermen, would be extracted

And artificially inseminated into the mother-to-be,

Thereby precluding the necessity of direct involvement

Between the sexes, now having effectively

Become one sex (unisexual), neither of whom

Should have any intention of demeaning the other ...

Through a regression to naturalistic criteria.





'Supersex' focusing on the artificial extremes

Of supernatural sex - namely the lowest extreme

In vibrator stimulation, and the highest extreme

In vagina-based computer erotica.

There are, however, two types

Of supersex coming in-between these extremes -

Namely a higher, female-superman extreme

In penis-based computer erotica,

And a lower, male-superman extreme

In plastic inflatable intercourse.

Taking a type from each category separately,

One could distinguish between

Moderate female-superman sex, in vibrator stimulation,

And radical female-superman sex

In penis-based pornography, as intended for females;

Just so, one could distinguish between

Moderate male-superman sex in inflatable intercourse,

And radical male-superman sex

In vagina-based erotica, as intended for males.

Thus each gender, whether superhumanly female or male,

Would have a lower and a higher type of

Sexual indulgence from which to choose,

Depending on their temperaments and/or capabilities.

Just as vibrators and plastic inflatables are

Antithetical equivalents within

An artificial physical context, so penis- and vagina-based

Modes of computer erotica would be

Antithetical equivalents within

An artificial psychic context, the latter superior to

Their respective counterparts in the former context,

The spiritual morally preferable to the physical,

Sublimated voyeuristic stimulation morally preferable

To artificial physical stimulation.

So for the less intelligent and/or more physical

Male supermen, who may find the sublimated ideal

Too transcendent, there will be the lower male supersex

Of artificial intercourse to fall back on.

Conversely, for the more intelligent and/or less physical

Female supermen, who might find vibrator stimulation

A bore, there will be the higher female supersex

Of penis-based erotica to get into - assuming

The superperson in question wasn't already

More disposed to such a supersex in any case.





You use words to express maximum theocratic meaning,

You don't pay too much attention

To grammar or technique.  You aren't

An atomist, torn between relativities, but

A bound-electron equivalent

Who favours a conceptual absolutism,

A mind given to essences to a much

Greater extent than to appearances.

Why, you don't even divide

Your poetic thoughts into stanzas, disdaining

The relativity such a procedure would reflect.

You have never consciously rhymed

Line-endings, disdaining the seduction

Of the eye to poetic appearances.

You don't much go on alliteration, onomatopoeia,

Or assonance either, and one would look in vain

For a regular, heart-like metre.

You aren't a practitioner of belle-lettres,

For whom beauty, and hence aesthetics, is

Of consummate importance.

You know that, taken to extremes, beauty and truth

Are mutually exclusive, and that you

Can't get to the poetic truth of theocratic essence

By deferring to literary beauty.

Not that your poems are ugly!

Ugliness precedes beauty and is, in any case,

Incompatible with truth.

Your poems must be judged

On their own poetic terms, as expressions of

The highest theocratic truth.

Expressions, yes, but not impressions!

For you always approach truth

From a sort of anti-philosophical angle,

Not as a free-electron equivalent in pure spirituality.

You prefer to intimate of the Divine Omega

Indirectly rather than directly ... through

A contemplation-inducing impressive style.

Your metaphysical poetry is generally

In the freest free-verse style, yet it is still

Bound to appearances, and so

It must remain while you continue to preach.

It's just possible that you will evolve

To a still freer style in due course, the verse

More columnar, and hence transcendent, than ever before.

But will you abandon expression, turning

To abstract impression in a superpoetical salvation?





You cannot be for both nature and

The Supernatural at the same time.

An allegiance to the former

Rules out supernatural allegiance.

You may oppose the anti-natural pollution of nature

By modern industry, but if you side too strongly

With nature against the latter, like an ecologist,

You won't be in the vanguard

Of evolutionary progress, but ...

A kind of modern reactionary,

The new form of conservatism.

Like it or not, ecologists are symptomatic

Of last-ditch conservatism,

A decadent conservatism obliged to champion

An overt concern for nature in

The face of anti-natural opposition,

A kind of bureaucratic conservatism

In allegiance to the lowest-common-denominator

Of natural identification - namely nature-in-the-raw.

Were they to succeed in preventing

The continual pollution/destruction of

The natural world, all aspirations toward

A supernatural one would be considerably undermined,

If not rendered entirely superfluous,

Since people would come to value nature too highly

Ever to wish to abandon it for

The absolute supernature of a free-electron spirituality.

Now whilst antinaturalism doesn't directly

Lead to the millennial Beyond, at least it reduces

Man's dependence on and respect for nature.

For it seems to me that only when

The greater part of the natural world

Is thoroughly uninhabitable

Will man have any real incentive to live

An intensely artificial, interiorized life in

A civilization the antithesis of

The natural one of autocratic antiquity.

Only when he is responsible for the production

Of his own light, heat, oxygen, food, and drink,

In an indoor context, will he come to aspire

More intensely towards the Supernatural,

And thus draw nearer to the first of

The two life forms of the post-human millennium,

A life form whose brain, derived from

Cyborg 'humanity', would be artificially supported

And, more importantly, artificially sustained

By manufactured oxygen mechanically pumped

Through it in indoor collectivized contexts.

Ecologist, you are but nature's last spokesman,

On whom the Supernaturalist

Must disdainfully turn his back!





If an acoustic guitar is naturalistic,

Then an electric guitar will be antinaturalistic.

If an acoustic violin is naturalistic,

Then an electric violin will be antinaturalistic.

If an acoustic piano is naturalistic,

Then an electric piano will be antinaturalistic.

But if an electric piano is antinaturalistic,

Then a synthesized electric-piano

Will be anti-supernaturalistic.

And if a synthesized electric-piano

Is anti-supernaturalistic,

Then a synthesizer will be supernaturalistic -

The ultimate electronic instrument.





Left-wing antinatural art will necessarily bring

The lowest to the fore at the expense of the highest,

Form at the expense of content, thereby creating

A non-representational art such as one finds

In both radical Expressionism and Abstract Expressionism.

It is as though the paint has been freed from

The harness of content and left to itself in

An anarchic mess of formless equalitarianism,

The painterly equivalent to Marxist purism,

A sort of petty-bourgeois participatory democracy

Without representatives and therefore

Non-representational, the degeneration of art

From the liberal representational level to

The radical democratic level of a painterly materialism.

However, when such formlessness is conceived

In the medium of light art, one can speak of

A Marxist-Leninist equivalent, since

A supernatural element, namely electric light,

Would seem to have been brought to bear

On the democratic formlessness of

The non-representational appearance.





Right-wing supernatural art will transcend

The liberal dichotomy between form and content

By making the latter as formal as possible

And thereby creating a series

Of well-ordered abstract patterns such as

One finds in Neo-Plasticism and Op Art.

Having freed the form from liberal constraints,

The right-wing supernatural artist fills it

With a new abstract content, which elevates it

Above the representational to the transcendental,

Where form and content are one

In a conceptual absolutism.

Such a Supernaturalism can be taken

To greater heights through the theocratic medium

Of conceptual light art, which, in any case, is

Above and beyond the democratic medium of painting.





Beyond the extreme supernatural art

Of conceptual light art lies

The supra-natural art of holography,

A truly radical theocratic art

Which, taken to abstract extremes, would confirm

A free-electron absolutism suited to

A transcendental age and society,

And antithetical to the inception of art

In terms, necessarily mundane, of representational sculpture.

If holography begins in the representational,

Relative to Social Transcendentalism,

It must culminate in the abstract,

In deference to the absolutist criteria of

A more extreme, or super-transcendental age.

Holograms suggest a kind of external tripping,

As though they were LSD visions outside

Rather than inside the mind.

Thus they would be appropriate to

The hallucinogenic phase of a theocratic age,

As much the converse of

The internal spiritual life of contemplation

As television is currently the converse of

The internal soulful life of dreams.

And the same would apply to

The later, hypermeditating phase of such an age,

When, in order to correspond with the internal world,

The holograms would have to be abstract -

Projections into space of abstract sculptural shapes,

Specifically globular in appearance,

The better to intimate of ultimate essence.





Like non-representational art,

Representational art can be either

Left or right wing, bourgeois or proletarian.

If Modern Realism conforms to

A democratic socialist status,

Then Socialist Realism,

An altogether more militantly committed art,

Conforms to a totalitarian socialist status,

Being the principal art of the (former) Soviet Union,

A right-wing communist society

Which officially fought shy of abstract extremes.

By contrast, right-wing representational art

Will have Bourgeois Realism on the liberal plane

And Fascist Realism on the totalitarian plane,

This latter militant as opposed to urbane.

Thus while Bourgeois Realism depicts

Middle-class complacency and/or achievement

In a variety of representational contexts,

Modern Realism highlights

Working-class oppression under capitalism.

And while Socialist Realism depicts

Proletarian solidarity and achievement

In a variety of representational contexts,

Fascist Realism opposes the international proletariat

With the national interests of the militant folk community.





Degenerate antinatural literature

Will still be novelistic (for the novel is both

a bureaucratic and a democratic genre), but on

An extreme abstract, or non-expressive, level -

Words freed from grammatical constraints,

And hence meanings, and reduced to

The lowest-common-denominator of

An anarchic equalitarianism, in which, devoid of

An hierarchic significance, they're approximately equal.

Such Marxist literature will signify

The nadir of novelistic degeneration,

Relative to the Extreme Left.

Prose poetry composed in a similarly anarchic fashion

May be said to reflect a Marxist-Leninist integrity

To the extent that, poetry being a theocratic genre,

A supernatural form would thereby

Seem to have been brought to bear

On an extreme anti-natural content.

Again, one may speak of a distinction,

Within Western trends, between

Left- and right-wing communist integrities,

As between the antinatural and the anti-supernatural;

A similar distinction applying, for example,

To painterly Abstract Expressionism

And to Abstract Expressionist light art -

As, for that matter, to straight homosexuality

And homosexual pornography.





Supernatural literature can only be poetic (for poetry

is a theocratic genre), but of a well-ordered and

Impressive abstract style, such as induces contemplation.

The words must be arranged in such a manner as

To form a series of patterns and/or blocks

Which the eye will be obliged to accommodate

In much the same way as with a Neo-Plastic painting.

When there is nothing to read the intellect is transcended,

And the mind becomes the passive receptacle of

The optical impressions impinging upon consciousness

And thereby directly appealing to the majority

Electron content of the new brain, the superconscious,

Rather than indirectly, as in read literature, through

The intellectual medium of the

New-brain's minority neutron content.





When we distinguish between

The old brain and the subconscious,

We are effectively alluding to

An atomic-particle/electron-wavicle dichotomy,

In which the proton and neutron particles of

The former preponderate over

The electron wavicles of the latter.

Conversely, the distinction between

The new brain and the superconscious

Is of an atomic dichotomy in which

Electron wavicles preponderate over

Proton and neutron particles,

The theocratic Right over

The autocratic and/or democratic Left.

All consciousness (whether sub, average, or super)

Has to do with electrons, which exist within

The atomic structure of each brain.

Thus, in sleep, it is the subconscious, situated

In the old brain, which contemplates the dream activity

Of the neutron/proton content of the old brain.

The antithesis to this is the contemplation, during

LSD tripping, of the visionary passivity

Of the neutron/proton content of the new brain

By the superconscious, situated in the new brain.

And yet both subconscious and superconscious

Are distinct from their respective brains,

The psychological and the physiological akin to

The wavicle/particle dichotomy in matter.





It is of course an oversimplification

To suppose that protons are always particles

And electrons invariably wavicles.

There is a wavicle aspect to every proton,

A particle aspect to every electron.

And yet such obverse aspects are

Ever subordinate to the principal aspects

Of the atomic divide - protons as particles

And electrons as wavicles, just as

The feminine element in every man

And the masculine element in every woman

Is subordinate to their respective sexual essences.

Women are generally soft outside but hard inside,

Men ... hard outside but soft inside,

The former with a wavicle appearance and

A particle essence, the latter with

A particle appearance and a wavicle essence.

Nonetheless there are 'women' whom we

Can regard as hard outside and soft inside,

Just as there are 'men' with a soft outside

But a hard inside - essentially feminine

In their psychic make-up, born to rule over other men.

Similarly, every ideological movement,

Whether Left or Right, contains its opposite within itself -

Communism a right wing no less than fascism a left.

Protons are predominantly particles

And therefore painful, but they can

Also be wavicles and thus visionary.

Electrons are predominantly wavicles

And therefore aware, but they can

Also be particles and thus pleasurable;

And precisely because each component of

The atomic divide influences the other -

Protons dragging particles from electrons,

Electrons dragging wavicles from protons.

Only in the subatomic and supra-atomic domains

Of proton soul and electron spirit can protons

And electrons be absolute, since independent

Of each other and existing in an elemental purism

Of either particle pain or wavicle bliss,

The respective essences of alpha and omega,

The Father and the Holy Ghost.





Left is appearance, Right is essence.

Left is vision or pain, Right is pleasure or awareness.

Left is beauty, Right is truth.

Right-wing communism is essential appearance.

Left-wing transcendentalism is apparent essence,

The former pleasure, the latter vision.

Left is superficial, Right is profound.

Right-wing transcendentalism will embrace

Essential essence, or awareness.

There will be a progression

From the apparent essence of 'the trip'

To the essential essence of hypermeditation,

As from Social Transcendentalism

To Super-transcendentalism, from Left to Right,

From the wavicle appearance of protons and/or neutrons

To the wavicle essence of electrons,

In a relativistic absolutism of wavicles.

There will be no absolute relativity of particles,

Neither pleasure nor pain.





Only social degenerates would have us

Return to barter ... in a neo-pagan

Exchange of goods, or products for products,

In wholesale materialism.

Little do they appreciate the moral value of money,

Whereby an abstraction is exchanged for a product.





Better by far than numerous national currencies

Would be one supra-national currency, pending

An ideological unification of, first, Europe

And, then, the rest of the world.

But if money is ever transcended, it will be

Through vouchers, including credit cards,

Which confirm a theocratic bias

At two removes from materialism.





In money, the distinction between

Coins and notes is akin

To particles and wavicles in the atom.

An atomic society will always

Uphold such a distinction,

Even if, in its bureaucratic decadence,

It produces more coins than notes.

For coins correspond, in their concrete realism, to

The particle aspect of the atom, whereas

Notes correspond, in their abstract naturalism,

To its wavicle aspect.

The former are phenomenal, the latter noumenal;

Although the latter in some sense precede the former

In regard to their autocratic essence.





In stark contrast to an alpha-stemming society,

An omega-oriented society will be above money,

Which, in regard to notes and coins, it will despise

As a kind of autocratic/bureaucratic redundancy.

Instead, it will be partial to cheques and

Credit cards, or plastic vouchers -

The former phenomenal, the latter noumenal,

Chequebooks indicative of democratic materialism,

Credit cards indicative of theocratic idealism.





Wherever they have had the natural

We shall put the Supernatural,

In sport no less than sex, economics,

Religion, or anything else.

Assuming football survives into the future,

Plastic pitches will supersede

The grass/earth pitches of

The traditional all-too-often mud-caked football field.

Not only do they make for a more exciting, because

Quicker game; they make for a more civilized,

Because cleaner, game to boot!

A game, moreover, that can be played

Indoors instead of outdoors.





Balloons are a good way of intimating of pure spirit,

And this is why, at Christmas,

People tend to attach balloons to

The ceiling of their rooms.

As though globes of pure spirit

Were hovering above them,

Suggestive of the heavenly Beyond.





In the future there will be

Neither Christmas nor Easter

Because no Christian civilization.

It is perhaps appropriate that Christianity,

An atomic religion, should have

Two main festivals - the first, corresponding

To the atom's proton aspect, a celebration

Of Christ's birth, and the second, corresponding

To its electron aspect, a celebration

Of His death and resurrection,

The death of the body and

The resurrection of the spirit.

Easter is more important than Christmas,

But not even that will survive

Into the future of a free-electron civilization,

Above and beyond all relativity!





Some must die ... that others may be reborn

Into the Life Eternal, the life of the spirit

Made eternal through the brain ultimately

Being artificially supported and sustained

In the collectivized contexts

Of a post-human millennium.



LONDON 1982 (Revised 2011)






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