Both metachemistry and metaphysics are justified in keeping their subordinate corollaries, pseudo-metaphysics and pseudo-metachemistry, down, or 'underfoot', since a 3:1 ratio of freedom to binding, brightness to darkness, is complemented by a 3:1 ratio of pseudo-binding to pseudo-freedom, pseudo-darkness to pseudo-brightness, and should that become unlocked, especially through descending (amoral) pressure from the hegemonic atom, then the only consequence is a 3:1 ascent of pseudo-binding to pseudo-freedom, pseudo-darkness to pseudo-brightness, from the subordinate pseudo-atom, with such an ascent not being good for the hegemonic atom, be it metachemical or metaphysical, alpha or omega, outer or inner, sensual or sensible.

Nor, for that matter, would it be beneficial to chemistry or physics in the event of pseudo-physics or pseudo-chemistry being pressurized into an ascent from below, given the converse ratio of 2:1 pseudo-binding to pseudo-freedom that would then detract, through subversive intrusion, from a hegemonic context which is relatively free and relatively bound on such terms.

Consequently in both noumenal and phenomenal, absolute and relative, contexts, the atoms have a vested interest in keeping the pseudo-atoms in their subordinate places, and various metaphors, including St George and the Dragon, readily attest to this fact. But this is only possible in societies where a dichotomy between thesis and antithesis exists, not in ones which have degenerated into a synthesis lacking any semblance of moral rhyme (metachemistry) or reason (metaphysics).

* * * *

One can forgive those who 'know not what they do', for they are simply ignorant. What cannot be forgiven are those who know that what they are doing is wrong but still persist in doing it, because they are guilty of abusing knowledge.

* * * *

1.  The Time paired with Space, which is spatial, is sequential, which is pseudo-Time.

2.  The Mass paired with Volume, which is volumetric, is massed, which is pseudo-Mass.

1.  The Volume paired with Mass, which is massive, is voluminous, which is pseudo-Volume.

2.  The Space paired with Time, which is repetitive, is spaced, which is pseudo-Space.