Geniuses are self-made, not born, and all their vocational lives long they are subjected to the opposition of the born enemies of genius all those who lack a capacity for reflection and, hence, deep thought. I call these people 'the outsane', since they are lacking, through an excess of will and spirit, in respect for the inner forms of sanity, egocentrically physical as well as psychocentrically (or soulfully) metaphysical.

The incessant wars which the majority (or 'the outsane') wage against those who are sensible and intelligent enough to be introspective!

Wilde wrote, rather pompously, that no artist can live with the people, meaning, I guess, average inartistic individuals. But I find, in contrast to Wilde's claim, that it is also and doubtless more generally the case that the common people cannot live with or abide an artist, whatever his calling, and do what they can to thwart or hinder him. Was it not Baudelaire who wrote something to the effect that the people, or people in general, do whatever they can to prevent greatness in exceptional men from arising? Meaning, I guess, that independence of mind is resented by the 'common herd', and never more so than when it overlaps with certain noises or sounds of a persistent nature.

Nevertheless, at the end of the proverbial day, some of us 'artist types', even when of a relatively quiet philosophical disposition, have no option but to live with 'the people', or neighbours with no discernible artistic vocation, and so we must simply endure the consequences and battle-on in defence of our art, ignoring, as best we can, the extraneous sounds and noises that others make, whether incidentally or, especially in the case, I would argue, of women and kids, with calculated oppositional intent.

* * * *

Societies that are not led from above will be governed from below, like republics and other lower forms of society in which the lowest-common-political-denominator is 'king' or, at any rate, sovereign.

* * * *

Just as a synthesis can be relatively alpha or omega, left-of-centre or right-of-centre, so the thesis/antithesis dichotomy can be absolutely alpha or omega, of an extreme left-wing or an extreme right-wing character, with the former denouncing the Right as antithesis and the latter denouncing the Left as antithesis.

For me, the 'good fight' can only be a right-wing thesis against a left-wing antithesis kind of affair, whether relative (phenomenal) or absolute (noumenal). For the 'good fight' is essentially of a Christian or, better, Superchristian order, with sensibility of one kind or another in opposition to unfettered sensuality, as to all things heathen or, in contemporary parlance, secular and effectively if not literally dominated by females within mainly urban proletarian environments.

* * * *

1.  Every metachemical superwoman has a metachemical subman, the subconscious corollary of her supersensuality.

2.  Every chemical woman has a chemical unman, the unconscious corollary of her sensuality.

3.  Every physical man has a physical unwoman, the unsensuous corollary of his consciousness.

4.  Every metaphysical superman has a metaphysical subwoman, the subsensuous corollary of his superconsciousness.

* * * *

1.  Every pseudo-metaphysical pseudo-superman has a pseudo-metaphysical pseudo-subwoman, the pseudo-subsensuous corollary of his pseudo-superconsciousness.

2.  Every pseudo-physical pseudo-man has a pseudo-physical pseudo-unwoman, the pseudo-unsensuous corollary of his pseudo-consciousness.

3.  Every pseudo-chemical pseudo-woman has a pseudo-chemical pseudo-unman, the pseudo-unconscious corollary of her pseudo-sensuousness.

4.  Every pseudo-metachemical pseudo-superwoman has a pseudo-metachemical pseudo-subman, the pseudo-subconscious corollary of her pseudo-supersensuousness.