If God the Father, as the superintellectual concomitant of the superemotionality of Heaven the Holy Soul in the free psyche of metaphysics, doesn't exist within the institutional framework of the Western tradition, not even where Roman Catholicism is concerned, then we have reason to doubt that the 'Son of God' is anything more than a son of Devil the Mother hyped as God the Father or, more comprehensively, of both Mary, corresponding to Hell-in-the-Devil, and Joseph, corresponding to Pseudo-God-in-Pseudo-Heaven, to take only the majoritarian ratio factors (3 as opposed to 1) in each case, so that the love-in-beauty of the one is regarded as being metachemically hegemonic over the pseudo-metaphysical pseudo-illusion-in-pseudo-woe of the other, metachemical free soma hegemonic, in other words, over the pseudo-bound psyche of pseudo-metaphysics.

To claim that Jesus Christ, who was surely the son of Joseph and Mary Christ, was the Son of God the Father in metaphysics, whose representative element or, rather, superelement is germane, in its protonic core, to Heaven the Holy Soul, would be feasible if the majoritarian ratio aspect of metaphysics was institutionally and religiously acknowledged. But when you have a shortfall from that, one which, in bound soma, is no more than the minoritarian (1 as opposed to 3) ratio aspect of metaphysics, of this highly subjective noumenal atom, then you tend to regard this Son-of-God status in a correspondingly different light, namely one reflecting the prior existence and acknowledgement of a creative source based around Mary and Joseph, as around what I logically hold to be the mankind stage-proper (beyond cosmic and natural paradigms like Jehovah/Satan and Saul/David) of metachemistry and pseudo-metaphysics, viz. Devil the Mother and the Clear Spirit of Hell in metachemical free soma vis--vis Pseudo-Heaven-the-Pseudo-Soul and Pseudo-God-the-Pseudo-Father in pseudo-metaphysical pseudo-bound psyche, the corresponding pseudo-metaphysical majoritarian ratio aspect to that of metachemistry, in what is evidently a Western and broadly humanistic extrapolation, albeit on recognizably netherworldly/pseudo-otherworldly terms, from natural and cosmic netherworldly/pseudo-otherworldly precedents more typical, it would appear, of the Middle East.

However, with his alpha-stemming extrapolative origins, Christ is not the kind of 'Son of God' I can believe in, and for that reason I never have. For what is genuinely godly, and then only as an omega-stemming extrapolative concomitant of Heaven the Holy Soul, does not have a 'Son' other than in the metaphorical sense, to which I subscribe, of free psyche preceding bound soma in metaphysics (and to a lesser, or relative, extent in physics) as male gender actuality, with the metaphor of 'father' preceding 'son' doing as much justice to that actuality as the one of 'mother' preceding 'daughter' to the precedence of psyche by soma on the female side of the gender fence, where both metachemistry and (to a lesser, because relative, extent) chemistry hold sway.

As for producing a divine son via parents, like Mary and Joseph Christ, forget it! This has nothing to do with metaphysics, least of all on terms which appertain to either mankind or, to anticipate a more evolved future, cyborgkind, where not Eastern transcendental meditation but global substance-entitlement within certain gender-determined parameters conditioned by artificial and/or synthetic requirement would most likely be the appropriate approach to metaphysics and even, for the pseudo-devilish, to pseudo-metachemistry.