1.   Clearly before any progress beyond liberal rationalism can be made, one has to be capable of respecting the male reality of psyche over soma, of a cultural precedence over philistinism, as grace over sin, and thus of understanding that feelings which lead to the aggrandizement of will are strictly undesirable from a higher, or post-liberal, standpoint.  One needs to be capable of respecting one's self, the self that is a combination, for males, of brain stem and spinal cord, the former the effective seat of the ego, the latter the seat of the soul, and thus have come to an accommodation with either humanism primarily in relation to physical ego or with transcendentalism primarily in relation to metaphysical soul, notwithstanding the lesser soulful and egocentric counterparts to each which, though deriving from the same sources, stand in a subordinate relationship to the prevailing attribute of the self, be it egocentric or emotional.


2.   In fact, such a prevalence is so determined by the nature of one's class as a male, whether manly or godly, that one cannot simply imagine a man, say, opting to become a god or vice versa, since those who are predominantly self-oriented in relation to the brain stem, and hence ego, are ever distinct from those whose psychic orientation is closer to the spinal cord, and hence the soul.  One is either masculine or divine, as a rule, not both at once or by turns, although alternations between sensual and sensible masculinity and/or divinity are not uncommon, as witness those Catholic males who subscribe, prayerfully, to physical sensibility one moment and, audibly or musically, to metaphysical sensuality the next.


3.   Readers familiar with my texts will know enough, by now, about my projected theories concerning the structural pluralism of the triadic Beyond and its tier subsections to realize how the divine is to be distinguished from the masculine, or the soulful from the intellectual, even within any given tier, quite apart from the position of feminine females in each of the tiers, with due distinctions between persons of Nonconformist, Anglican, and Catholic denominational background, presuming, with 'Judgement', upon a majority mandate for religious sovereignty and their deliverance, in consequence, from the schismatic dialectics of inverted and/or perpendicular triangularity to the Social Transcendentalist synthesis of the triadic Beyond.


4.   Certainly the patterns for salvation and damnation that I have outlined in previous texts need no apologetics or further mention here, so I shall content myself with reminding the reader that the development of Truth in 'Kingdom Come' is not anti-rationalistic but an enhancement of rationalism beyond the liberal or equivocal traditions, especially those of the Catholic Continent, to the level of an unequivocal endorsement of the possibility, for those who are 'up to it' and have been earmarked for such a destiny, of unitive knowledge of God and, more especially, experience of Heaven through transcendental meditation, which of course presupposes the acceptance of a psychic predominance in the region of most wavicles/least particles, and therefore of a pretty absolutist commitment to transcendentalism and the right of transcendental psyche to utilize somatic idealism for purposes of its graceful enhancement from metaphysical ego to soul, as from the metaphysical consciousness of God-the-Wise-Father to the metaphysical subconsciousness of Heaven-the-Holy-Soul via the metaphysically mindful 'naturalness', or consciously-tempered unnaturalness, viz. bound will, of God-the-Wise-Son and the metaphysically emotionalized 'subnaturalness', or subconsciously-tempered supernaturalness, viz. bound spirit, of Heaven-the-Holy-Spirit, the latter two of which orders of not-self, appertaining in metaphysical sensibility to the lungs and the breath, stand in a secondary relationship to the prevailing primacy of the metaphysical self, which is alone free.


5.   For one cannot, as a self-respecting male, tolerate or condone a situation in which the Son takes precedence over the Father, in somatic subversion of the male reality of psyche over soma, whether in the absolutist context of idealism, as witness the drift of German Romanticism towards Hitlerian Fascism (Hitler a kind, I have to say, of Second Coming who stands closer to the Son than to the Father, to the negative profanity of metaphysical soma in falsity and woe, tempered, and further corrupted, as it indubitably was, by, first, fundamentalism and, then, materialism), or in the relativistic context of liberal rationalism wherein humanism loses ground to naturalism as the generality of masculine Christians, or Christian males, increasingly find themselves identifying with soma at the expense of psyche, not only in consequence of the fatality of Christianity to emphasize the Son at the expense of the Father, nor even solely in relation to wives and family, and thus to somatic precedence of psyche by females, but also in response to the growth of Protestant criteria and influence throughout society, and Europe in particular, with its more openly somatic hegemonies, as evidenced by the subordination of nonconformism to realism and, ultimately, of fundamentalism to materialism in the 'march of history' towards ever more secular freedoms, for which read: somatic predominance.


6.   Whatever the reasons, the failure of Christianity to sufficiently uphold the male reality of psyche over soma, of the precedence of soma by psyche, or to prevail against Nature and the brute sexual realities of life, has led to the somatic freedoms, with all due attendant barbarities and crimes, of the contemporary world, and it is from the pit of that crime-ruled barbarous world that we must now climb, Protestant and Catholic alike, back to sanity and thus the sensible lead of culture, with an emphasis upon grace and sin, not, as before, upon sin at the expense of grace, in all too paradoxically Christian and lower-class fashion, but upon grace at the expense of sin, upon culture utilizing philistinism for its own enhancement of sanctity. 


7.   I have outlined the ways and methods by means of which this may be achieved, and therefore it requires the authorization, at some future date, of a paradoxical kind of election in which the electorates of the relevant countries, particularly Ireland (North and South) and Scotland,  are granted the opportunity to elect for religious sovereignty and thus for deliverance from the 'sins and/or crimes' of the somatic World in which, through political sovereignty of one liberal persuasion or another, they still remain bogged down at the time of writing. 


8.   So much does the criminal reality of soma over psyche, of free soma conditioning bound psyche, currently prevail, that even males have been, for the most part, twisted against their gender and gender interests and brought to a sinful and even quasi-criminal low which, unlike in the past, cannot even depend upon the tenuous consolations of Catholic grace or, for that matter, of Protestant punishment, in primary or secondary psyche.  For the churches, both truthfully free and fictitiously bound, have been further compromised or undermined by the reluctantly subordinate illusory bindings and frantically galloping factual freedoms of state soma, and cannot even pretend to offer mankind a way out of the dilemma in which the greater proportion of it now languishes, irrespective of denomination.


9.   The only way out, as I have taught, can come via 'Kingdom Come', and therefore through the rejection of political sovereignty, and its scientific and even economic corollaries, in favour of the religious sovereignty, the enhanced commitment to self, which Social Transcendentalism has to offer the World, and not really through the Second Coming of Christ, through another Son, but in relation to an understanding of the primacy of the Father over the Son, of psyche over soma, of culture over philistinism, taken to an unprecedentedly sensible level of metaphysical development.  Call me Anti-Son, or Anti-Christ, if you like, but I am one who offers a truthful alternative to the Lies of both the New Testament personal Son and the Old Testament cosmic Father, the so-called First Mover (Jehovah) as God.


10.  I offer you the prospect, through salvation, of the universal Father, whether in relation to God (for Catholic males) or in relation to Man (for Protestant males), and I tell you that as the Germanic equivalent of the Second Coming  acted physically, as a sort of Son, upon what was considered irrelevant to and even dangerously subversive of any prospects for the growth and development of Western civilization from a somatic standpoint, so will the Gaelic equivalent of the Second Coming, a higher order of Messianic deliverer commensurate with the Father, be obliged to act metaphysically upon the psychic manifestations, so to speak, of that same irrelevance and subversive threat - namely, the Bible, and have it removed from the sphere of our daily life.


11.  For until we - and by 'we' I mean Gaels in particular - are free of that cultural irrelevance, we shall not be able to grow into our full stature as free beings for whom the culture of Social Transcendentalism is the Final Solution to all subversive underminings of Truth. 


12.  Verily a higher phase, characterized by the enhancement of Gaelic religiosity, of the European evolutionary struggle is about to begin, and out of it will emerge a new human being, a godly being who leads, and elevates, the generality of men and women to pastures new and even, ultimately, to the overcoming of mankind in the Cyborg, the meaning and justification of the heavenly Beyond.