Now is the time, as noted before, when sexism, racism, elitism, and even what could be called class-ism lie under a cloud of censorship closely associated with the 'twilight zone' of synthetic amorality in a kind of liberal centrality which excludes considerations of black and white, wrong and right, left and right, dark and bright.

In this situation there is no place for God and precious little toleration of the Devil. For it signifies not so much the triumph of Man as of Man dominated by Woman and all things juvenile, if not infantile. We have a long way to go before a new thesis emerges from or rather in opposition to this greyness, to usher in a new dawn for morality and, correlatively, an ultimate 'good fight' against its perceived antithesis, a fight destined to culminate in the triumph of right over wrong, as in the guise of metaphysics hegemonic over a subordinate pseudo-metachemistry.

But do not make the mistake of assuming that the 'twilight zone' of synthetic modernity is wrong. For it is neither bright nor dark but grey, and therefore no more wrong than right. Fighting shy of moral/immoral extremes, it adheres to its own amoral centrality, aided and abetted by the gender-spurning neutrality of the English language, which is at the ideological heart of contemporary liberalism and, for that very reason, is no language suited to the resurrection of the right, as of the light, with 'Kingdom Come'.

* * * *

If, in the future, a new thesis/antithesis, as already described, emerges from out the current synthesis in certain countries (with the right kind of axial preconditions), it will have to be served, from the administrative aside, by a new synthesis, a sort of supersynthesis of politics and economics or, more correctly, of politics and pseudo-economics, which will combine to ensure that the metaphysical/pseudo-metachemical distinction between religion and pseudo-science, corresponding to a superthesis and a pseudo-superantithesis, is served in the best possible way for all eternity. There should not be a sliding back, or backsliding, with this arrangement, into a kind of synthetic degeneration or decadence, but only the permanent service of the ultimate thesis/antithesis, as defined above, from a synthetic aside mindful of its duties.