1.   Christianity has erred, all along, in placing undue emphasis on the Son at the expense of the Father, on soma at the expense of psyche, the not-self at the expense of the self, ignorance and/or falsity at the expense of knowledge and/or truth.  Would one normally place ignorance above knowledge, or falsity above truth? - Few sane people would, and the fact that the Church has condoned, wittingly or unwittingly, such a procedure, in its adherence to and emphasis upon a Son who knew not what truth was and probably had little idea about knowledge either, is regrettably not the least of reasons for its moral failure and lack of credibility in an age which puts knowledge above all else and may soon, in moving beyond the information technology (IT) boom, come to a greater understanding of truth and the true nature and status of God.


2.   Unfortunately the Christian emphasis upon the Son at the expense of the Father, soma at the expense of psyche, led to a situation in which ignorance and falsity, and ignorance more than falsity, could be paradoxically regarded as being in some sense preferable, if not superior, to knowledge and truth, the former in relation to sensibility, the latter, it has to be said, in relation to sensuality, since the Church, and the Catholic Church most especially, tended to encourage a situation in which sensible physics was anchored diagonally back and up to sensual metaphysics, the brain to the ears, so to speak, with the Word tending to be eclipsed or coloured, more often than not, by music, with a consequence that such wisdom and holiness as existed in the sensible context of physics was merely relative, of man and the earth, whereas what existed more absolutely in the sensual context of metaphysics was not wisdom and holiness but folly and unholiness, as germane to God and Heaven in their 'once born' as opposed to 'reborn', outer as opposed to inner, manifestations.


3.   For the metaphysical manifestations of wisdom and holiness in relation to sensible modes of God and Heaven, one requires the coming to pass of a new messiah, a new religious leader, call him Second Coming if you like, who can offer salvation from metaphysical sensuality to sensibility, sequential time to spaced space, ears to lungs, on a parallel if higher basis, for those who are entitled to it (see previous texts), to the Christian salvation from massive mass to voluminous volume, phallus to brain, physical sensuality to sensibility.


4.   Therefore when the Church speaks of God the Son in connection with the Holy Spirit it is speaking falsely, since God the Son can only exist in relation to holy Spirit in the inner or sensible metaphysical context of lungs and breath, where His falsity is the means for the truth of God-the-Wise-Father to achieve redemption in Heaven-the-Holy-Soul via the out-breath woe of Heaven-the-Holy-Spirit in what amounts to a process of transcendental meditation, in which one is solely conscious, as a saved god, of the breath and the breathing process in the interests of the enhancement of psychic grace from ego to soul, truth to joy, and thereby acquiesces in a metaphysical order of somatic sin for purposes of self-transcendence, of the transmutation of self from ego into soul, God-the-Wise-Father into Heaven-the-Holy-Soul, something that doesn't obtain at all in the Christian context where, as we all know, prayer, and thus the utilization of the brain and its capacity for thought, is the focus and principal manifestation of religious devotion, a kind of vegetative, or cerebral, sensibility which owes more to the knowledge of Man-the-Wise-Father and the ignorance of Man-the-Wise-Son, viz. Christ, coupled to holy manifestations of spiritual and soulful Earth, than ever it does to the inner truth of God-the-Wise-Father and the inner falsity of God-the-Wise-Son coupled to their spiritual and soulful manifestations of Heaven.


5.   And if, fleeing Christian physics, you go back up diagonally to what could be called, somewhat paradoxically, Christian metaphysics, you find yourself in an ear/airwaves context where God and Heaven do actually obtain, but in relation to the folly and unholiness of sensuality, as in the outer truth of God-the-Unwise-Father and the outer falsity of God-the-Unwise-Son, in connection with the latter of which there emerges the outer woe of Heaven-the-Unholy-Spirit from which the former (the Father) may recoil to the outer joy of Heaven-the-Unholy-Soul, the redemption of egocentric self in that soulful self-transcendence which, in contrast to the conceptual redemption which follows from a sensible metaphysical disposition in transcendental meditation, can only be of a perceptual order, and thus comparatively shallow or superficial.


6.   No, quite apart from the fact that there is no God the Holy Spirit, there is no God-the-Wise-Son in relation to Heaven-the-Holy-Spirit in Christianity, but only either Man-the-Wise-Son in relation to Earth-the-Holy-Spirit in physical sensibility or, diagonally back upwards to sensual metaphysics, God-the-Unwise-Son in relation to Heaven-the-Unholy-Spirit, and then, on both counts, one is alluding to somatic factors which have no bearing on sensible knowledge/pleasure or sensual truth/joy but are their negative counterparts, as in sensible ignorance/pain and sensual falsity/woe.


7.   What a lie the Church was and, in some sense, still continues to be!  The Church fights shy of God-the-Wise-Father and Heaven-the-Holy-Soul even as it effectively proclaims its allegiance, falsely, to God-the-Wise-Son and Heaven-the-Holy-Spirit through its equation of God the Son with holy Spirit.  But, in truth, the only holy Spirit it relates to is premised upon Man, upon Man-the-Wise-Son, and is accordingly of the Earth rather than Heaven, a giver of pain. 


8.   The Church hypes itself even as it denies, in practice, the terms and procedures by means of which God-the-Wise-Son and Heaven-the-Holy-Spirit come into play, namely as secondary factors, in somatic falsity and woe, to the psychic grace of God-the-Wise-Father and Heaven-the-Holy-Soul, the latter of which is only possible in relation to the utilization by the former, by God-the-Wise-Father, of both the lungs and the breath, the inner metaphysical will and spirit, to a transcendent end, and precisely through the practice of transcendental meditation.


9.   Therefore it behoves us to move beyond the lie and the hype and all the other shortcomings of the Christian Church, as outlined by me in previous texts, and opt for the inner truth of God-the-Wise-Father as the salvation of the self from the outer truth, necessarily constrained to  psychic determinism by a female hegemony in eye-based metachemistry, of God-the-Unwise-Father, though when I say 'us' I don't of course mean everyone, irrespective of gender or class or ethnicity, but only those who, whatever the fate of others, would be capable of such a salvation in the first place, and largely because they had been more metaphysical than physical, more ears than brain, and thus, in Christian terms, significant of a triangular decadence such that resulted in the ears being upstaged by the eyes as the Father was eclipsed, in effect, by the Risen Virgin coupled, in metachemical sensibility, to the Sacred Heart of the so-called Risen Christ, the guarantor, in that context, of perpendicular triangularity.


10.  However that may be, salvation and/or damnation, according to gender, from triangles, whether perpendicular in space and time (Catholic) or inverted in volume and mass (Protestant) is what will return humanity to sensibility, as to their rightful senses, and the possibility of wisdom and goodness to a greater extent, in direct relation to what I have customarily termed (see previous texts) the triadic Beyond of 'Kingdom Come', than was ever possible in the Christian past, given the paradoxes and delusions of the Church, not the least of which was to adhere to the Old Testament concept of some cosmic 'First Mover' as God! 


11.  We cannot accept or continue to condone such a gross delusion!  For we know that cosmic 'First Movers', being metachemical, tend to be characterized by a near somatic absolutism, and thus by what I have called Devil-the-Evil-Mother, which of course exists in relation to Hell-the-Clear-Spirit (Light), and out of which there eventually emerges, in secondary vein, the psychic realities of Devil-the-Evil-Daughter and Hell-the-Clear-Soul, neither of which commend themselves to truth or joy, but rather to beauty and love, and then in effectively subordinate standing to ugliness and hatred, the more characteristic attributes of the particle hegemony which, in metachemistry, typifies a near somatic absolutism, i.e. most particles/least wavicles, as germane to the stellar aspect, in particular, of the Cosmos.


12.  People need to move, via a democratically mandated assumption of religious sovereignty, beyond the restrictions and delusions of religious tradition, and for that they will require the assistance of one who does speak for truth and joy, albeit in the wise and holy terms of metaphysical sensibility, and who would save and/or damn them, in consequence, from all unwise/unholy and, in the female case, evil/clear obstacles to religious and moral progress. 


13.  Is this man truly a Second Coming, a second Son, or is he not rather one who, centred in the inner truth of God-the-Wise-Father, is effectively antithetical, in his metaphysically-biased psyche, to the Son, albeit to a Son who, unlike Christ, appertains, in the lungs, to metaphysical wisdom, and thereby equates with sensible falsity as opposed to either sensual falsity in the ears or sensible ignorance in the brain, the latter of which is not even godly in unwise terms but manly wise, and therefore merely physical.


14.  I identify, in short, with sensible truth, not sensible falsity, and therefore I am antithetical to what appertains, as God-the-Wise-Son, to the latter, a sort of sensible antison or, as some would have it, sensible antichrist who, correctly in male terms, upholds the primacy, in metaphysics, of psyche over soma, of self over not-self, of grace over sin, of play over work, of 'church' over 'state', of truth/joy over falsity/woe, of noumenal over phenomenal, of transcendentalism over idealism, of positivity over negativity, of nurture over nature, of ego/soul over will/spirit, of brain stem/spinal cord over lungs/breath, and therefore I uphold the inorganic or incorporeal or infinite sanctity of God-the-Wise-Father, with Whom I now identify, over the organic or corporeal or finite profanity of God-the-Wise-Son, Who is for me but an untruthful means to a joyful end in self-respecting recoil from the out-breath of His woeful spirit. 


15.  Let this end be the end of my teachings, and may my teachings be instrumental in bringing to pass, for those who are especially entitled to it, that bliss which is commensurate with the return of metaphysical psyche to psyche, of God-the-Wise-Father to Heaven-the-Holy-Soul via the metaphysical soma of God-the-Wise-Son and Heaven-the-Holy-Spirit, the lungs and the breath, so that the return in the end is not quite to what was in the beginning, but is as to a higher manifestation of metaphysical self, a deeper omega point, as it were, of the psyche such that, in the joyful purity of its turned-on spinal cord, redeems the brain-stem truth of God-the-Wise-Father for all eternity.  So may it be!