1.  Metachemistry the atom of will (doing), with a photonic fulcrum.

2.  Chemistry the atom of spirit (giving), with an electronic fulcrum.

3.  Physics the atom of ego (taking), with a neutronic fulcrum.

4.  Metaphysics the atom of soul (being), with a protonic fulcrum.

* * * *

1.  Pseudo-metaphysics the pseudo-atom of pseudo-soul (pseudo-being), with a pseudo-protonic fulcrum.

2.  Pseudo-physics the pseudo-atom of pseudo-ego (pseudo-taking), with a pseudo-neutronic fulcrum.

3.  Pseudo-chemistry the pseudo-atom of pseudo-spirit (pseudo-giving), with a pseudo-electronic fulcrum.

4.  Pseudo-metachemistry the pseudo-atom of pseudo-will (pseudo-doing), with a pseudo-photonic fulcrum.

* * * *

For some, death is the atonement for a life of crime. For others, eternity is the reward for the repentance of sin.

By and large, the distinction between the one and the other, crime and sin, death and eternity, boils down to a gender differential between female and male, objectivity and subjectivity, vacuum and plenum, soma and psyche, concretion and abstraction, particles and wavicles, with pseudo-subjectivity the neutralization, subordinate gender-wise, of subjectivity under objective hegemonic pressure, and pseudo-objectivity the neutralization, again subordinate gender-wise, of objectivity under subjective hegemonic pressure.