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Op. 39






Copyright © 2011 John O'Loughlin





1. Super and Supra

2. Science and Theology

3. Trees

4. Less Good but Still Good

5. Loves

6. Superficial Parallel

7. Historical Value

8. Ultimate Class

9. Smoking Politics

10. Dope Smoking

11. Drinking and Smoking

12. Smoking and Sniffing

13. Dual Celebration

14. Intimation

15. Freaks

16. Discs and Tapes

17. Centrist Evolution

18. Give and Take

19. Television and Video

20. Seasons

21. Theocracy Full-blown

22. Literary Progress

23. Centrist Freedom

24. Economic Distinctions

25. Ultimate Centrist Freedom

26. Protons and Electrons

27. Overcoming Man

28. Allegiances

29. Church and State

30. Church Absolutism

31. Sport

32. Omega Millennium

33. Behind and Beyond

34. Marriage

35. Money Wealth

36. Living Death

37. Spengler

38. Visual Arts

39. Social Theocracy

40. Anti-Life

41. Means to Ends

42. Civilized and Barbaric

43. Centrist Art/Sex

44. Saved From Thinking

45. Robot Revolution

46. Democracy and Dictatorship

47. Thoughts

48. Visions

49. Supra-naturalism

50. Theocratic and Transcendental

51. Political and Religious

52. Plays

53. Films

54. Trips





Just as one can distinguish between

The supernatural and the supra-natural,

As between two kinds or degrees

Of theocratic indulgence, viz. a bodily and a mental,

An apparent and an essential,

So one should distinguish between

Supermen and the Supra-men

Of the coming Centrist civilization,

The former disposed to hallucinogenic enlightenment,

The latter ... to transcendental meditation;

The one preceding the other.

Then, with regard to a similar apparent/essential division

In the succeeding millennium, one should

Also distinguish between Superbeings and the Supra-beings,

As between hypertripping brain-collectivizations

Artificially supported and sustained on the one hand,

And ... hypermeditating new-brain collectivizations

No-less artificially supported and sustained

On the other hand, a distinction which

Would confirm the evolution of millennial life

Towards the ultrabeingful spiritual transcendences

Of the heavenly Beyond.

Whereas post-humanist life is connected with man,

Post-human life completely transcends him

In the free-electron life forms

Of Superbeings and Supra-beings respectively.





The Creator is a fairly neutral term

That can be bent in either

A scientific or a theological direction,

With regard to the First Cause or Jehovah.

It seems to hang between these two extremes,

Though with a bias towards the latter,

As when it is employed theologically,

As though synonymous with an old, grey-bearded figure

Who rules over the Cosmos.

Personally, I don't believe in any such Creator-God,

And few but the very backward or simpleminded

Have any use, these days, for the concept

Of a Creator-God, preferring not to think

Anthropomorphically or metaphorically about

The origins and/or originator of the Universe,

Or a particular part of it, like the Galaxy.

If Jehovah is an abstraction

From some primal root-creative force,

As I have little doubt He is, then

What really exists out there, in the starry cosmos,

Isn't Jehovah but the First Cause,

And what can that be if not

The central star of each galaxy?

Yes, there is a big, powerful, ruling star

At the heart of the Galaxy,

A god-king or tree-trunk equivalent,

And that is the source, knowingly or unknowingly,

From which the theological metaphor

Of the Creator, the Ancient of Days, the Maker,

The Almighty, etc., was extrapolated,

Just as the Fallen Angel closest to us,

Namely the Sun, is the source

From which Satan was extrapolated,

Theology being entitled to regard him

As the source of all evil in the world

By dint of the closer proximity, cosmically speaking,

Of the Sun to it, a proximity

That leaves the central star of the Galaxy

Comparatively free-of-blame

And therefore entitled, in theological logic,

To preferential interpretation and greater respect,

Just as monarchs, no matter how evil or incompetent,

Have always been accorded a higher status,

And therefore greater respect, than nobles,

Particularly barons - the rank of nobleman

Most closely approximating to the Sun

And thus, by theological implication, to the Devil.

For the Sun is a very minor star

On the edge of the Galaxy,

And a baron is a very minor aristocrat,

A mere thin-branch equivalent

In that mirror of the galactic order

And blueprint for the feudal order - a tree.





The more I look at and think about trees,

The more disgusted I become!

Trees may appear beautiful and noble to some people,

Mostly country-dwellers,

But to me they are ugly and ignoble

Because indicative of tyranny and exploitation,

The leaves so many slaves of the trunk and branches

Of the tree-proper, feeding it

With energy from the sun and moisture from the air,

Leaves sucked dry by the rapacious tree.

No, I don't like trees, for I see in them

The prototype of the feudal-world-order

Of peasants exploited by aristocrats,

Whether high- or low-ranking,

And the Few accordingly thriving

At the Many's expense

In a thoroughly diabolical, subnatural system -

One sanctioned not only by trees but,

Originally and primarily, by the stellar roots

Of evolution in the Cosmos.

What were the peasantry

In relation to their aristocratic lords -

Good, bad, less bad?

Probably 'less bad' is

The most objective description

Of a class implicated in a pagan absolutism

And corresponding, in their subjection,

To planets and leaves.

One might say demons as opposed to devils,

And to anyone who looks at a tree objectively,

Rather than through the distorting lens

Of a feudal sympathy, leaves must appear demonic

And branches positively devilish.

As to the trunk, 'divine' could only

Be applied to it in the very relative,

Spiritually fundamentalist sense of Creator,

As when one distinguishes Jehovah from Satan

Or king from peers.

So anyone with the least shred

Of spiritual subjectivity would have no option

But to perceive in it

The theocratic autocracy

That gets the lion's share of the booty,

Since bigger and stronger than everything else.





Just as peasants in a traditional feudal system

Were less bad than the aristocracy

But still bad, so, conversely, the meritocracy

In a revolutionary Centrist system would be

Less good than the superfolk but still good,

And therefore not identifiable with tyranny

Or its attenuated bourgeois successor

In ... parliamentary government.

Rather, they would be as angels to gods,

And one could speak of guidance or administration

In connection with their serving duties

Vis-à-vis the saved majority.

Of course, the Leader would be

No-less distinct from the meritocracy

Than (was) the Ruler from the aristocracy,

Since entitled to a separate divine status,

Only one whose derivation

Is subjective rather than objective,

Corresponding to the Holy Spirit

Rather than to the Father,

Since devolving upon the Second Coming,

And hence constituting a Messianic sovereignty

More good, if anything, than 'the Good'.

And yet, it is the People, not the Leader

Or his closest followers,

Who must evolve towards pure spirit;

For the Leader will be complete in himself.





Brotherly love is the ideal

Of the atomic-wavicle Church,

A positive emotionality diffused

Throughout Christian humanity

And thereby rendered impersonal.

Love for another person

In a non-diffused positive emotionality

Is, by contrast, the reality

Of the neutron-wavicle Church,

An impure love of the sexes,

Possessive and selective,

Attractive and reactive.

Free love, however, is the reality

Of the neutron-particle State,

And it signifies a 'fall' from

The non-diffused emotional love for another person

Of the neutron-wavicle Church

To the diffused bodily love

Of sexual promiscuity

In a love of other selves which, at the level

Of the electron-particle State, becomes

A non-diffused love of phenomenal self.

Spiritual love is, by contrast,

The ideal of the electron-wavicle Centre,

A love of noumenal self

That yet transcends the individual

In the collective consciousness of pure mind.

If love for another

Is the neutron-wavicle relativity,

Then love of noumenal self

Is the electron-wavicle absolutism,

With the neutron-particle relativity

Of free-loving phenomenalism

And the electron-particle absolutism

Of love of phenomenal self coming in-between.





It is tempting to see a parallel,

In the Irish and Spanish Civil Wars,

Between Nationalism and Republicanism,

But such a parallel would be, at best,

Superficial, at worst downright misleading!

Whereas the Irish Nationalists

Were also republicans

And the Republicans also nationalists,

The Spanish Republicans weren't nationalists

Nor the Nationalists republicans.

Unlike the Spanish Civil War,

The Irish Civil War didn't signify

A fascist/communist dichotomy but, rather,

Two shades of republican Nationalism -

Soft and hard, gradual and immediate,

Evolutionary and revolutionary.

The split in Sinn Fein over the Treaty

Led to fratricidal strife between

Pro-Treaty Free Staters

And Anti-Treaty Irregulars,

And although the former eventually triumphed,

Leaving Ireland with Dominion Status

Within the British Empire,

The proclamation of a republic

Was later engineered by descendants

Of the Free Staters who,

Unlike hard-line republicans,

Were resigned, under Costello, to

A twenty-six county republic.

Imagine, if you can, Franco proclaiming a republic,

And one sees how far apart

The antagonists of the Spanish Civil War

Were from those of the Irish one!





Being neither nationalist nor republican,

I have little sympathy for either side

In the Irish Civil War; though I believe

That, under the prevailing circumstances,

The Free Staters were effectively right,

Since an Irish republic embracing

The whole of Ireland is no less

Of a pipe dream now than it was then,

And, besides, the British were implacably opposed

To the 32-county Republican ideal.

To me, both republican Nationalism

And nationalist Republicanism

Are inadequate for solving the Ulster problem,

Which demands not a democratic

But a radically theocratic approach,

Commensurate with Social Transcendentalism

And the establishment in Eire

Of an Irish Social Transcendental Centre,

The first of a number of such Centres

That would eventually form a world-wide federation

Of supra-national peoples.

Nationalism, like Republicanism, is limited

To a given span of evolutionary time, corresponding

To an atomic age, and it has to be admitted that,

Due to historical circumstances, the Irish came late

To both Nationalism and Republicanism -

At the tail-end, so to speak, of the nationalist age.

Consequently, to regard either Nationalism

Or Republicanism as ideals worthy of eternal sanction

Is a serious mistake since, in effect,

They are distinctly temporal.

Better to regard them as means to a higher end -

Namely the attainment of

The most radically theocratic absolutism -

Than to treat them as ends in themselves.

Better not to unduly compromise

With democratic procedure and tradition -

More suited, in any case, to peoples

Like the British and the Americans - than

To take them to heart and/or

Seek to push democracy in a more radical direction.

Better the minimum compromise

That permits one the maximum theocratic freedom,

And thus facilitates progress towards

A truly Irish ideological integrity ...

Albeit one capable of wider global application.

The modicum of political freedom

In which to manoeuvre and subsequently engineer

The higher end - therein, it seems to me, lies

The historical value of the Irish Republic!





The upper class are inherently autocratic,

The middle class inherently democratic,

And the lower class inherently bureaucratic.

Evolution proceeds from the first to the last,

Who are only 'lower' in relation to the others,

Since, objectively considered, potentially

If not actually superior to them ...

On account of their environmentally

And socially more-evolved constitutions.

The upper class stem from the Father,

The middle class acknowledge the Son,

While the lower class aspire -

If intermittently and rather indirectly ...

In terms of the Virgin Mary -  towards the Holy Spirit.

Now because in the future there should be

Neither autocratic nor democratic classes,

The lower class will be the only class

And, consequently, not lower at all

But an ultimate class, germane to

The theocratic absolutism of a transcendental age.

When the people ultimately triumph over

Both the aristocracy and the bourgeoisie,

The age of theocracy will be upon us.

Thus will humanity attain to its zenith,

Though less in the guise

Of the bureaucratic proletariat than

In that of the theocratic superfolk -

The ultimate manifestation of the People.





It is well-known that smoking

Isn't good for the health,

But it may not be generally appreciated

That smoking, no less than politics, is divisible

Into left- and right-wing manifestations,

With the corollary of subnatural, natural,

Antinatural, and supernatural distinctions,

A corollary presupposing

Roll-ups and cigarettes on the one hand,

But cigars and pipes on the other,

The former left wing, the latter right.

Yes, there is a communist equivalent

To the smoking of a roll-up,

And if this is subnaturalistic,

Then the smoking of a cigarette is naturalistic,

And thus rather more liberal.

By contrast to cigarettes, cigars suggest

A conservative equivalent,

A moderate antinaturalism which is transcended

In the supernaturalism of a pipe,

That fascist equivalent.





Fundamentally the smoking of roll-ups

Is an autocratic habit,

Cigarette smoking a bureaucratic habit,

Cigar smoking a democratic habit,

And pipe smoking a theocratic habit.

Smoking 'joints', on the other hand,

Is fundamentally a quasi-theocratic habit,

On account of the anti-supernatural status

Of 'joints' as extended roll-ups with dope,

Whereas the smoking of dope in a pipe

Confers a supernatural status

Commensurate with a pseudo-theocratic habit.





There is something bourgeois about

A drink/smoke dichotomy, as though

Indulgence of both alcohol and tobacco confirmed

An antinatural/subnatural relativity,

Applicable to an atomic age.

Those who are not subnatural

But antinatural ... will only drink.

Those who are not antinatural

But subnatural ... will only smoke.

The first category will drink canned beer,

The second category … roll their own cigarettes,

With or without dope.

In between will come the beer/tobacco compromise

Of antinatural/subnatural atomists,

A compromise never more democratic

Than when the beer is in pint glasses

And the tobacco in cigars,

Though still existing

On the relatively bureaucratic level

Of bottled beer and cigarettes.

Anyway, if drinking is antinatural

And smoking subnatural,

The one corresponding to a wavicle equivalent,

The other to a particle equivalent,

Then we need not hesitate

To equate eating with a natural absolutism

And sniffing, by contrast,

With a supernatural absolutism,

The one preceding alcohol

In the atomic-particle age of the Kingdom,

The other destined to succeed tobacco

In the electron-wavicle age of the Centre,

Eating as confirmation

Of a kind of atomic relativity

Between eater and eaten,

Sniffing as confirmation

Of a kind of electron absolutism

Between sniffer and thing sniffed.





If eating to get high

Pertains to the bureaucratic Kingdom,

And drinking to get high

Pertains to the democratic Church,

Then smoking to get high

Pertains to the autocratic State

And sniffing to get high

Pertains to the theocratic Centre.

Eating and drinking

Are natural and antinatural,

Whereas smoking and sniffing

Are subnatural and supernatural.

If eating is barbarous and drinking civilized,

Then smoking is uncivilized

And sniffing supercivilized.

Human evolution proceeds, we needn't doubt,

From the first to the last,

With all due compromises coming in-between,

And should eventually culminate

In a kind of sniffing absolutism,

With eating, drinking, and smoking

Beneath the pale of its future theocratic integrity.

People of the Centrist civilization

Won't eat and/or drink as freely

As people do in a bureaucratic/democratic society,

But will become increasingly partial

To the use of vitamin tablets and/or capsules ...

As appropriate to an age of sniffing,

An alternative rather than supplement

To natural foods and drinks.

Smoking tobacco will be no less irrelevant

Than drinking alcohol,

And if any smoking were to be permitted

During the lower phase of a Centrist age ...

It could only be in the guise

Of dope-smoking through pipes,

As symptomatic of a pseudo-theocratic bias.





Just as Roman Catholicism celebrates Mass

With the body and blood of Christ

Duly transmuted into the wafer and wine,

So Social Transcendentalism should celebrate,

In officially coming to pass,

The dual sides of its spiritual integrity

Through recourse to both 'acid' and 'coke',

Or some harmless derivative thereof,

The one symptomatic of its 'social' (bureaucratic) side,

The other symptomatic

Of its 'transcendental' (theocratic) side -

The former preponderant over the latter ...

As is the wafer over the wine

In the celebration of Mass.

For the wine is transmuted paganism,

The 'Roman' side of Roman Catholicism,

Whereas the wafer is properly Catholic,

Corresponding more universally

To the Mother than to the Father.

It is the wafer rather than the wine

That confers a truly Catholic bias.

Likewise it should be the 'acid'

Rather than the 'coke' (mainly reserved,

in any case, for spiritual leaders ...

as a symbolic intimation

of properly meditative futurity

within a drug-based culture)

That confers a truly social one.





In the late-twentieth century, the nearest thing

To a meditation centre and, by implication,

The Social Transcendentalist culture

That could be associated with it ...

Was a Rock concert, particularly when indoors

And associated with light shows and synthetic drugs.

Such concerts were especially prevalent during

The late 1960s and early 1970s,

Before Rock succumbed to Punk,

But some Rock still prevailed in the 1990s,

And there was also Jazz to serve the same purpose -

Essentially one of religious aspiration

And cultural self-realization.

One could argue that these psychedelic concerts

Intimated of future meditation centres,

Much as though they were unofficial manifestations

Of theocratic Centrism in a state age,

The participants effectively outsiders

Within the existing civilization,

Their penchant for synthetic drugs illegal

From a state point-of-view,

Their culture unofficial,

Caught between two ages,

Tail-ending the democratic and intimating

Of the future theocratic,

Somewhat in the position of early Christians

Vis-à-vis the pagan status quo,

Frowned upon by the Establishment,

All those 'straights' who related to democratic,

Not to say autocratic, tradition,

The great middle-class masses of Western civilization,

Who would never 'trip' or 'snort' or do anything -

Sexually, socially, or otherwise - that wasn't

Psychically middle-of-the-road

And hence broadly intellectual.

How they loathed those who were morally better

And more spiritually courageous than themselves,

All those 'freaks' that they preferred,

In their democratic ignorance of higher criteria,

To regard as socially worse and less intelligent -

The evil 'lower class' of an alternative culture,

A counter-culture to which they remained

Both deaf and blind, imprisoned within

The inner darkness of their purgatorial lunacy,

Shut off, like Dante's damned in blocks of ice, from

The liberating spirituality of the inner light!





No-one would pretend that 'freaks'

Were in a majority in the lower class;

For they are conspicuously a tiny minority

Compared with that great mass of philistines

Who constitute the proletarian generality.

Undoubtedly the most culturally precocious members

Of their class, they are the type

From whom a future leadership could be drawn,

A type who are civilized ...

On their own outsider's terms

In advance of the generality

And who, once in power,

Would transmit their culture to the masses

And thus make them more civilized in due turn,

Having first pioneered the way

In an unofficial capacity

Within the church/state civilization

And acquired a knowledge of and allegiance to

The transcendental culture to-come.

But by a curious paradox

Their future role would place them

Outside the mainstream culture of the People.

For you cannot transmit culture

And be civilized at the same time.

What you gain on the unofficial roundabout

You must lose on the official swings.

Civilized in advance of the masses,

You cannot be civilized with them.





Whereas long-playing records correspond,

In the outer darkness of their stylus naturalism,

To a centrist political equivalent,

Video tapes correspond, in the outer light

Of their filmic subnaturalism,

To a left-wing political equivalent,

Whilst audio tapes correspond, in the inner darkness

Of their intellectual antinaturalism,

To a right-wing political equivalent.

Hence 'liberal' albums,

'Social democratic' video tapes,

And 'conservative' audio tapes.

But as alternatives to these democratic media

Of sound reproduction are the bureaucratic media

Of outer-darkness singles,

Inner-darkness tape recorders,

And inner-light compact discs,

With left-wing, centrist, and right-wing implications

Corresponding to socialist, ecologist,

And feminist positions that contrast (disc with tape

and tape with disc) to the democratic positions above,

As though in a particle/wavicle antagonism

Between hard and soft options,

Singles naturalistically hard

Whereas video tapes are subnaturalistically soft,

Tape recorders anti-naturalistically soft

Whereas LPs are naturalistically hard,

Compact discs supernaturalistically hard

Whereas audio tapes are anti-naturalistically soft.





As appearance gives way to essence

In the overall evolution of human life,

So must Social Transcendentalism eventually

Be superseded by Super-transcendentalism,

In order that the second and higher phase

Of Centrist civilization may come to pass

And bring Centrism to maturity,

Through the purest meditation,

In the ripe wisdom of a beingful essence.

This meditation of the noumenal self upon itself

Will supersede contemplation of the other in the self,

Pure transcendentalism superseding

The impure transcendentalism of the hallucinogenic trip,

Just as, in the Christian West, puritanical Protestantism

Superseded visionary Catholicism

In the evolution of Christianity

From appearance to essence, doing to being.

Phases cannot be escaped, and if the second phase

Of Centrism must wait until the first phase

Has properly run its course, then so be it!





Are you a giving or a taking man, one with

A bias for the Father or for the Holy Spirit,

Or are you both giving and taking

In approximately equal degrees,

Somewhere in between the absolutes

In a Christian relativity?

The sun gives light and trees bear fruit,

But pure spirit would only partake

Of its own blissful being,

As would the supra-beings

Of the preceding post-Human Millennium.

The further man evolves the less he gives

And the more he takes, thereby

Approximating to the goal of evolution

In passive self-containment.

Doing, by contrast, is more connected

With giving than taking,

And the active are usually those who give the most.

If to give is your bias, know that there is

A higher ideal in taking, especially in partaking of the self,

And that the taking man is potentially, if not actually,

A morally superior and more evolved type of being,

Not the good-for-nothing rogue he may at first appear!

Eventually, there will be no giving but only taking

Or, rather, partaking of pure mind.





As discs to tapes, so television to video,

The one autocratic and the other democratic,

Extreme and moderate left-wing alternatives,

With the former corresponding

To a communist equivalent, and the latter ...

To a social democratic one,

Television the outer-light subnaturalism,

Relative to autocracy, of the communist State;

Video the outer-light subnaturalism,

Relative to democracy, of the social democratic State.





Spring and autumn are Christian seasons,

The one corresponding to the instinctual side of Christ,

The other to His spiritual side,

Spring a kind of diluted summer,

Autumn ... a diluted winter,

Semi-pagan and semi-transcendental respectively.

Summer and winter, however, are the pagan

And transcendental seasons, corresponding

To the Father and to the Holy Ghost.

Summer draws one closer to Hell,

The burning heat of the sun scorching the flesh

And stultifying the mind.

Winter, by contrast, draws one closer to Heaven,

The sun at too great a distance to be of any real menace,

The icy air freezing the flesh and quickening the mind.

Which is better - to burn or to freeze?

The flesh prefers the former,

And most people regret the passing of summer,

Their bodies attuned to its heathen warmth

And their senses gratified by nature's pagan show,

The season a holiday from transcendental morals

And puritanical obligations.

Winter, then, is a negative thing,

The bitter inclemencies unmoved by human woe,

Indifferent to human want.

Rare is the man who is grateful for winter,

Who sees in the gentler sun

A reprieve from pagan tyranny,

Whose mind dominates the flesh

And can regard its revolt

With icy contempt or indifference,

Preferring the season of the mind.

Such a man is not Christian, still less pagan,

But transcendental, transvaluated within himself

And living not in the mind for the body,

But in the body for the mind.

If, at present, this man is the exception,

In the future he will become the rule -

Unafraid of winter, contemptuous of the sun!





Supertheocracy is no mere Christian theocracy,

As applying to the spiritual side of Christ,

But the full-blown transcendental theocracy

Of the Second Coming, the theocracy

Not of the Church but of the Centre.

Supertheocracy appertains to the Supermen,

Those hypertripping Supernaturalists

In the Social Transcendentalist phase

Of the Centrist civilization to come.

Supra-theocracy appertains to the Supra-men,

Those hypermeditating Supra-naturalists

In the purely transcendental phase

Of the Centrist civilization, antithetically

Equivalent to the puritanical phase

Of the Christian civilization.

For whereas Puritanism signified

A neutron-wavicle equivalent,

Pure transcendentalism will signify

An electron-wavicle equivalent,

Eventually leading to the first

Of two ultimate life forms - namely

The Superbeings of the post-Human Millennium.

Supertheocracy in the Centrist civilization

Has its parallel in the succeeding millennium,

And so, likewise, does Supra-theocracy.

The cultivation of pure spirit proceeds

From an indirect to a direct approach,

As from appearance to essence.

Supertheocracy will be contemplative,

Albeit on the most artificial terms.

Supra-theocracy will be meditative on the purest terms,

The wavicle absolutism of the mind aware.

Awareness and ever greater awareness - that is

The air-stimulated challenge of evolution!





Playwright, novelist, philosopher, poet -

The secular playwright more prevalent

In the alpha of civilized evolution

Than in the age of Christianity,

When the Catholic playwright came into his own

And, superseding the Roman Catholic scholastics,

With their attenuated philosophy and medieval theosophy,

Brought atomic writing to its wavicle climax,

Before the Protestant playwright attenuated the genre

Through secularization, permitting emergence

Of the liberal novel, with its dualistic integrity,

A dramatic/philosophic compromise

Soon to be challenged, and transcended, by

The philosophical absolutism

Of the socialist novel, or antinovel,

Preparatory to the eclipse of the novel

By practical philosophy,

Beyond which only the anti-supernovel

Of a poetic bias can apply, before,

Last but scarcely least, the pure poet emerges

With the omega of civilized evolution,

To bring electron writing to its wavicle climax

In the purest poetry of a theocratic impression,

An intimation of the Holy Spirit

In the contemplative peace that surpasses all intellectuality.





Socialism, whether democratic or totalitarian,

May constitute an antithetical equivalent to

The aristocratic enslavement of feudal autocracy,

Being the electron-particle counterpart

To proton-particle materialism,

But it isn't the end, in economic terms, of

The evolutionary road.

For no less than an atomic-wavicle equivalent

Is entitled to its economic freedom,

So an electron-wavicle equivalent

Is entitled to its economic freedom

In meritocratic Centrism,

Which pertains to the Second Coming

And to the Centrist ideology

Of Social Transcendentalism,

In what could be described as Centre guidance,

Whereby the meritocracy decide how money

Is to be spent and/or raised

In the interests of supertheocratic freedom.





The main economic distinction is between

Particle enslavement and wavicle freedom,

Or aristocratic feudalism

And bureaucratic socialism on the one hand,

But plutocratic capitalism

And meritocratic centrism on the other hand,

The bureaucratic leading to the meritocratic

No less than the aristocratic led to the plutocratic,

Albeit not, in each case, without a struggle,

Nor, indeed, without intermediate compromises.

If a proton-particle equivalent

Is aristocratic in relation to

An atomic-wavicle equivalent, its plutocratic successor,

Then an electron-particle equivalent

Will be bureaucratic in relation to

An electron-wavicle equivalent, its meritocratic successor.

Only the wavicle equivalent, whether moderate or extreme,

Plutocratic or meritocratic, represents economic freedom.

But only an extreme wavicle equivalent

Can represent the highest freedom ...

Of a meritocratic Centrism.





Social Transcendentalism is intended to signify

A compromise between bureaucracy and meritocracy,

State planning and Centre guidance,

With an emphasis on the latter ...

In accordance with the wavicle bias

Of this supertheocratic ideology,

Which necessarily transcends socialism in

The name of Centrist freedom,

In order that the way may be prepared

For the ultimate Centrist freedom

Of the absolutely wavicle age to follow -

The supra-theocratic age of pure Centrism.





Protons are self-assertive,

Electrons self-transcending.

Protons are autocratic, electrons theocratic.

Protons are centrifugal, electrons centripetal.

Protons are subnatural, electrons supernatural.

Protons are the Kingdom, electrons the Centre.

Protons are fundamentally particles,

Electrons essentially wavicles.

Protons precede electrons,

Then protons and electrons coexist,

With the help of neutrons,

In an atomic compromise,

After which electrons supersede protons.

Electron particles are less materialistic

Than proton particles.

Electron wavicles are more spiritualistic

Than proton wavicles.

Proton materialism is natural

But electron materialism is antinatural.

Proton spirituality is subnatural

But electron spirituality is supernatural.

Proton spirituality is pseudo because apparent,

Electron materialism is pseudo because synthetic.

The genuine is at the beginning of materialism

And at the end of spirituality,

Alpha of the world and omega of the spirit.





Man's Final End isn't in God ...

As unified pure spirit set in space,

But in the Superbeings of millennial futurity,

That post-human epoch in time

Which more accords with Eternity.

Man's Final Overcoming is in the first

Of our two projected post-human life forms -

The artificially-supported and sustained

Brain collectivizations of the Superbeings,

Who will be as much above transcendental man

As tree-living apes were beneath pagan man,

Being a completely separate species of life,

Not beastly but divine, not animals but gods,

Knowing little of and caring nothing for

The world of man, that passing show

In between pre- and post-human life forms,

Never more strictly itself than

In a Christian, humanist stage

Of its painful evolution, when man

Was the relative measure of all things relatively.

Even the Supermen in the first stage

Of ultimate human civilization,

The Centrist civilization of a transcendental age,

Will attest to man's overcoming

To the relative degree of post-humanist affiliation,

An affiliation that will become

More radically post-humanist with the second stage

Of Centrist evolution in hypermeditating Supra-men,

A pre-millennial stage that will lead

To the Millennium-proper, and so

To man's ultimate overcoming

In hypertripping Superbeings, who in turn

Will be overcome and superseded

By hypermeditating Supra-beings

In the second stage of the post-Human Millennium,

The pre-heavenly stage leading directly

To the Beyond of spaced-up pure spirit.





It makes a lot of difference whether

You are for the Father, the Son, or the Holy Ghost.

Some people, even now, are for the Father,

And are thus effectively neo-pagan.

Some people are still for the Son, being

Of that diehard core of genuine Christians.

Some people are neither for the Father

Nor for the Son but ... the Antichrist,

And are thus effectively communistic, favouring

The abandonment of all religious traditions.

Other people, who vary in numbers

From country to country, are for the Second Coming,

Being of the opinion that only he can lead the way

For the rebirth of religion

In an aspiration towards the Holy Ghost.

Some people, even now, are for the Holy Ghost,

And are thus effectively proto-transcendentalist,

Consciously dedicated to tripping

And/or meditating in hope

Of an approximation to pure mind.

These alone aspire towards the truly divine,

And, in time, they will be joined by many more!





A liberal democracy, such as exists in England,

Is effectively a compromise between church and state,

The Conservatives aligned with the Protestant Church,

Left-wing parties aligned with the socialist State,

A kind of political tug-of-war ensuing

Between the two which, however, is never resolved,

There being no will on the Left for a state absolutism,

All parties implicated in the atomic relativity

Of a liberal democracy.

The Labour Party may be anti-democratic in essence,

But only within the relative context of liberalism,

Not on any absolute basis.

Conversely, the Liberal Democrats, while being

In essence democratic, are more radically so

Than their Liberal forerunners.

Being democratic does of course imply

One's favouring a mixed, and hence relative, economy,

Whether in terms of a balance between

The private and public sectors, as in Liberalism,

Or in terms of an oscillation between the private

And public sectors, as in Liberal Democracy,

Whereas the 'anti-democratic' Labour Party

Have traditionally favoured the public sector alone,

And thus endeavoured to nationalize

As much as possible whilst in office,

In contrast to the privatizing Tories,

With whom they were in bitter conflict.

If capitalism and Protestantism slot together,

Then so do socialism and communism,

But the democratic socialists aren't nearly

As communist as left-wing Marxists, who are

Outside the pale of the liberal compromise -

Upholders of a state absolutism.





The Extreme Right have no more in common

With the Conservatives than

The Extreme Left ... with the Liberals.

Both fascism and communism are outside the pale

Of a church/state compromise,

The one tending to signify a church absolutism,

The other ... a state absolutism,

Albeit, in both cases, very different churches

And states from those pertaining to liberal civilization.

If fascism falls short of conceiving

The religious successor to the Church ... in the Centre,

It at least undermines the State

And intimates, in its paradoxical way, of

A higher possibility.

Hitler's Reich wasn't so much a state (which

in any case is implicated in republicanism) as a

Crude and bogus Centre,

One opposed to all republicanism

And, by implication, democratic sovereignty.

A 'Centre' without the truth, fascism

An extreme right-wing antithesis to communism

Which, in its Marxist purism, is without

The Leninist 'State' or, more correctly,

Pseudo-Kingdom of Bolshevism,

As formerly applying to Soviet Communism.

No less than Bolshevism was beyond Marxism ...

Social Transcendentalism is beyond fascism,

Being the ideology of the Second Coming,

The logical successor to Christianity.

And no less than Soviet Communism weakened

The totalitarian State, or Bolshevik pseudo-Kingdom,

Through the infusion of pseudo-democracy,

So Social Transcendentalism would

Strengthen the Centre, until, ultimately,

Nothing but the Centre remained,

Transcendentalism having eclipsed

Even the 'social' side, or transmuted state-aspect,

Of Social Transcendentalism.





If medieval Christians could be raised

From the dead and then confronted

By the amount of sporting activity which

The contemporary world takes for granted,

They would probably be horrified

And quickly elect to return to their graves again!

For such Christians would surely think

They had been returned, in time, to

An age of pagan physicality,

When bodily strength counted for everything

And the spirit, by contrast, for next-to-nothing!

For what is this recrudescence

Of physical competition to which

The modern world is especially partial

If not a kind of neo-pagan materialism,

Symptomatic of an intensive decadence

Peculiar to the age of the State?

Anyone who knew anything about the atom

Could be left in no doubt

That neutron and electron particles

Had conclusively triumphed over neutron wavicles

In the establishment of an anti-natural athleticism,

The antithetical equivalent to proton subnaturalism.

Yes, artificial physicality has triumphed,

Whether on the racing track or on the football field,

The golf course or the cricket pitch,

The bowling green or the tennis court,

The gym floor or the ice-skating rink,

In the swimming pool or in the boxing ring.

While some sport is still predominantly subnatural,

And thus literally neo-pagan, most of it

Is artificial, and thus strictly contemporary.

But it is all somehow symptomatic of state decadence,

And sometimes it is no less fatalistic

Than in the gladiatorial age of the barbaric ancients.

Mostly, however, it is relatively harmless

From the physical point-of-view, since

Electron equivalents are more disposed

To attraction than to reaction, and they

Tend to preponderate over anachronisms.

But, still, it all leaves something

To be desired from a spiritual point-of-view,

And you can take it from me

That if the state-oriented present is ever overcome,

And a new civilization duly developed,

There will be far less sporting activity around

In the future, such little as remains

Being largely, if not exclusively, sedentary and artificial,

Requiring no more than one player,

And he mainly a spectator.





The Millennium for me is a period in time

Beyond man and before ... Heaven,

A post-human period that succeeds

The last stage of human civilization

In the free-electron absolutism of Centrism,

As applying to the Supermen and Supra-men

Of the coming transcendental age.

Since these are earmarked to succeed

The Catholic and Protestant men

Of the Christian age, so will they be superseded

By the Superbeings and Supra-beings

Of the post-Human Millennium,

Who will in turn be superseded

By the Spiritual Globes

Of the post-Millennial Beyond.

Prior to Christian men, we find the submen

In the pagan age of proton absolutism,

And they signified a 'fall' from the moral innocence

Of tree-living apes in 'the Garden'

Of the pre-human period in time,

Which we can classify as the Alpha Millennium,

A truly subnatural absolutism

Of apes in branches and, prior to that,

Leaves on trees, which were preceded

By the Instinctual Globes of stars,

Whether large, medium, or small,

Unregenerate or cooling.

So just as transcendental men will be

Antithetical to the men of pagan antiquity,

So the Superbeings of the Omega Millennium

Will be antithetical to the apes, or submen,

Of the Alpha Millennium, and the Supra-beings thereof

Likewise antithetical to its trees or, rather, leaves,

Which we can classify as sub-beings,

If only to distinguish them from apes.

However, it is towards the Omega Millennium

Instead of back towards the Alpha Millennium

That man is slowly advancing,

And when he eventually gets there

His final overcoming will be for real,

With only a comparatively small number

Of men remaining to engineer the creation

And supervise the physical and spiritual wellbeing,

Of his god-like successors.





Stages in the Behind leading

From the first-cause central star

Of any particular galaxy to sun-type

Peripheral stars, and from there to planets,

As from the Alpha Absolute ...

Of a universal instinctual globe

To galactic and planetary instinctual globes -

Creators, devils, and demons,

In decreasing sizes proportionately.

Contrast this to stages

In our projected Beyond, leading

From planetary and galactic spiritual globes

To the universal spiritual globe ...

Of the Omega Absolute -

As from the Many and Few to the One,

With increases in size proportionately,

As convergence and expansion take

Their divinely-ordained course in the depths of space,

From planetary spiritual globes,

Each one arising from a Supra-being

In the second stage of millennial evolution,

To the larger galactic spiritual globes,

Antithetical to suns, until culmination

Is achieved in the universal spiritual globe ...

Of the Omega Absolute,

As the end-product of all previous

Convergences and expansions,

The complete antithesis to the Alpha Absolute

At the centre of each galaxy,

The Creator-equivalent with

Its wavicle proton-proton reactions, not one but ...

Thousands of them all over the Universe,

The source from which smaller stars 'fell',

To diverge and contract

In diabolic apartness of particle friction,

The infernal Behind of cosmic devolution,

Competition cosmos-without-end.

Astronomy and astrology are

Of this diabolic cosmos, the one physical

Or, rather, subphysical, and the other occult,

Concerned with interpreting

The instinctual effects upon the human psyche

Of stars and planets, reflecting

Enslavement to subnatural determinism.

Higher man, closer to the Beyond than

To the Behind, scorns these diabolic disciplines,

Won't have anything to do with them.

He knows that the future won't have

Anything to do with them either,

Preferring its closed-society absolutism

Of an aspiration towards the Beyond,

Dedicated, through Centrism, to the cultivation

Of pure spirit in free-electron attractions

Of mind to mind, a microcosmic approximation

To subsequent macrocosmic unification.





Marriage is a liberal bond

Between church and kingdom,

The Virgin and the Father transmuted,

Through Christian realism.

Woman as atomic-wavicle equivalent

And man as atomic-particle equivalent

During the act of procreation.

Soft and hard, hard into soft growing softer

Until climax eclipses both

In the most ecstatic sensation of physical soul!

Fear of descent into state promiscuity

At the heart of natural conservatism,

Its roots somewhere down in allegiance to nature.

No divorce if that encourages a split

Between church and state, and ...

Fans the flames of a state absolutism,

Antinaturalism growing to the point

Of exclusion of woman from sex,

A particle materialism of homosexual males.

All very bad from the standpoint

Of the Catholic Church, sexual decadence

A confirmation of moral decline.

So what's to be done?

Stay atomic for ever, keeping people married

In a liberal compromise?

No, evolution demands its way,

Else life will perish in deathly stasis!

For wavicle-biased peoples,

The answer is a new and higher wavicle bias,

A supernatural sexuality that

Transcends marriage, being above atomic dualism

In the free-electron absolutism

Of artificial individual sex, as germane

To a Social Transcendentalist ideological integrity,

Each person, whether male or female,

Independent of the opposite sex,

Since not recognizing a sexual dichotomy,

A plastic inflatable or vibrator

The physical concomitant

Of the 'social' side of the ideology,

A refined pornographic extremism, appertaining

To computers, the spiritual concomitant

Of the 'transcendental' side

Of this relativistic absolutism,

The supernatural successors to both

Coital and oral sex - the pornographic

More supra-natural than supernatural.  And babies?

Conceived, as before, by women, except that

The seed comes from sperm banks

And is artificially inseminated into

The prospective mother,

Thereby transcending the need for sexual materialism,

That church/state compromise, in a Centrist absolutism.

Oppose the antinatural if you will,

But don't regard the natural as worthy of eternal sanction,


The true evolutionist is a Supernaturalist,

Aligned with free-electron divinity.

He who is for the Holy Spirit is above marriage.

He who is for supertheocracy cannot be bureaucratic

Or democratic, still less autocratic!





Bank notes are to the State

What gold was to the Kingdom - confirmation

Of a materialist bias, a kind of focal-point

And raison d'être of business activity,

Attesting to the ideological stranglehold

Of contemporary economics over life,

Making money an ideal of the State

No less than finding gold was an ideal

Of the more materialistic Kingdom.

Have you ever noticed how obsessed

The contemporary world is with money,

Or are you too obsessed by it yourself

To be conscious of the world's obsession,

Taking it all for granted?

Speaking as a poet, I can only say that I have noticed

The contemporary world's obsession with money

And feel truly disgusted by it!

Not a day passes without some media news

About the state of the pound

Against foreign currency (particularly the dollar),

News of stock-exchange values,

The state of the economy,

Wage demands or price controls,

Inflation and recession,

Bank robberies or pools jackpots,

Liquidations and amalgamations,

Savings deposits and interest rates,

Losses and profits,

Public expenditure or private investment,

Taxes and fines,

Budgets and price increases,

The sinking value of this

Against the rising value of that, and so on ...

To the greater material glory of the State,

That modern Moloch which devours the spirit

In the name of the flesh,

The poor in the interests of the rich,

Making wealth the contemporary ideal,

Whether hogged by the Few

Or shared between the Many,

All struggling for more, no end in sight

To the darkness of economic slavery,

The age of the living dead,

Both bourgeois and proletarian,

Capitalist and socialist.





Whether through the adulterated wealth

Of capitalism or the purer wealth of socialism,

Private hoarding or public sharing,

Economics rules the contemporary roost,

The electron bird of the people

Shorn of its feathers and unable to fly,

Angrily hugging the ground.

Who but the Messiah can save this bird

From its living death ... through the Resurrection,

The rebirth of civilization

On the highest wavicle terms

Of electron freedom and spirit?

Marx is no saviour but, rather, an Antichrist

Of the materialist death, Das Kapital

The pseudo-Bible of the radical State,

Wealth to be shared, instead of abolished,

In the interests of social progress,

The socialistic 'best of a bad (economic) job',

The evil collectivism of socialist dispensation opposing

The evil individualism of capitalist exploitation.

How inadequate from the standpoint

Of the Second Coming!  He who wishes

To lift electron man above

The economic strangulation of state existence

And free him for the Centre,

The true revolutionary who despises

Mere bureaucratic rebellion against

The plutocrats, estimating revolution

On the meritocratic terms of a wavicle progression,

The positivity of the Centre

Rather than the negativity of the State.

He knows that man won't live fully

Until the living death is overcome

By the resurrection of religion

On the purest wavicle terms.

The Second Coming isn't of the Church

But of the Centre,

Isn't of Roman Catholicism

But of Social Transcendentalism,

Isn't of the Blessed Will

But of the Blessed Spirit,

Which alone portends a Life Eternal.





Spengler distinguished between

'Culture' and 'Civilization', as regarding

Church and state or, more correctly,

The period of religious man

And the period of social man, corresponding

To my distinction between atomic wavicles

And neutron and/or electron particles,

Blessed being and cursed doing.

Before 'Culture' there is only

'Historyless Chaos', or barbarism, and

After the decline of 'Civilization' ...

The possibility of what Spengler calls

'Second Religiousness', corresponding

To the flowering of a new culture,

Which I equate with the Second Coming,

The resurrection of religion

On the highest wavicle terms

Of the free-electron Centre,

Not a matter of confession and prayer,

But of contemplation and meditation,

With a superconscious rather than a conscious bias,

A religion beyond mid-brain materialism

And the consequent worship of man by man

In the 'Civilization', a kind of Second Culture

Which should lead straight into the Millennium,

And thus to the overcoming of man

Through the post-human life forms

Of the Superbeings and Supra-beings respectively,

There no longer being any possibility

Of a 'Culture/Civilization' dichotomy ...

Since that only applies to the world of atomic man,

With particular reference to Christians,

Who would seem, in Spenglerian terminology,

To have superseded pagan civilization

While being destined for supersession

By transcendental culture, their atomicity flanked

By proton particles and electron wavicles -

Alpha and omega of human evolution.





Strictly speaking, sculpture is

An aristocratic art, painting a plutocratic art,

Light sculpture a technocratic art,

And holography a meritocratic art.

The sculptor is the first and lowest kind

Of atomic artist, corresponding to

An atomic-particle equivalent

In his phenomenal appearances.

The holographer is the second and highest kind

Of electron artist, corresponding to

An electron-wavicle equivalent

In his noumenal essences.

Hence autocracy and theocracy.

The painter is the second and highest kind

Of atomic artist, corresponding to

An atomic-wavicle equivalent

In his noumenal appearances.

The light sculptor is the first and lowest kind

Of electron artist, corresponding to

An electron-particle equivalent

In his phenomenal essences.

Hence bureaucracy and democracy.

Painting was an evolutionary 'rise'

From stone sculpture, light sculpture

An evolutionary 'fall' from painting.

Holography is an evolutionary 'rise'

From light sculpture, an art of the spirit

Instead of the intellect or body,

And, through it, art will attain

To its evolutionary climax.

If sculpture-proper was an inherently pagan mode

Of visual art, necessarily tactile,

Then painting was its Christian (and specifically

Roman Catholic) successor.

If light sculpture is an inherently Marxist mode

Of visual art, the electron bombardment

Of phosphor metaphorically suggestive

Of the militant proletariat, then holography

Will be its transcendental (and specifically

Social Transcendentalist) successor,

Bringing visual art to its wavicle culmination

In the purest visions.





Social Transcendentalism may also be regarded

As, in some special sense, Social Theocracy,

The supertheocratic ideology that stems

From Catholic fascism but largely transcends it.

Unlike Social Democracy, that

Radically democratic ideology, a superdemocratic

As opposed to an anti-democratic or

An anti-superdemocratic politics,

Social Theocracy couldn't indefinitely

Coexist with alternative parties

But, in attaining to power, would insist on

Its own exclusive and absolutist right to serve,

A right inherent in the supersession

Of democracy and the establishment

Of a Social Transcendental Centre -

A necessarily totalitarian affair

In which the party of the Second Coming

Would be obligated to bear the 'sins of the world'

In a sacrificial aside to the religious sovereignty

Of the saved masses, all those who had

Democratically opted for the ultimate sovereignty

In order that the 'Kingdom of Heaven'

Could officially come to pass and

The People thereby secure the right

To noumenal self-realization

In accordance with their newly-achieved status

As the Holy Spirit.





Since life is evolution,

So a life must be evolutionary,

Else condemned to rot in stasis,

Which is the only true corruption,

The anti-life corruption

Of death-in-life, opposing change,

Whether on class or political grounds.

Anti-life isn't the taking of life in the womb,

Subhuman foetal life, so much as

The opposing of evolutionary progress

In deference to natural determinism.

The further life evolves, the more nature is overcome

And superseded by the Supernatural,

As free-electron criteria discredit all atomic compromises,

Bringing men closer to the ultimate Supernaturalism

Of the heavenly Beyond.





The sun isn't natural but subnatural,

The pre-atomic absolutism of protons preceding

The atomic compromises of the natural world,

From which, in the guise of man,

Further evolutionary progress

Leads to the post-atomic absolutism

Of free electrons in the Supernatural.

The antinatural and/or artificial

Stands to the Supernatural

As the subnatural to the natural -

A means to a higher end, not an end-in-itself.

As the subnatural Kingdom led to the natural Church,

Balanced between protons and electrons,

So the anti-natural State will lead

To the supernatural Centre, and thus

To the spiritual realization of free-electron ends.





Germane to civilization is the concept

Of an Eternal Life to-come,

An aspiration towards a condition superior to

And distinct from human reality - in short, a divine End.

A civilized period is one in which concern with the Beyond

Preponderates over the here-and-now, or mere survival;

In which the spiritual good of the Many

Is put before the material interests of the Few.

A barbarous period, by contrast, focuses

On the world and the individual's stake in it.

It is the difference between wavicles and particles,

Cohesion and differentiation,

Spirituality and materialism.

A civilized barbarity, however, will focus

On the Many and the future,

Like a genuine civilization,

Albeit on down-to-earth, materialist terms,

Suggestive of world socialism,

The millennial concomitant of which

Would be a kind of Spartan consumer society

Broadly commensurate with

The utmost contraction of materialism.





As Church art-proper signified

An atomic-wavicle equivalent

In the spreading of paint on canvas,

So Centre art-proper will signify

An electron-wavicle equivalent

In the projection of holograms into space,

As appropriate to a supertheocratic ideological integrity.

Doubtless some light art,

Particularly in the guise of lasers,

Will continue to exist, albeit subordinate

To the main holographic trend.

Light sculpture, on the other hand,

Will have been discredited

As an overly secular type of art, and nothing

Remotely resembling sculpture will survive.

Likewise, in sex, nothing

Overtly homosexual will be encouraged,

Centrist sex signifying elevation

To an electron-wavicle equivalent

In the Supernaturalism

Of computer-generated erotica -

The omega antithesis to filmic hard-core

And, hence, to the outer light of the State.





Artificial intelligence is superseding

Natural intelligence, calculators and computers ...

The human brain, and while some people,

Mostly of the Puritan Church, see this as a loss,

Most people, being of the liberal State,

Regard it as an inestimable gain.

For artificial intelligence saves them from thinking,

Which is, after all, a neutron indulgence,

More suited to a naturalistic age.

And to be saved from thinking

Allows for the possibility

Of one's giving oneself to awareness,

With the dawn of a Centrist commitment

To electron purism of the highest

Contemplative and meditative kinds.





Now that fully automated factories

Are beginning to appear, staffed by robots,

The way is open for the overcoming

Of the industrial proletariat

And their transformation into superfolk -

The higher, wavicle manifestation of the People

That must eventually supersede all electron particles.

Being delivered from factory work by robots

Creates the possibility of the proletariat's

Being saved for spiritual play, provided that

Those who are made redundant are encouraged

And willing to play passively

Rather than, as in factories, to passively work.

For the fewer workers

And the more players there are in society,

The closer it will be to heavenly salvation.

Damned in work, the proletariat will be saved by play

And become the classless superfolk of a truly spiritual age.





One should distinguish

Between a dictatorial democracy,

Or a democracy imposed upon the people

And run on a totalitarian basis,

And a democratic dictatorship,

Or a dictatorship that is voted into power

By popular consent.

Dictatorial democracy pertains to right-wing communism,

Democratic dictatorship to left-wing fascism,

The difference, traditionally, between

Soviet Communism and National Socialism.

But neither of these should be confounded

With a dictatorship, purely and simply,

That is imposed upon the people without their consent.

Such dictatorships aren't fascist but military,

And thus a form of attenuated autocracy,

Beneath the pale of a genuine ideology.

Whatever one may think of Nazism,

It was no military dictatorship,

But a democratic dictatorship

Established by popular consent.

And the same should apply to the future attainment

Of Social Transcendentalism to power

In countries, hopefully, like Eire,

Except that, unlike Nazism, the ideology

Of what is potentially a true world (global) religion

Would only be dictatorial to the extent

That its leader - recognized in advance as

The most genuine approximation to the Second Coming

And duly granted the freedom to utilize the State

For theocratic ends - was bearing such 'sins of the world'

As the electorate had fobbed-off onto him

In return for religious sovereignty, and hence

The right to spiritual self-realization

In what would effectively become,

Under Social Transcendentalist auspices,

The 'Kingdom of Heaven' which had been awaited

For so long by the faithful in hope of the Resurrection

And its promise of Eternal Life - the life of the spirit

Granted maximum emphasis and longevity

Through the brain's ultimately being artificially supported

And no-less artificially sustained in the collectivized

Contexts of a post-Human Millennium.





Thoughts correspond to the wavicle aspect

Of the neutron in the guise of bound thought,

But to the particle aspect of the neutron and/or electron

In the guise of free thought -

The one tending to precede the other ...

In the progression of psychic evolution

From conscious mind to new-brain dominion

Via the midbrain of neutron-particle liberalism.

Thus bound thought originates

In the conscious mind, free thought appertaining

To the midbrain and/or new brain,

The former commensurate with the Church,

The latter with the State (both liberal and radical),

The former inherently theological,

The latter ... philosophical,

The bound noumenal and the free phenomenal,

Neutron intellectuality advancing

In a phenomenal anti-natural, and hence 'fallen', guise

In the secular context of free thought,

Which corresponds to the particle aspect

Of the neutron within the parliamentary context,

But to the particle aspect of the electron

Within the rather more radical context

Of the hard-line republican state,

And which can only be superseded,

Via the soft-line republicanism

Of an atomic-particle state, through, firstly,

The atomic-wavicle transcendentalism

Of visionary contemplation, corresponding

To the hard inner-light of the Blessed Virgin

In a New Earth, and then, secondly,

Through the superconscious purism

Of an electron-wavicle contemplation

Transcending the visionary

In the awareness that is beyond all intellectuality,

The peace that surpasses all understanding,

The ultimate peace of the saved spirit,

Which is bound to the soft inner-light of the Holy Ghost

In the New Heaven of supertheocratic bliss.





Visions correspond to the wavicle aspect

Of the atom, whether in the proton-biased guise

Of natural visions or in the electron-biased guise

Of supernatural visions,

The one tending to precede the other

In the progression of the psyche

From subconscious to superconscious.

Thus whereas natural visions originate

In the subconscious as atomic-wavicle noumena

Commensurate with the Catholic Church,

Supernatural visions appertain

To the superconscious as atomic-wavicle noumena

Commensurate with the Centre, and particularly

With the Social Transcendental Centre,

Both of which are inherently theosophical,

Albeit, in the case of supernatural visions,

Genuinely so ... on account of

The electron essence of genuine theosophy,

A noumenon that began in the proton-biased,

And hence external, mould of natural visions.





Beyond supernatural visions lie

The pure electron equivalent

Of supra-natural awareness,

The meditation of the noumenal self upon itself

In the pure mind of ultimate selfhood.

This is the higher transcendentalism that will supersede

The predominantly visionary transcendentalism

Of a Social Transcendentalist age,

The pure transcendentalism of electron absolutism,

An essential rather than an apparent noumenon.

Elevated above the contemplation

Of artificially-induced supernatural visions,

The superconscious will become

The supra-conscious of spiritual essence,

The meditative consciousness of the Supra-men,

Who are destined to succeed Supermen

In the first phase of Centrism's wavicle evolution.





Social Transcendentalism is really

The religious face of Centrism,

Social Theocracy its political face.

When speaking of religion on the Centrist level,

'Transcendental' is more appropriate

Than 'theocratic' on account

Of its inherently religious suggestibility.

When speaking, however, of politics

On the Centrist level, 'theocratic'

Is more appropriate than 'transcendental'

On account of its phonetic similarity

To 'democratic' - which is the essence of politics.

It also has a slightly more facile

Syllabic construction than 'transcendental'.

A Social Theocratic Centre is slightly less of

A mouthful than a Social Transcendental Centre,

And a Social Theocrat is of easier reference

Than a Social Transcendentalist.





If the State-Centre is theocratic,

Then the Church-Centre will be transcendental.

The 'political' leaders and their closest followers

Will be Social Theocrats,

But the religious guides - those

Priest-equivalents specially trained

To serve in meditation centres -

Will be Social Transcendentalists,

And so, by a process of religious association,

Will the People be, just as they are identifiable,

Within the Christian West,

As Roman Catholics and/or Protestants.





If the natural play can be described

As a proton-biased atomic-particle mode

Of visual expression, then its

Supernatural equivalent, the television play,

Could well be described as an electron-biased

Atomic-particle mode of visual expression,

It being assumed that plays

Are confined to a particle equivalent

In a liberal or radical age, and aren't

Susceptible to radically theocratic upgrading.

Originally stemming from the bureaucratic kingdom,

Plays have become progressively more secularized ...

Until no longer retaining any ecclesiastical significance,

But functioning as a secondary literary form

In the utmost particle decadence of the bureaucratic state.





Films are related not to plays but to dreams,

As though signifying a kind of external,

Artificial 'dreaming' applicable to a materialist age,

The antithesis of sleep-dreams, and so

Appertaining to an electron-particle equivalent.

If, in their proton appearances, dreams correspond

To the autocratic kingdom, then films correspond

To the democratic state, coming in-between

The natural visions of the Catholic Church

And the supernatural visions

Of our projected Social Transcendental Centre,

Both of which are wavicle equivalents,

And therefore impressive rather than expressive.

Thus films signify a 'fall' from

The static internal visions of a church age

To the active external visions of a state age,

Albeit, in the paradoxical nature of such 'falls', one

That is also a progression from the natural

To the antinatural and/or artificial,

Which, in discrediting the natural, allows for

The possibility of a subsequent, if unrelated,

Supernatural advance in the guise of 'acid tripping' -

The static, artificially-induced visions of a Centrist age.





If films are the antithetical equivalent of dreams,

Then trips are the antithetical equivalent

Of natural visions, an electron-biased

As opposed to a proton-biased

Atomic-wavicle equivalent,

Internal as opposed to external,

Centripetal instead of centrifugal,

An affair of the superconscious,

Not of the subconscious, a supernatural

Rather than a subnatural experience, requiring

Not fasting but ... synthetic hallucinogens like LSD

To activate them in a superwakefulness

Of visionary contemplation.

Morally preferable to the antinatural film

Of an electron-particle equivalent,

And spiritually superior to the natural visions

Of the Catholic mystic, tripping

Is the ultimate form of visionary experience,

Beyond which only the pure mind

Of the meditating self can lead one higher ...

Towards the Beyond of ultimate divinity

And the essential inner-light

Of an electron-wavicle equivalent,

The New Heaven of the Holy Spirit

Instead of the New Earth of the Blessed Virgin,

But a New Heaven that can only arise

From the New Earth, and hence

The apparent inner-light of the trip -

Bureaucracy and theocracy in

A Social Theocratic partnership that will extend into

The supertheocratic purism of the Holy Spirit alone!



LONDON 1985 (Revised 2011)






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