Atoms that react against one another, like the metachemical and the metaphysical on the one hand (noumenal), and the chemical and the physical on the other hand (phenomenal), are attracted to their gender opposites either above (noumenal) or below (phenomenal), like metachemistry to physics and chemistry to metaphysics, to form the hegemonic aspects of either state-hegemonic/church-subordinate or church-hegemonic/state-subordinate axial polarities, with their corresponding subordinate pseudo-atoms likewise being attracted to their opposite pseudo-gender counterparts, as in the case of pseudo-metaphysics to pseudo-chemistry on the state-hegemonic axis, and pseudo-physics to pseudo-metachemistry on the church-hegemonic one, except that same gender and pseudo-gender polarities tend to dominate each axis in terms of an overall primary or secondary order of stability and continuity.

Therefore we find the primary state-hegemonic polarity being established on a metachemical to pseudo-chemical (overall female) basis, and the secondary state-hegemonic polarity on a pseudo-metaphysical to physical (overall male) basis, in contrast to the primary church-hegemonic polarity being of a pseudo-physical to metaphysical (overall male) tendency, and the secondary church-hegemonic polarity being of a chemical to pseudo-metachemical (overall female) tendency.

For it is not the attraction of the opposite genders or pseudo-genders which establishes axial stability and consistency, but only the polarity established by the same gender or pseudo-gender on a hegemonic-to-subordinate or subordinate-to-hegemonic polar basis, salvation of the pseudo-physical pseudo-male being from the chemical female to metaphysical male dominance over the counter-damned from chemistry pseudo-metachemical pseudo-female, in a reversal of overall gender fortunes, as it were, which would be enough, were it properly to transpire, to ensure the damnation of the metachemical female to pseudo-chemical pseudo-female subordination to the physical male as the counter-saved destiny of pseudo-metaphysical pseudo-males in a similar, albeit temporary, reversal of overall gender fortunes that, lacking axial polarity, would soon degenerate towards some radical Social Democratic nadir were no alternatives made available to them in the form of lower-tier positions under the Saved and counter-Damned in metaphysics and pseudo-metachemistry alternatives that would have to be earned, and which would ensure not only avoidance of the nadir in question, but their absorption into resurrected, or stepped-up, church-hegemonic axial criteria pending a long-term totalitarian apotheosis which would resolve the pragmatic pluralism of what would effectively be a three-tier gender-divisible structure analogous to what has previously (in various earlier writings by me) been termed the Triadic Beyond.