'Rage, rage against the dying of the light' wrote the poet Dylan Thomas, though I believe it is not so much a 'dark night' that one should not go 'gently into' as a creeping greyness of gender-neutral amorality which has now descended on the world like a vast twilight cloak that snuffs-out all attempts to differentiate between right and wrong, good and bad, right and left, bright and dark, light and shade, etc., from a standpoint that, in its centralizing blandness, is synthetic, the secular repudiation of and degenerate successor to what was once, with Western civilization-proper, a dichotomy between Christian thesis and heathen antithesis, the bright right way and the dark wrong way, the sensible morality and the sensual immorality.

The process of degeneration which led from thesis vis--vis antithesis to synthesis, to the gender-neutral (unisexual) amorality which condemns sexism, racism, and even other dichotomous 'isms' rooted in some degree of religious sensibility, was perhaps inevitable, certainly from the Reformation onwards and through the so-called Age of Reason or Age of Enlightenment into the Industrial Revolution and beyond. The last major attempt in the West to check if not eliminate it from an anti-synthetic standpoint, centred in a right thesis vis--vis a wrong (or left) antithesis, failed miserably under the combined opposition of the degenerate democracies of the Anglo-French West and the emerging Communism (radical social democracy) of the Soviet East, aided and abetted by the free-enterprise corporate capitalism of the USA, that offshoot, in many respects, of the leading European powers which the Third Reich had elected, following the experiences and consequences of the Great War, to oppose,

In the end, the march, to coin a phrase, of what some would call historical progress but which, I believe, should really be called of synthetic regress was too powerful for any antithesis-spurning neo-thesis in the form of Nazi Germany to defeat, and the victory of that grey amorality with which we are all, one way or another, familiar and even afflicted, these days, ensured that the last vestiges of Western civilization, like dying embers from the Medieval past briefly flaring up in horror of Bolshevism, etc., would perish along with any belated attempt to resurrect a necessarily twisted form of civilization, hell-bent on using barbarous means, by the Third Reich.

Which leaves us with the need not for a belated 'good fight' against the rising global rejecters of Western morality, but, rather, for a kind of Social Theocratic 'supergood fight', as it were, which will resurrect the moral desirability of a thesis on revolutionary grounds, grounds that will allow for a corresponding antithesis in the guise of the (neutralized) she-dragon under the saintly heel, as in the context of pseudo-metachemistry under metaphysics, or pseudo-space under time, the repetitive time, or time per se, of Eternity.

That, it seems to me, is the nature of the fight or struggle to come, with the genesis of 'Kingdom Come' under Social Theocratic auspices, and it would deliver those earmarked, as chemical/pseudo-physical masses, for deliverance from the amoral synthesis which currently rules their lives to that ultimate thesis/antithesis or, better, superthesis/pseudo-superantithesis from which, with proper service from the administrative aside to what has been described (in previous titles by me) as the Centre proper, there will be no synthetic degeneration, no possibility, ever again, of a 'grey zone', that, in its twilight amorality, shuts out the light of moral righteousness and a categorical distinction, in consequence, between right and wrong, saint and (neutralized) female dragon, the extreme right, as it were, and the pseudo-extreme left who will be no less pseudo-extreme wrong, though acceptable enough from a truly right(eous) standpoint.

* * * *

The synthesis not so much of Heaven and Hell, God and the Devil, since that would be impossible (notwithstanding the fact that the actual fulcra of the alpha and the omega are the Devil and Heaven, free will and soul), as of Purgatory and the Earth, Woman and Man, in a quintessentially worldly age or society that encourages, through the cement of democracy, the marriage of politics with economics, one way or another, that is, with a political hegemony under republicanism or an economic hegemony under parliamentarianism.