Op. 35






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1. Salvation From

2. Theocratic Convoy

3. Nuclear Fission

4. The Modern Death

5. Higher Voice

6. Literary and Pure

7. Ideological Distinctions

8. Godless State

9. Class Evolution

10. Post-Atomic and Free-Electron

11. Republic and Centre

12. Leader's Theocracy

13. Free Thought

14. Emotion and Will

15. Brain and Mind

16. Racial Dichotomy

17. Ideologues

18. Millennial Evolution

19. A Prototype

20. Work and Play

21. From Balloons to 'Choppers'

22. Shirts

23. Sham or Genuine

24. Spiritual Wealth

25. Transcendentally Classless

26. Class Art

27. Art Evolution

28. Paradoxical 'Fall'

29. Hybrid Arts

30. Main and Subordinate

31. True and False

32. Wavicle Progress

33. Coital Dichotomy

34. Moral Paradox

35. Trinitarian Periods

36. Civilization

37. Passing Phase

38. Sidecar

39. Lesser and Greater

40. Radical Antithesis

41. Beyond Man

42. Theory and Practice

43. From Evil to Good

44. (Phallic) Father and (Vaginal) Mother





Man needs saving from so many things,

But here are some of the things

That theocratic Centrism

Will endeavour to save him from:

Democracy, Christianity, the State,

Nationalism, internationalism, tribalism,

Socialism, capitalism, materialism,

Nature, marriage, sex, disease,

Destitution, unemployment, poverty, despair,

Dogs, cats, horses, ponies,

Warships, bombs, guns, tanks,

Clocks, watches, hammers, mallets,

Skirts, dresses, high-heels, make-up,

Overcoats, macks, ties, collars, lapels,

Rhythms, harmonies, orchestras,

Conductors, classical, romantic,

Rock, punk, soul, funk,

Academies, theatres, concert halls,

Galleries, paintings, sculptures,

Prisons, houses, churches, pubs,

Graveyards, tombs, death,

Cars, trucks, bicycles, mopeds,

Coal, smoke, oil, tar,

Alcohol, tobacco, pipes, cigars, cigarettes,

Racing, gambling, speculating,

Stock markets, stockbrokers, banks,

Money, deposits, shares, and millionaires.

Not a complete list by any stretch of

The poetic imagination,

But a slight indication

Of what is probably still to come!





Myself, if I were the leader of

A Social Transcendental Centre,

That radically-theocratic

And free-electron ideological entity,

I would prefer to travel about by 'chopper'

Or motorbike than by car.

Imagine a convoy of black limousines

Heading from the leader's headquarters

To wherever he wants/has to go.

Isn't there something bourgeois

And starkly middle-of-the-road about

Such a mode of transportation, better suited

To democratic prime ministers and presidents

Than to theocratic leaders?

Why should he be driven about like a bourgeois,

As though partial to expensive cars,

When he would be more in his ideological element

With a motorbike, even if in a sidecar?

Wouldn't he be partial to zipper jackets,

Since beyond the use of button-up coats,

And wouldn't they prove more relevant

To motorbikes than to cars?

Yes, I dare say they would, since connoting,

Like bikes, with a transcendental bias,

Symptomatic of a theocratic extremism.

So for short trips from, say,

One part of town to another,

A convoy of motorbikes,

Their riders clad in black,

A kind of elite bodyguard - booted, helmeted, armed,

The leader somewhere in the middle of the convoy,

Well-protected at all times.

And for long trips, a 'chopper',

Well-protected in the air and monitored

From the ground - fast and transcendental.





You don't get to a free-electron society

Without splitting the atom,

And if the world is to be brought

Closer to a post-atomic status,

Then the atom will have to be split,

Since nuclear fission

Is conducive to such a status

And can only be appropriate to an age

In which the societal atom has to be split,

An age transitional between atomic relativity

And electron absolutism.

A world in which the societal atom

Had been split would be very different

From the one currently in existence.

It would be a much more interiorized world,

In which artificial criteria

Considerably preponderated over natural criteria.

For you don't get to the Supernatural

By being dependent on nature!

Willy-nilly, life will have to go forwards,

Irrespective of whatever

Reactionary naturalists and atomists now think.

Man will increasingly live off his own oxygen,

Food, drink, synthetic resources,

And thus become Superman,

Independent of nature - Supernatural!





Literature is deep and anguished,

But pseudo-literature is shallow and smug.

Literature allows one to peer

Into the anguished heart

Of its principal character,

Pseudo-literature hinges upon the smug sociability

Of its superficial characters.

There is criticism in literature,

A deep, penetrating criticism of man and society,

A 'Steppenwolfian' revolt of

The higher spirit against the world.

Pseudo-literature may, if Marxist,

Criticize the bourgeoisie,

But it will glorify the proletariat

And their social/industrial achievements.

Literature reveals what lies hidden beneath

The veil of expedient custom and politeness.

Pseudo-literature's only concern is with the veil,

The performance of everyday society.

If literature is akin to

The soulful kernel of creative writing,

Then pseudo-literature is the materialist husk.

If literature is essence,

Then pseudo-literature is appearance, reflecting

The degeneration of the novel

From profundity to superficiality, commensurate with

A progressively more commercial tendency.

Literature is dead or dying,

But pseudo-literature proclaims

Its base, automaton-like existence

From the rooftops of contemporary publishers,

Like a vulture gloating over a carcass.

Pseudo-literature is the death-in-life,

The zombie-like complacency of commercial man.





It is no use pretending

That literature can fight back

And re-establish creative life

At the expense of uncreative death.

It can't!  It is vastly outgunned and, besides,

A democratic genre like the novel

Has no right to Eternal Life!

Those who still write literature

Are but the tail-end of

An old, predominantly worldly tradition,

And even their star shines less brightly

Than did that of their predecessors,

Since exposed to the fogs of pseudo-literature,

Which inevitably invade their works from within

As well as from without, smothering them

Beneath a welter of complacent claptrap!

No, literature cannot live for ever,

And although in my less-enlightened youth

I once wrote something akin to it,

I would not now attempt to write a novel, finding

Even the reading of one

An increasingly unattractive proposition!

Nor would I bring myself to

The abyss of an antinovel,

With its superficial encomiums

And satisfaction in ongoing materialism,

Its utter indifference to the inner light,

Its horror of genius

And praise for the common herd!

Leaving the antidemocratic to the left-wing automata

Who purvey and peruse it, I proceed

From literature to poetry,

Where the inner voice can once again be heard,

Only this time much clearer

And more intensely than before,

The sole witness to inner truth.

Not, then, the inner voice

Of philosophical literature,

Still less of philosophy,

But the inner voice of poetry,

A spiritual rather than an intellectual voice.

This higher voice of literary poetry

Speaks from the psyche, not the brain,

And what it says will always ring true!





The genuinely transcendental society of

A radical theocracy will be partial

Neither to novels nor to antinovels

And/or philosophical novels, but only to poems.

Since I equate this radically theocratic society

With Social Transcendentalism, it is logical

For me to equate such literary poems

As I now write with the 'social' aspect

Of this relativistic absolutism,

While reserving purely abstract poems

For equation with its 'transcendental' aspect,

Which would be meritocratic

Rather than bureaucratic, and which

Would eventually become the sole aspect of

A super-transcendental absolutism.

Yet, in the short term, literary poems

Will still be justified, since serving

To mould and clarify ideological allegiance

Along the most appropriate theocratic lines.

And I call 'literary' whatever is written in

A meaningful, non-abstract,

And expressive kind of way, thereby maintaining

A sort of bureaucratic, and hence 'social', atomicity

Between grammar and words

For the sake of metaphysical intelligibility.

By contrast, pure poetry will be

Above the intellect, a kind of theocratic

And hence 'transcendental' equivalent ...

Of non-expressive word groupings.

I would be less than

A true Social Transcendentalist

If, at other times, I didn't also write like that!





One shouldn't imagine that religious politics

And political religion are identical!

They appertain to different

Spectra of ideological evolution,

The one ... tail-ending a democratic spectrum,

The other ... at the inception

Of a truly theocratic one.

Religious politics is still political,

Whereas the essence of political religion

Is of course religious.

We are dealing, then, with a distinction between

Fundamentalist socialism, or Soviet Communism,

And Social Transcendentalism, or theocratic Centrism,

And while fundamentalist socialism

Is fundamentally autocratic (if somewhat theocratically so,

to the extent that it derives from Marx), it is

Pseudo-democratic in that it champions

A People's Democracy from a totalitarian base

In which, as in liberal republicanism, both

Prime ministers and presidents fulfil

Their 'democratic' offices of state.

By contrast, Social Transcendentalism

Would be 'democratic' to the extent

That it upheld a bureaucracy,

But theocratic in everything else,

Not least of all in its adherence to

The Leader-principle and consequent avoidance of

Prime ministerial and/or presidential associations.

The President of a People's Republic signifies the Antichrist,

The Leader of a Social Transcendental Centre

Will signify the Second Coming.

There lies the principal distinction between

Religious politics and political religion!





Whereas Christianity signifies

A compromise between the proton Father

And the electron Holy Ghost ...

In the atomic 'person' of Christ,

Antichristianity, or Communism, upholds

No such compromise, since

Partial to electrons alone,

Albeit on the materialist level of

The particle proletariat rather than - as with Centrism -

On the idealistic level of the wavicle superfolk.

Hence a communist democracy can have

No truck with the bourgeoisie, who signify

A neutron connotation, as though

Appertaining, along with aristocracy, to the Father.

In actual fact, the bourgeoisie

Appertain to what might be called

The fundamentalist aspect of Christ,

Whereas the proletariat appertain, by contrast,

To His transcendentalist aspect ...

Without, however, being of the Holy Ghost.

That can only apply to the superfolk,

Who, in a Centrist society, will stand in

An antithetical context to the feudal aristocracy,

That class approximating to the Father.

(I say nothing of relative antitheses,

as between superfolk and peasantry

or, alternatively, meritocracy and aristocracy.)

So a bourgeois/proletarian compromise

Inheres to both democracy and

Its religious concomitance ... in Protestantism,

Christ signifying a compromise

Between church and state.... Unlike Marx

Who, as the Antichrist, upholds

A proletarian exclusivity in accordance with

The anti-democratic essence of Communism,

An essence which nevertheless still makes for

A so-called 'People's Democracy' in

The godless state of the proletariat!





Just as atomic evolution proceeds, through man, from

A proton- and/or atomic-particle Kingdom to

An atomic-wavicle Church, and then (following

the rise of a neutron-wavicle Church) from

A neutron- and/or electron-particle State to

An electron-wavicle Centre,

So class evolution mirrors a similar progression,

Beginning with the proton- and/or atomic-particle

Aristocracy/peasantry, continuing with

The atomic-wavicle plutocracy/workers, beginning afresh

With the neutron- and/or electron-particle

Bureaucracy/proletariat, and culminating with

The electron-wavicle meritocracy/superfolk.

During the proton and atomic stages of evolution,

The minority classes - namely aristocracy

And plutocracy - exploit the majority classes

Of the peasantry and workers.

During the neutron and/or electron

Stages of evolution, however, the majority classes -

Namely proletariat and superfolk - are served

By the minority classes

Of the bureaucracy and meritocracy.

An overlap from one class-stage to another

Does of course obtain, though

The emergence of a third class-stage

Renders the first untenable.

The distinction, furthermore,

Between particle and wavicle stages

Is in regard to manual and intellectual work,

As befitting their respective natures.

Thus whereas the peasantry and proletariat

Are both engaged, according to

Their particle biases, in manual work

(the first naturally, through toil in fields,

the second artificially, through toil in factories),

The workers and superfolk, by contrast,

Are engaged, according to their wavicle biases, in

Brain work (the former naturally,

through clerical work, the latter supernaturally,

through the use, in research, of computers,

calculators, cassette recorders, and so on).

From field to factory, and from office to laboratory.





Republics are synonymous

With neutron and electron particles,

Whether the liberal republic

That shares power between

The wavicle-biased bourgeoisie

And the particle-biased proletariat,

Or the so-called People's Republic

Which transfers power to

The particle-biased proletariat

And does away with the bourgeoisie.

In the first case, an atomic compromise

Between church and state.

In the second case, a post-atomic state exclusivity.

In other words, a progression

From relativity to absolutism.

But also, in some sense, a regression

From wavicle relativity to particle absolutism.

Certainly one should carefully distinguish

Between this post-atomic democratic materialism

And a free-electron theocratic spirituality,

As appertaining to the Centre which,

In contrast to the republican state,

Will reflect a wavicle bias in accordance

With an aspiration towards pure spirit.

The post-atomic status is

An extension of the democratic spectrum,

The free-electron status ... the inception of

A truly theocratic spectrum,

In which sovereignty is vested in the Leader ...

As embodied Holy Ghost.  The Centre, then,

Is above all democratic sovereignty, whether

Of the liberal or socialist republican kinds, and is

Thus beyond both Christianity and Antichristianity

In what is potentially if not, at this point in time,

Actually the true world religion

Of theocratic Centrism,

As conceived of and introduced by

He who, in his own logically grounded estimation,

Regards himself as loosely corresponding

To a Second Coming.





The Irish Republic, being liberal, is

A compromise between the Catholic Church

And the Republican State, as between

The wavicle aspect of the atom

And the particle aspect of

The neutron and/or electron.

There are those, I know, who would

Like to do away with this compromise

And bring about a state absolutism,

In what would be a hard-line People's Republic.

But they misunderstand Ireland if they think

That an electron-particle materialism

Would be acceptable to it!

For, in complete contrast to Britain,

Ireland is ever the land where, at least as far as

The majority population is concerned, a

Wavicle bias prevails, and such

Will doubtless continue to be the case in future,

Even if, in deference to historical evolution, that

Bias is transferred from the atomic Church

To the electron Centre, and thus established

On the highest possible terms,

Terms which less signify a stemming from the Father

Than an aspiration towards the Holy Spirit,

Irrespective, initially, of whether such

An aspiration is indirect rather than direct,

And thus involving recourse,

Through Social Transcendentalism,

To hallucinogenic stimulants like LSD

As the necessary prelude to the hypermeditation

Of a super-transcendental age.

But theocratic Centrism,

Whether in its first or second stages,

Cannot exist within a republic,

Like Christianity within a kingdom.

You cannot speak of a Centrist state,

Still less of a republican state with

A Centrist culture and 'church'.

The Centre, no less than

The Kingdom of pre-Christian times,

Would be absolutist, and while the

Kingdom incorporated its own pagan religion

And later went on to accommodate Christianity,

So the Centre would incorporate

Its own transcendental politics,

With particular reference to the bureaucracy.

One could therefore speak of

A state-based Centre, but Centre it would be,

If political sovereignty resided in the Leader,

And not, as with republican states, in the masses,

Whether bourgeois and proletarian, or only proletarian,

Neutron and electron, or only electron.





The State independent of the Church is

A communist ideal,

But the Centre independent of the State is

A Centrist one, and differs from the former

To the extent that leader's sovereignty

Differs from proletarian sovereignty.

A People's Republic, no matter

How dictatorial it may appear to the cynical eye,

Is still a democratic phenomenon

In which the proletariat,

In whom sovereignty resides,

Are represented by People's Representatives,

Including prime minister, president, and so on,

Who are accountable to the electorate.

A Social Transcendental Centre, by contrast,

Would be a theocratic entity,

Since totalitarian on account of

Political sovereignty residing in the Leader,

Who would be no-less independent of the State

Than People's Representatives in

A Communist Democracy are independent of the Church.

Whereas in a People's Republic the proletariat

Are an end in themselves,

In a Social Transcendental Centre, by contrast,

The Leader would be the means to a higher end -

Namely the introduction and development

Of Social Transcendentalism

In the People's moral interests,

Who will of course be its chief beneficiaries,

Since they are the ones who, if they so choose,

Will be religiously sovereign

And thus entitled to develop

Their spiritual potential

To the greater glory of their saved selves.





Communal prayer is endemic to Christianity,

Because thought appertains to

The wavicle aspect of the neutron,

With particular reference to the midbrain.

If Christianity has hitherto stressed prayer

Instead of meditation, it is because -

Particularly in its Protestant manifestation -

Christianity has to do with

The wavicle aspect of the neutron, being more

A religion of the intellect, or Word made Flesh,

Than of the spirit.

Meditation, by contrast, appertains to

The wavicle aspect of the electron,

And is accordingly a spiritual indulgence,

Awareness being cultivated for its own sake

Rather than used, as will,

To condition and order thoughts.

In recited prayer, there is very little

Use of the will, since what has been learnt,

And consigned to memory, attests

To a neutron-wavicle approach stemming

From the Son and reflecting the enslavement of

The supplicant/worshipper to natural determinism.

Free thought, on the other hand,

Is thought regulated by the will,

Or particle aspect of the electron,

And it is indicative of

A state freedom from natural determinism,

So dear to republican democratic sentiment.

Free thought is fundamentally anti-Church,

But it can also become pro-Centre,

As when used to advocate

The electron-wavicle freedom of pure contemplation.

If free thought is antinatural,

Then freedom from thought is Supernatural,

The antithesis to bound thought,

And thus to wavicle-biased neutrons.





Emotion appertains to the particle aspect

Of the proton, the stuff of which passions,

Both transient and lasting, are made.

Emotion is thus a thing of the old brain,

Antithetical, in character, to will,

Which stems from the particle electrons

Of the new brain.

In between one finds thought,

That neutron-wavicle noumenon

Of the conscious mind, and thought can be

Either bound to emotion in superstition,

Or free from emotion in reason, depending

On the person or context/epoch in question.

Whereas emotions are perceptual, thoughts are

Conceptual, not felt but nevertheless known

By the apparent essence of the will,

Which both evokes and regulates thought according

To its electron-particle integrity.

Beyond thought, however, is the pure awareness

Of an electron-wavicle essence,

Antithetical in every respect to emotion.

One could speak of emotion

As fundamental to the Pagan Kingdom,

Thought as inhering to the Christian Church,

Will as fundamental to the Republican State,

And awareness as inhering to

The Social Transcendental Centre.

Emotion is soulful, but awareness spiritual.

Will is superior to emotion,

As reason to superstition,

But inferior to awareness.





The penetration of thought by will makes for memory,

Which is an atomic phenomenon reflecting

A compromise between brain and mind,

The electron particles of the new brain

And the neutron wavicles of the conscious mind.

Thoughts reside in the latter,

But their realization or recollection

Depends upon the degree to which

The former is exercised.

A strong will should induce a strong memory,

A weak will ... a weak memory.

In distinguishing between brain and mind,

One has a particle/wavicle dichotomy,

The neutron particles of the midbrain

Contrasting, through read literature, with

The neutron wavicles, or thoughts, of

The conscious mind; the electron particles

Of the new brain contrasting, as will, with

The electron wavicles, or awareness, of

The superconscious; not to mention

The proton particles of the old brain

Contrasting, as emotion, with

The proton wavicles, or dreams, of

The subconscious mind.

Just as the Church stems from the Kingdom,

So, in a manner of speaking, does the conscious mind

Stem from the old brain.

By contrast with the conscious mind,

The new brain signifies a 'fall' (forwards)

From church to state or, at any rate, from

The Protestant Church to the Republican State,

Neutron wavicles to neutron and/or electron particles.

But out of the particle Republic

Should arise the wavicle Centre,

As the new brain leads to the superconscious,

And thus a return to mind - only this time

To mind of the spirit rather than

To mind of either the soul or the intellect.





Whether the materialism be of old brain or new brain,

Imagination or will, subnatural or antinatural, it must

Ever contrast with the naturalism and supernaturalism,

Thought and awareness, of the intellectual conscious

And the spiritual superconscious, which alone

Appertain to the wavicle aspects of the atom.

Whether one has a bias for the particle

Or the wavicle aspect of a particular element ...

Will, to a large extent, depend upon one's race,

And we need not doubt that whilst

Anglo-Saxons generally favour the particle aspect

Of each element, Celts, particularly when Irish,

Generally favour its wavicle aspect.

Thus whereas the English progressed

From imagination to will,

As from Shakespeare to Empire,

The Irish are in the process

Of progressing from thought to awareness,

As from prayer to contemplation.

In the case of the English a materialist progression

From the Kingdom to the State;

In the case of the Irish a spiritual progression

From the Church to the Centre.

Of course, neither people are absolute,

An atomic compromise being endemic

To humanity over a given period of time.

But few would deny that a bias

One way or the other has long existed,

And certainly, as far as the Irish are concerned,

Such a bias will continue to exist into the future,

Irish people becoming more spiritual,

English people, with external encouragement,

Less materialist, until eventually,

Following decades of interbreeding

Between blacks and whites,

The Anglo-Saxon race effectively ceases to exist,

And the majority of the inhabitants

Of what is now mainland Britain

Become no less spiritual than

Their Celtic neighbours across the Irish Sea.





While thinking in terms of racial roots

Is permissible within an open society

Of democratic provenance,

It would be taboo within a closed society

Of theocratic persuasion, such as

A Social Transcendental Centre, where neither Celts

Nor Anglo-Saxons and Jews would exist,

But only free-electron ideologues

Partial to a supra-national designation.

If nationals can also be tribalists -

Englishmen Anglo-Saxons or Irishmen Celts -

Then supra-nationals will only be transcendentalists,

Even if Irish and Israeli or Iranian ones,

Depending on their national background.

Thus an Irish Social Transcendentalist

Would be first and foremost an ideologue,

Albeit one of Irish descent.

He won't be an Irishman, still less a Celt,

Since both national and subnational ascriptions

Will cease to be relevant

In a Social Transcendental Centre.

If Eire is destined to become

The first ideological component in

A sort of federation

Of Social Transcendental Centres,

Then it will have to cease being Eire

And instead become

An Irish Social Transcendental Centre,

Elevated to the supra-national status

Of a full-blown theocracy under

The Messianic guidance of he who, for a

Variety of reasons, most corresponds to

A Second Coming and intends to establish

His heavenly 'kingdom', the Centre, on earth ...

In order that all worldly kingdoms

May be overcome and the world brought to

A theocratic unity in transcendental Centrism,

As the necessary precondition

Of subsequent, or millennial, evolution.





Millennial evolution does of course imply

The creation, by qualified technicians, of

The life forms destined to supersede

The superhuman/superbeingful 'men'

Of the Centrist civilization - namely

The artificially-supported and sustained

Brain collectivizations of the Supermen,

Followed, some time later, by

The new-brain collectivizations

Of the Superbeings; the first post-human life form

Antithetical to apes,

The second one antithetical to trees;

The former engaged in hypertripping,

Or undergoing hallucinogenic enlightenment

More extensively and intensively

Than would be possible on the human plane;

The latter engaged in hypermeditating,

Or meditating more extensively and intensively

Than would be possible on the human plane;

The distinction between them amounting

To a more radical duplication of

The preceding superhuman/superbeingful stages

Of Centrist civilization, leading

(via the Superbeings) to transcendence,

And thus to the attainment of pure spirit

To the spatial Beyond where, in conjunction

With numerous other spiritual transcendences, it will

Proceed on its heavenly journey towards

The culmination of all evolution in

The definitive spiritual unity of the Omega Absolute -

The ultimate, or universal, globe ... of pure spirit,

The blessed being of

The Holy Spirit in the bliss of Eternity.

Yet before the spatial Beyond of ... Heaven,

The heavenly millennium of ...

The post-human life forms,

The first stage set on earth,

The second ... in space,

Each stage a full-blown version

Of the coming civilization, which will be

A millennium of post-humanist endeavour,

As championed and led by Social Transcendentalism.





To pretend that the Greater German Reich

Was Germany is at best self-deception,

At worst political naiveté.

Hitler created, at first Austria's

And then Czechoslovakia's expense,

A supra-national entity distinct from Germany,

And owing nothing to republican precedent.

In the Greater German Reich we perceive

The rudiments of a theocratic union,

Which was subsequently extended at Poland's expense

And was originally designed to embrace

The racial folk community of the Teutonic peoples,

Who, in Hitler's estimation, were alone qualified

To receive the (false) theocracy of National Socialism,

And thus, in comparison with surrounding

Democratic peoples (both liberal and communist), become

A 'master race', living in a superior, or theocratic, system

In which sovereignty was vested in Hitler

Who, as Führer, approximated,

No matter how crudely, to a Second Coming,

The saviour of his people, meaning

Those capable of being thus theocratized,

Who acknowledged the Leader

And were obligated to obey him.

Being a false theocracy, National Socialism

Assuredly deserved to fail, but I would be a hypocrite

Not to perceive in it the crude prototype

Of a higher order, an intimation of things to come ...

With the rebirth of theocracy in Centrism,

And consequent emergence of Social Transcendentalism

As the ideology destined to complete what Nazism,

In its socialistic imperfection,

Ultimately failed to achieve - namely

The overcoming of all democracy and

Advancement, throughout the world,

Of genuine theocracy, albeit by degrees

And according to ethnic suitability.

What National Socialism inevitably failed to do,

Social Transcendentalism must succeed in doing,

To the greater glory of world-historical progress!





The atomic dichotomy between work and play

Is gradually being superseded

By a bias for play ... that may yet turn into

An exclusive concern with play, or recreation,

At the expense of work.

If the pagan age was partial to work,

And the Christian age to a compromise

Between work and play, then we needn't doubt

That the coming transcendental age

Will be partial to play, as was already the case

In the late-twentieth century where

Large numbers of people were concerned,

Not least among those who had no work

Because they were unemployed, and consequently

Read books and/or magazines,

Listened to music and/or voice recordings,

Watched television and/or video,

Played slot machines and/or computer games.

Play is no bad thing if it brings one closer to being,

Takes one further away from

The historical curse of work.

The work/play dichotomy is, after all, equivalent

To an atomic/neutron distinction,

And whilst a compromise between the two

Will be relevant to an atomic age,

It can only become increasingly irrelevant

As time advances towards a free-electron age

In which not worldly compromise

But heavenly absolutism is the social norm,

In deference to theocratic criteria.

Beingful play, then, will be the future norm -

At least as far as the masses are concerned.

For not all men are the same,

And while the majority may prefer to play,

A minority will favour work, if of a beingful nature.

These are, of course, the leaders,

The shepherds to the flock,

And while they are largely responsible

For the creation of new 'promised lands'

Of the spirit, they don't care or dare

To enter them personally, leaving

Their enjoyment to the people.





If air balloons are natural,

Then the earliest planes, open to the air,

Were moderately antinatural,

With double wings on either side.

Then came the single-wing closed cockpit planes,

Suggestive of a radical antinaturalism,

Which were followed, in due course, by

The more radically anti-natural jet planes,

With shorter wings set aslant the body,

As if drawn back in horror of relativity.

But even they seem moderate

Compared with the extreme antinaturalism

Of those jets, often smaller, whose wings

Are so close to the body as to appear a part of it,

An extension of the body rather than an independent wing,

Near absolute in expansive tail, more fish than bird.

Similar to them but capable of vertical take-off

Are the anti-supernatural jets, with fold-up wings,

And reminiscent of balloons but powered by engine ...

Are the supernatural 'choppers',

Their blades revolving atop the body

Or, rather, head - a vertical take-off

Confirming a transcendental essence.





Button-up shirts with collars and cuffs

Aren't for Social Transcendentalists,

Since they pertain to a bourgeois tradition,

A kind of atomic compromise

Between (neutron) buttons and (atomic) holes,

Not to mention between shirt and tie.

Only T-shirts and vests should be worn by them,

Since all-of-a-piece in a button-free absolutism

Of electron transcendentalism.





As a writer, are you a subnaturalist,

A naturalist, an antinaturalist,

Or a supernaturalist, viz. dramatist,

Novelist, philosopher, or poet?

Are you of the Father or the Mother,

Of Christ or the Holy Ghost?

Is your work aristocratic or plutocratic,

Technocratic or meritocratic?

Do you write it on its own true level -

Philosophy in aphorisms, poetry in free verse -

Or on some higher or lower level,

Depending on the genre?

And is what you write applicable to

The genre in question,

Like worldly appearances to literature

And heavenly essences to poetry?

Are you a muddlehead or a genius,

Sham or genuine?





You may become rich by writing novels,

That naturalistic genre,

But few poets become wealthy,

And those who do are often false -

Bureaucrats or democrats in disguise,

Not genuinely theocratic.

Commercializers and vulgarizers of poetry,

Bastardizing the genre through their worldly sentiments.

But a genuine theocrat, serving the cause

Of the Holy Spirit, writes genuine poetry,

Whether literary or pure, expressive or impressive,

And he has no desire to become rich,

Preferring his own spiritual wealth

To the material poverty of money.





A genuine poet isn't bourgeois,

Still less proletarian,

But transcendentally classless,

Identifying with the supernatural,

Not the natural or the antinatural.

Proletarian intellectuals are usually novelists,

Bourgeois intellectuals ... philosophers.

Neither of which can write genuine poetry,

Though they may attempt something above themselves.

The genuine poet, however, won't

Attempt anything beneath himself.

It would be less than genuine - a supernatural

Novel or philosophy the paradoxical outcome!





To extend bourgeois art into a proletarian age,

One has only to paint in an abstract manner.

To create a genuinely proletarian art,

Commensurate with the age of the State,

One must be a light artist.

To go beyond this into holography

Is to become a transcendentalist,

And the age of the Centre is just around the corner.





If kingdom leads to church, and state to centre,

Then so must sculpture lead to painting,

And light art to holography, as from

Atomic particles to wavicles (with a 'fall' from

the church/painting to the state/light art), and

From electron particles to wavicles.

Thus whereas painting signifies

A Christian 'rise' from pagan sculpture,

So should holography signify

A transcendental 'rise' from secular light art.





The degeneration of church art

From the heights of Catholic religiosity

To the depths of Protestant secularity

Was paralleled by the elevation of state art

From the depths of Romantic secularity

To the heights of Classical light artistry.

By contrast to painting, light art most definitely

Signifies a 'fall', as from wavicle realism

To particle materialism, but one significant of

A progression from atoms to electrons,

And thus commensurate with the proletariat

Rather than the bourgeoisie.





Parallel to a progression in church art

From Catholic representation

To theosophical abstraction,

We find a degeneration of state art

From Romantic representation

To Expressionist abstraction,

Preparatory to the more extreme

Marxist purism of materialist light art.

And yet, just as the State began by using

Church means, viz. painting, in a secular context,

So one can perceive the beginnings

Of Centrist art via the use of state means, viz. light art,

In a religious context of non-material pure abstraction -

A distinction between Expressionism and Impressionism.





What may appear a contradiction

Is often the extension of a viewpoint

From the main perspective to a subordinate

And tangential one, or vice versa,

So that, whilst a general trend

Is discernible in the historical evolution

Of the subject in question,

Subordinate or peripheral trends

Are also to be discerned, if one has

The desire or ability to change one's viewpoint.

There is a particle aspect to every electron,

A wavicle aspect to every proton,

And although these may be subordinate

To the main aspects, or general perspective,

Nevertheless they exist and should be

Taken into account if a comprehensive picture,

Necessarily paradoxical, is ultimately to emerge.

One cannot presume that all artists follow

A rigorously logical course.

There are always anarchic and arbitrary

Employments of any given medium,

Be it paint, light, stone, or whatever.

But, as a rule, they won't preponderate!





State art employing the medium of paint

Is inherently inferior

Not only to state art employing light,

But to church art employing paint,

Since that more accords

With an atomic-wavicle bias than ...

Either a neutron- or an electron-particle one.

Similarly church art using the medium of stone,

Which accords with an atomic-particle bias,

Is inherently inferior to church art-proper,

And we needn't doubt that Centrist art using

The medium of light is inherently inferior

To what is - or will be - Centrist art-proper,

Which will use holograms as the medium

Most suited to an electron-wavicle bias.





Just as church art-proper began

In a Catholic representational context

And gradually evolved towards pure abstraction,

So Centrist art-proper will begin

In a representational context

And gradually evolve towards pure abstraction,

Commensurate with a super-transcendental age,

The second phase of Centrist civilization.





Heterosexual sex reverses the usual condition

Of male and female sex organs respectively -

The penis becoming hard and the vagina soft.

Ordinarily the vagina is hard and the penis soft,

As though the former reflected a particle bias

And the latter, antithetical to it, a wavicle one.

However, with sex, the vagina is raised to

An atomic-wavicle equivalent while

The penis is lowered to an atomic-particle equivalent,

Thereby establishing the coital dichotomy

Of a church/kingdom relativity.





It may be said that whereas men are lowered,

Through heterosexual sex,

From the atomic-wavicle level of a soft penis

To the atomic-particle level of a hard one,

As though from catholic church to bureaucratic kingdom,

Women, by contrast, are raised by it

From the atomic-particle level of a hard vagina

To the atomic-wavicle level of a soft one,

As though from bureaucratic kingdom to catholic church.

Thus, paradoxically, while men are morally worsened

By sex, it morally elevates women.





One must carefully distinguish between

The autocratic, the bureaucratic/democratic,

And the theocratic, as between three periods

Of evolutionary time, corresponding

To the Father, the Mother/Son, and the Holy Ghost,

While not forgetting the anti-democratic period

Of the Antichrist, whose hard-line republican state

Opposes both the Father and the Mother/Son

Without being in favour of the Holy Ghost.

That devolves upon the Second Coming

And his Social Transcendental Centrism,

And he well knows that

No true aspiration towards the Holy Ghost

Can be made while both state and church,

Not to mention kingdom, are in existence.

As the Second Coming, he signifies

A second and more omega-oriented wavicle bias -

That of the electron Centre

As opposed to the atomic Church.





Periods of barbarism alternate

With periods of civilization,

And while the former are endemic

To the particle aspect of the atom,

Whether as protons, neutrons, electrons,

Or a bureaucratic combination of all three,

The latter are endemic to its wavicle aspect,

Whether with regard to the Church (in each of

its elemental manifestations), or to the Centre.

Thus whereas the barbarous Kingdom preceded

The civilized Church, so the latter

Has been superseded by the barbarous State,

As representative of electron particles.

If civilization is to reappear, then the particle State

Must be superseded by the wavicle Centre,

And the age of the Second Coming

Replace that of the Antichrist.

Proletarian materialism should lead

To transcendental spirituality,

And thus to the rebirth of civilization

On the highest electron terms.





Loneliness, apartness, isolation, and alienation

Are endemic to the electron particles

Of the age of the Antichrist.

Particles are not cohesive but separate,

And if, on the electron level of the proletariat, they

Aren't negative, and hence frictional or reactive (like

the life-and-death antagonisms of a proton-particle age),

Still they remain independent,

Doing their own particle thing

In the privacy of their individual homes,

Each man isolated from his neighbour

In artificial self-indulgence,

A kind of media hedonism of electron positivity.

Those who are deeply of the State

Take this situation for granted,

Others, who may be more of the Church,

Complain of loneliness and alienation.

Yet others, who see ahead

To an age of transcendental cohesion, know

That their current isolation is but a passing phase,

Symptomatic of materialist decadence,

A state fragmentariness that will be superseded,

In due Messianic time, by a cohesion

Superior in essence to that of the Church -

Namely, the electron-wavicle cohesion

Of the Centre in the ultimate civilization.

They, at any rate, live in hope!





If to ride pillion on a motorbike would be

Incompatible with the dignity and/or safety

Of a theocratic leader in a Centrist society,

Then let him go sidecar and be driven from place to place

In the comparative comfort and safety

Of a specially-constructed car, an escort

Of independent motorbikes in close attendance.

In such fashion, he would be able to continue,

If desired, with any pressing business

And would be absolutist, isolated from fellow passengers

And the motorbike's actual driver, self-contained

In a small but strong compartment,

Attesting to the contraction of materialism

From democratic to theocratic levels.





Distinguish carefully between

The lesser 'natural' supernaturalism

And the greater 'artificial' supernaturalism,

As between a democratic

And a genuinely theocratic supernaturalism.

But, above all, distinguish between

The supernatural and the supra-natural,

The latter of which is

The more radical successor of the former.





Beware those muddleheads

Who confound omega with alpha,

The Holy Spirit with the Creator,

Truth with strength!

Only an atomic Christian can serve

Two such antithetical masters at once ...

In the person of Christ, Who corresponds,

In His humanity, to the 'Three in One',

And is thus intellectual goodness

As well as instinctual strength and spiritual truth.

Yet Puritan Christianity is a neutron-wavicle noumenon

Of the good Christ alone, just as totalitarian socialism

Is an electron-particle phenomenon

Of the illusory Antichrist alone,

The hard-line Republican State

As opposed to the soft-line Protestant Church.

But the proton-particle phenomenon of

The Kingdom, corresponding to the Father, and

The electron-wavicle noumenon of the Centre,

Corresponding to the Holy Spirit, are radically

Antithetical, as between paganism and transcendentalism,

And no-one who identifies with the latter

Can possibly serve the former.

A break with the Father is also, by implication,

A break with the Son.

For only through theocratic Centrism can man aspire

Towards the goal of evolution in the Holy Spirit -

The pure spirit of the Omega Absolute.





The fact that man cannot attain to pure spirit

In the Beyond ... of transcendence,

Is a cardinal assertion of my truth.

At best he can aspire towards it, but no more!

And this in the second phase of his Centrist evolution,

The superbeingful phase of

Hypermeditating Super-transcendentalists.

As in its first phase, man's immediate successor,

The Superman, will indulge in

Hallucinogenic enlightenment

Through some form of LSD-tripping,

And thus indirectly cultivate awareness

Through the medium of

Artificially-induced visionary experience.

But, as a brain artificially supported

And sustained in collectivized contexts, he

Would trip more extensively and intensively.

Only his successor, the Superbeing of

The second phase of the post-human millennium,

Would attain to transcendence, and this because,

As a new-brain collectivization, it would

Cultivate pure mind to a degree inconceivable

On the human scale, thereby abandoning

The remnants of atomic materialism

For the spiritual freedom of the truly divine!





Truth pertains to man,

Supertruth to the Superman,

And supra-truth to the Superbeing.

Man can know the truth about himself

And the future course of evolution,

But he has only a limited capacity

For supertruth and supra-truth, as applying

To the most intensive cultivation of spirit,

Whether indirectly through hypercontemplation,

Or directly through hypermeditation,

Such as could only be experienced and endured

By his post-human successors,

The superhuman brain collectivizations

And the superbeingful new-brain collectivizations

Of the post-human millennium

Preceding the Beyond ... of Heaven.

Nevertheless, man will come to experience

Supertruth and supra-truth to some extent

During the course of this ultimate civilization.





Whatever pertains to proton and/or atomic particles

Is absolute evil, such as

The autocratic/bureaucratic Kingdom;

Whatever pertains to electron wavicles

Is absolute good, such as the theocratic Centre.

In between comes the relative good

Of atomic and/or neutron wavicles,

Whether in bureaucratic or democratic Church,

And the relative evil

Of neutron and/or electron particles,

Whether in democratic or pseudo-democratic State.

The Church-oriented faithful correspond to

The relative good,

The State-oriented unfaithful correspond to

The relative evil.

The former are civilized,

The latter uncivilized.

Only the Centre-oriented superfaithful

Will correspond to absolute good

In the electron-wavicle integrity

Of the highest civilization,

As ordained by the Second Coming.



(Phallic) FATHER AND (Vaginal) MOTHER


Strictly speaking, proton wavicles

Aren't of the Father but of Jehovah and/or Allah

In the oriental fundamentalism of a derivation

From the central star of the Galaxy -

The biggest and therefore purest star there.

By contrast, the Father was derived from

Both the sun, corresponding in oriental terms

To the Devil (Satan), and the earth's core -

That is, from a compromise

Between Eastern fundamentalism

And the phallic-based paganism of Western precedent.

Such a Father is less objectively divine, on

The alpha plane of divinity, than

A combination of diabolic and worldly,

But He is crucial to contiguity

With the Mother (nature) and thus

With the possibility of a Son (lunar Christ),

The very things which, from cosmic objectivity

In relation to alpha divinity,

Eastern fundamentalism has ever rejected.

Should sex be motivated by love (identifiable,

through emotional extrapolation, with

the solar component of the Father), it is deemed

Morally acceptable within the Western context.

But should it be divorced from emotional commitment

In a lustful promiscuity (identifiable,

through sensual extrapolation, with

the planetary component, viz. the earth's core, of

the Father alone), it is deemed

Morally unacceptable within that context (since,

by itself, the core is therein equivalent to the Devil - who

has no alternative reference-point - and so lustful sex

is accordingly identifiable with a diabolic bias).

Not so, however, in the Eastern context

Where, by contrast, emotional commitment

Would be morally suspect on account of its derivation

From the emotional plane (of the sun) and, hence,

Identification with what is objectively diabolic.

Harems were a traditional oriental way for the privileged

To escape the curse of emotional entanglement

Or enslavement (to the Devil), since they functioned

On the basis of a worldly promiscuity, and the world

Is less threatening (as sensational instinct) than

The Devil (as emotional instinct), to what

Is God (as spirit), given its greater distance

From the divine - like the planetary from the stellar -

And inability, in consequence, to subvert

Or eclipse, through fiery emotion, the divine light.

Hence the Western Father is really the Eastern Devil,

And because He is partly derived from the sun

He cannot be equated, like Jehovah or Allah,

With proton wavicles but only, like Satan,

With proton particles - a solar outer light

Which is less strong than weak in relation

To the (oriental) Almighty ...  of the stellar 'inner light',

Or central star of the Galaxy, and accordingly

A deity which, in complete contrast to

The higher alpha of oriental fundamentalism,

Has been evolved away from, via the successive

'Persons' of the Trinity, in due process of worldly time.



LONDON 1984 (Revised 2011)






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