Motion and force are the alpha and omega of life, with objective and subjective implications that equate with energy and gravity respectively, energy and motion centrifugal, gravity and force centripetal.

* * * *

Everything is in everything, but not to the same degree or in the same way. We have to distinguish, in the former case, between the representative subatomic and pseudo-representative pseudo-subatomic components and their respective threefold bovaryizations, as well as between atoms and pseudo-atoms, and how they attract and react, with variable results.

* * * *

Power is the centrifugal dissipation of energy through motion, content(ment) the centripetal conservation of force through gravity.

* * * *

Energy is the objective outflowing of motion through willpower, gravity the subjective inflowing of force through soul-content(ment). The former is expressive and the latter impressive, with potentially explosive and implosive implications.

1.  Power is rooted in a particle vacuum, which is energy; content(ment) is centred in a wavicle plenum, which is gravity.

2.  Willpower sets energy in motion; soul-content(ment) conserves force through gravity.

3.  Motion is an expression of energy, whether wilful or spiritual, intentional or instinctual, on both noumenal and phenomenal planes in respect of power or glory.

4.  Force is an impression of gravity, whether egocentric or psychocentric (soulful), intellectual or emotional, on both phenomenal and noumenal planes in respect of form and content(ment).

Besides motion and force, as described above, there is pseudo-force and pseudo-motion, which are pseudo-subjective and pseudo-objective respectively, since appertaining not to atoms but to pseudo-atoms, as the subordinate corollaries of the prevailing atomic hegemonies.

1.  Thus pseudo-motion is a pseudo-expression of pseudo-energy, whether pseudo-wilful or pseudo-spiritual, pseudo-intentional or pseudo-instinctual, pseudo-noumenal or pseudo-phenomenal.

2.  Thus pseudo-force is a pseudo-impression of pseudo-gravity, whether pseudo-egocentric or pseudo-psychocentric (pseudo-soulful), pseudo-intellectual or pseudo-emotional, pseudo-phenomenal or pseudo-noumenal.

3.  By and large, space and volume are expressions of motion, like will and spirit, power and glory, whereas mass and time are impressions of force, like ego and soul, form and content(ment). For motion is predominantly somatic, but force preponderantly psychic.

4.  Contrariwise, pseudo-space and pseudo-volume are pseudo-expressions of pseudo-motion, like pseudo-will and pseudo-spirit, pseudo-power and pseudo-glory, whereas pseudo-mass and pseudo-time are pseudo-impressions of pseudo-force, like pseudo-ego and pseudo-soul, pseudo-form and pseudo-content(ment). For pseudo-motion is predominantly pseudo-somatic, but pseudo-force preponderantly pseudo-psychic.

* * * *

Just as you cannot have atoms without pseudo-atoms, or vice versa, so you do not have motion without pseudo-force or force without pseudo-motion, since such hegemonic/subordinate complementarities are the product of gender differentiation and reflect the desire and, indeed, ability of the one gender to dominate the other, whether on noumenal/pseudo-noumenal or phenomenal/pseudo-phenomenal terms on either an alpha/pseudo-omega or an omega/pseudo-alpha basis, depending whether motion or force is the hegemonic factor.

* * * *

Motion is no less an expression of energy than force an impression of gravity, but there would be neither motion nor force if there wasn't a corresponding pseudo-force in the one case and pseudo-motion in the other to pseudo-impress or pseudo-express, as the case may be, their respective kinds of pseudo-ness, be it pseudo-subjective or pseudo-objective.

* * * *

1.  The conservation of force by gravity is akin to the phrase God in Heaven.

2.  For gravity and force are correlative, like Heaven the Holy Soul and God the Father.

3.  The dissipation of energy by motion is akin to what I call Hell in the Devil.

4.  For energy and motion are correlative, like Devil the Mother and Hell the Clear Spirit.