1.   Certainly nurture can be brought to bear on nature, and more in the male cases of men and gods than in those of their female counterparts where, no matter how determined or earnest the civilizing or cultural endeavour, nature, in the sense of soma, still tends to get the better of psyche and to condition psyche from a free somatic basis towards a 'bovaryized' and subordinate image of itself in terms of the id and the superego, instinctive emotion and spiritualized intellect, with a foaming up, in porter-like vein, of psychic determinism from the dark depths of somatic freedom below, a freedom that will continue to wreak havoc with the male psyche so long as it is insufficiently free in either physical or metaphysical sensibility to resist succumbing to female dominion in hegemonic sensuality and suffer the outflanking consequences of being undermined by either the id or the superego, if not, in paradoxical instances, by both at once, in craic-like vein. 


2.   For what is the much-vaunted Irish craic, after all, but a porter-inspired license for dance and speech, jig and yap, to do their blessed most, and enslave the male to female dominion through metachemistry and chemistry, fire and water, and this contrary to the teachings of the Church, with its emphasis upon salvation from the World and hope and promise of otherworldly redemption. 


3.   Clearly the Church is one thing - imperfectly at that - and the State quite another, and rarely if ever do they pull in the same direction, except, of course, when the Church is so weak as to be little more than an adjunct to the State and the concept of state religion takes on a whole new meaning, or, alternatively, when the State is so weak as to be little more than an adjunct to the Church and the concept of church politics likewise takes on a completely new dimension.


4.   But state and church are pretty much gender opposites when, like work and play, genuinely themselves, and can hardly exist in a balanced relationship when a people are either predominantly female and, hence, objective, or predominantly male and, hence, subjective, with the inevitability of modifications to the subordinate factor, be it state or church. 


5.   I do not, myself, believe in the desirability of a people being predominantly female and thus characterized by a somatic hegemony; for that leads to a genuine state and a 'bovaryized', or corrupted church.  Neither am I much given to the idea of a balance between female and male alternatives in worldly amoral fashion, since both state and church will be androgynously other than what each of them should be if genuine.  I believe, quite categorically, in the moral desirability of a people being predominantly male and thus characterized by a psychic hegemony; for that entails a genuine church and a 'bovaryized', or emasculated, state, the sort of state that will not go against the interests of the Church, be it Christian or more than Christian, but serve it and thus serve the People's moral interests in relation to the protection and advancement, through environmental and cultural conditioning, of sensibility, with the inevitability of male hegemonies in both physical and metaphysical contexts over the chemical and metachemical dispositions of females. 


6.   Such is my blueprint for 'Kingdom Come', and it takes religion, and thus morality, to the absolutist heights of sensible metaphysics, wherein Truth is enthroned and Godliness is elevated over both men and women to their mutual advantage, since both knowledge and strength can only profit from the infusion of Truth, and when all alike are served from the profoundest beauty of the most good devil, so to speak, in an administrative aside, the aside of a transmuted state such that takes statecraft to a new and unprecedented level of devolved existence, then  religion will be enabled to expand as never before, and thus to evolve beyond the parameters of the Christian Church towards the Centrist freedom, the freedom of the Social Transcendentalist Centre, of a transcendent eternity, wherein the 'Kingdom of God' becomes manifest. 


7.   Truly, 'Kingdom Come' would be beyond both state and church as we have known them in the World; for that which emerges out of them is akin to the synthetic transmutation of a dialectic between female and male, somatic and psychic elements, and in that transmutation something more and better than each will come to light - namely, the Cyborg, who will be the offspring of the Centre, and thus of that which, through Social Transcendentalism, transcends the World and its paradoxical dialectics, consigning not only Man, as we have knowledgeably known him, but Woman and the Devil, Nature and the Cosmos, to the rubbish heap of both human and pre-human history, insofar as their masculine, feminine, and diabolic successors would be subordinate to the divine lead and in no position to represent, govern, or rule independently of the prevailing ethic.