The life of the masses, if I can put it that way, is one of relentless objectivity, of thoughtless outgoingness, or extroversion, as the natural corollary of the female incapacity for reflection and deep cogitation, an incapacity shared, to varying extents, by children and those youthful or adult males especially susceptible to female influence and pressure.

The capacity for deep reflection, by contrast, is so much the exception to the general rule, that it can almost invariably be associated with genius, not least in terms of the intensely subjective ability to think rationally or coherently, without undue external interference from average mortals, and to have, in consequence, what is termed a logical turn-of-mind, which is both credible and original.

In this world, notwithstanding the right kind of circumstances conducive to private reflection, such subjectivity is not only the exception to the general rule; it is almost exclusively a male preserve, since females not only lack a capacity for introspective analysis but are usually allergic to thought, and, in my experience, to a quite alarming degree, the more so as they hail from cultures in which, through environmental, climatic, and other factors, the cultivation of original thought would be virtually taboo even in their male counterparts.