1.   In fact, genuine knowledge about sensible truth is not, and has rarely if ever been, characteristic of the West, or of Western civilization in general, since such truth as has existed or been permitted to exist has been of the sensual, and therefore, foolish variety of metaphysics, while, more prevalently in relation to Christian criteria-proper, knowledge has claimed truth to itself and been hyped out of all proportion to its real worth which, though considerable, is nowhere near as ne plus ultra as intellectuals and churchmen of a certain stamp might lead one to believe.


2.   In fact, ever since the victory of Christianity over the West, Man has usurped the domain of Truth to himself and effectively subsumed it, or something approximating to it, into knowledge, so that Man has become the necessarily restricted measure of all things, and all things have had to bow to his limitations and pretensions, meaning to that category of humanity, in particular, which has a self-assured image of itself in relation to knowledge as the product of egotistical or egocentric form, whether sensually or, more prevalently in the Christian past, sensibly.


3.   Therefore, excepting the sensual metaphysics of 'the Father', with the Christian concept of 'Creator', God has had to bow to Man, and Man has assumed the mantle of God in the 'Person' of the Son, Who has tended to act for Christians as the principal focus and manifestation of Godhead.  But this has meant that knowledge has eclipsed truth, that religion has come to be primarily identified with knowledge, of which prayer is a form, at the expense of any possibility, barring aural sensuality, of Truth, conceiving the latter in relation to transcendental meditation and thus consciousness of the breath or breathing process as the methodology of psychic redemption in the soul.  Manliness, not Godliness, has remained the measure of all things sensibly religious, and therefore the masculine 'meek' could indeed be said to have inherited the earth and to have squeezed out of it all that nobly threatened or exposed the limitations of their egocentric perspectives.


4.   At least this was the case until, following the Reformation, Protestantism burst on to the European scene and, before long, knowledge itself came under threat and was duly eclipsed by, first, strength and then beauty, as the masculine sensibility of Catholicism found itself eclipsed, in various countries, by the feminine - and chemical - sensuality of Protestantism, particularly in its Nonconformist guise, and this in turn underwent further female modification towards the diabolic, or metachemical, sensuality of those more extreme Protestant sects largely associated, like Jehovah Witnesses, with the New World, and thus the American offshoot of European civilization.  Knowledge might still be there, but it is less the truth-subsuming and corrupting knowledge of the Catholic tradition with these radical, and even moderate, Protestant denominations than strength and/or beauty, if not in the ongoing secularization of Western decadence, weakness and/or ugliness posing as knowledge and claiming to itself, in typically female vein, virtues more becoming genuine knowledge and/or truth, which of course owe more to the innate archetypes of psychic precedence.


5.   In short, even knowledge has fallen on bad times, and such knowledge as survives in the Western world is increasingly informed by factors owing more, in female vein, to strength and/or beauty, and thus to an outright denial of Truth, than to self-respecting egocentric assertions of knowledge such that derive from a more masculine, and even Catholic, tradition, in typically Old-World vein.  Man has himself fallen on hard times, and the only winners in this ongoing decadence or degeneration or refutation of sensible values are females of one persuasion or another, be it feminine or diabolic, strong and/or weak or beautiful and/or ugly, with all due Feminist consequences and implications which, equivocally if not unequivocally, add-up to the worst of all possible worlds - a world dominated by all that is somatically free and therefore evil or foolish, with nonconformism subordinate, in bound psyche, to realism, like strength to weakness, and fundamentalism no less subordinate to materialism, like beauty to ugliness.  And all because of that fateful split in Western civilization that led to Protestantism and worse.


6.   Clearly, I believe in a different, indeed vastly different type of civilization from that which still casts its somatic shadow over the greater part of the West at the present time, a civilization led by Truth, genuinely sensible truth, and subordinating both knowledge and strength, man and woman, to its godly resolve, as it leads the way towards a brighter future in which, in complete contrast to the Christian tradition, Man or, at any rate, mankind are taken up to God rather than God being brought down to, if not low by, mankind or, rather, Man, as that manifestation of humanity for whom egocentric form, and hence knowledge, is the cornerstone of authenticity and self-justification - call it bourgeois or suburban, if you will.


7.   But such a civilization has little in common with that in which the masses, mankind dominated by Man, the bourgeois, the middle-class businessman or politician or professional, is sovereign and effectively the ne plus ultra of things.  For when 'the meek' inherit the earth, be it in relation to masculine or to feminine criteria, the earth becomes an end-in-itself and all higher values, the values that alone have the power to elevate the common man or woman beyond their humble station to one in which they are capable of participating in Truth, to the extent that a knowledgeable or strong disposition permits, are necessarily denied or subverted and corrupted, so that either the wrong sort of truth, effectively sensual and foolish, or, worse again, beauty posing as truth and often showing her real, and therefore ugly, face tends to take its place, and consequences not unlike those outlined above inevitably come to pass, to the detriment of even 'the meek' and the earth of which they are indubitably a mundane part. 


8.   For in the end, as in the beginning, it is not God but the Devil posing as God, the Devil upheld by the powers-that-be, as God ... that becomes the representative of 'higher values', and from being sovereign in itself the earth becomes but the idolatrous worshipper and slave, whether on civilized or natural, masculine or feminine, vegetative or watery terms, of the Cosmos.


9.   No people who are enslaved to the somatic freedoms and psychic determinisms of the Cosmos can possibly advance towards the Cyborg and the 'overcoming' of Man in terms of what is truly and more authentically godly.  Even Man is not quite as in control of the situation as he might like to think but is subsumed into the glorification of both Woman and, worse, the Devil, whose dances he must pander to with all the entrepreneurial flair at his morally bankrupt disposal.  No wonder that the People, that great majority of urban-dwelling humanity who yearn for a better future, grow restive and disillusioned with their predicament as every promise of salvation or deliverance from the World is hijacked by their opportunistic adversaries and used to baser ends, ends which only enslave them the more to ungodly powers and render them all the more cynical towards and despairing of the future.


10.  But things can be different!  For, ultimately, the People, the great masses of masculine and feminine males and females, have more to gain from what trickles down from the heights of a godly dispensation in the way of authentic truth than from either undue freedom for themselves in knowledge and strength or the gradual subversion and erosion of that knowledge and strength from a standpoint that is effectively closer to the Devil and to Her cosmic fundamentalism and materialism, the latter of which, in ugliness and hatred, is always likely to be more prevalent than the former, and to an extent somewhat in the ratio of 3:1, given the subatomic facticity, for metachemical reality, of most particles/least wavicles, most devolution/least evolution, most negativity/least positivity, most soma/least psyche.


11.  The World is bad, but what reigns over it, in the absence of authentic Godhead premised upon a cyborgian resolve, is far worse, and emblematic of the worst of all possible elemental worlds or categories or situations.  Such is the situation in which the West, whether on ecclesiastic or secular grounds, still finds itself in the first decade of the twenty-first century.