Just as the atom can be ethereal or corporeal, noumenal or phenomenal, so its subatomic components can be either superelemental and subelemental (noumenal) or elemental and unelemental (phenomenal), with different gender and class implications that will remain hegemonic over pseudo-atoms of a pseudo-noumenal or a pseudo-phenomenal status whose pseudo-subatomic components will be no-less either pseudo-superelemental and pseudo-subelemental (pseudo-noumenal) or pseudo-elemental and pseudo-unelemental (pseudo-phenomenal), as the pseudo-atomic case may be.

Such hegemonic/subordinate relationships are not, however, immovably fixed, since axial polarity ensures a degree, depending on the context, of interchangeability and even reverse continuity which, if taken to its logical conclusion, would result in a radical change of atomic perspective to one transcending such polarity in the event of the unprecedented triumph of metaphysics/pseudo-metachemistry not only over chemistry/pseudo-physics but, by association, over both metachemistry/pseudo-metaphysics and physics/pseudo-chemistry to boot.

A 'triumph' of this nature would be commensurate, I maintain, with 'Kingdom Come', and thus with the overcoming of 'the world' both directly (chemistry/pseudo-physics) and indirectly (physics/pseudo-chemistry) as the netherworldly/pseudo-otherworldly reign of metachemistry/pseudo-metaphysics was ended for want of chemical/pseudo-physical prey.

Such an atomic/pseudo-atomic upheaval would, frankly, be unparalleled. But it is what religion, when genuine, points towards, and it would be for the people, the electorates of certain countries with the right kinds of axial preconditions, to decide whether it is feasible or unfeasible, desirable or undesirable, the zenith of righteousness or something very different.

Of course, there are people and people, as well as peoples and peoples, and what could suit one person or people would be completely unsuited to another. It will be for history to decide. For while history builds some persons and peoples up, it tears other persons and peoples down, making for perpetual flux.

Actually I was being a little over-modest with the above statements. For, whatever the masses or even the odd individual may think, God-in-Heaven (to put it all-encompassingly) cannot abide the existence of Hell-in-the-Devil (likewise all-encompassing), since the omega is not compatible with the alpha, and hitherto there has been little room for God-in-Heaven in a world dominated by Hell-in-the-Devil, in consequence of which only a truncated metaphysics, signified by the bound soma of the Crucifixion paradigm, has tended to prevail in the Christian and, in particular, Catholic West, by dint of the extent to which, rooted in Judaic tradition, the Christian civilization has paid due homage to Hell-in-the-Devil, that is, to the love and beauty of metachemical materialism, though not literally as Hell the Clear Spirit (free somatic love) and Devil the Mother (free somatic beauty) but, rather, as Devil the Mother hyped as God the Father, as the so-called Creator of the so-called Universe (cosmos), and, doubtless, as Hell the Clear Spirit hyped as something closer to Heaven.

When you have a metachemical anchor, so to speak, in which the beauty of free will is sacrosanct, then there is correspondingly less scope for metaphysics, and such metaphysics as has been achieved is somewhat less, in the so-called Son of God and the so-called Holy Spirit (of Heaven), than Heaven the Holy Soul and God the Father or, more simply and less compromisingly, the godfatherliness of God-in-Heaven.

If you are to have a full complement of metaphysics, free psyche as well as bound soma, then you cannot acknowledge, much less worship, the free soma and bound psyche of metachemistry. For the very existence of the latter, in both its materialist and fundamentalist, free somatic and bound psychic manifestations, precludes all but the truncated existence of the former, and, by allowing only for metaphysical bound soma, it ensures that God-in-Heaven remains 'beyond the pale' of a civilization characterized by the domination of Hell-in-the-Devil, by the love in beauty of metachemical free soma.

Therefore only a repudiation of metachemistry, presumably through the paradoxical utilization of democratic processes in certain countries towards a religiously sovereign end, could lead to the institutional acknowledgement of metaphysics in its entirety, and what metaphysics can abide is a subordinate pseudo-metachemistry, a Pseudo-Hell-in-the-Pseudo-Devil, or a pseudo-hatred-in-pseudo-ugliness of pseudo-bound soma as that which is most and more (as opposed, in pseudo-free psyche, to less and least) pseudo-representative of the pseudo-metachemical pseudo-atom as it defers to the hegemonic dominance of metaphysics something quite unprecedented in the West and only really credible, not to say possible, within the more contemporary framework of global civilization, whereby you would have a saint and neutralized dragon, or lamb and neutralized wolf, symbolism 'writ large', with both of these metaphysical and pseudo-metachemical positions existing in complete independence of metachemistry and its pseudo-metaphysical subordinate complement and, as it were, 'fall guy for slag', or some kind of diabolic denigration.

Therefore, in returning to our starting point, one can argue, without any equivocation, that whilst God, to put it simply, may tolerate and even require the co-existence of a Pseudo-Devil, He cannot tolerate that of the Devil and its Pseudo-God, because their existence, and institutionalized acknowledgement, precludes Him or, rather, metaphysics from existing on any but a peripheral and truncated basis such that falls short of God-in-Heaven by dint of the straining-at-the-leash, as it were, of metaphysical aspiration being simultaneously tied to the world (the chemical/pseudo-physical southwest point of the intercardinal axial compass at the traditional base of the church-hegemonic/state-subordinate axis) and obliged, within the Judeo-Christian framework, to acknowledge a 'Creator-God' in back (at the metachemical/pseudo-metaphysical northwest point of the said compass as the ruling principle of the state-hegemonic/church-subordinate axis), which precludes all but a truncated metaphysics from transpiring and ensures that not only is God-in-Heaven 'beyond the (judeo-christian) pale', but that only the Son of God (so-called) and Holy Spirit, analogous to lungs and breath respectively, will be acknowledged via the metaphysical bound soma of the Crucifixion paradigm. And not in relation to any appropriate identification with lungs and breath, but, fearing the consequences for 'Creator-ism' of 'atheistic' Transcendental Meditation, in which a degree of free metaphysical psyche is required and does exist, 'done down' Sacred Heart-wise, to pseudo-metachemistry, from where, lacking metaphysical completeness, a triangular accommodation of metachemistry and pseudo-metaphysics can be engineered, to the detriment if not exclusion of transcendental liberation.

Such is the alpha-stemming nature of the mainstream Western religious tradition, and while no other tradition, directly or indirectly rooted in some mode of 'Creator-ism', could ever be its legitimate replacement, the sooner it can be democratically consigned to the rubbish bin of history through the mass or popular endorsement of religious sovereignty, the better!