Einstein, with his E=mc2, or energy is equivalent to mass times (x) the velocity of light squared, said a lot about energy and motion, or energy in motion, but not much about gravity and force, or the force of gravity, preferring to regard gravity not in Newtonian terms, which are factually demonstrable and therefore literal, but in relation to his theory of curved space, whereby cosmic bodies simply follow the curvature of space.

Frankly, this is a kind of Eastern mystical rather than Western scientific approach to gravity, and it suggests, to my mind, an incapacity, bordering on reluctance, to accept the true nature of gravity in relation to the conservation of force and the utilization, where necessary, of force to counter sudden upsurges of energy in motion which could well, by their spontaneously unpredictable natures, pose a threat to whatever equilibrium was at stake, be it cosmic, planetary, natural, animal, or human, with demonstrably disastrous implications.

In axial terms, such a reaction to the active threat of energy in motion would pit mass against space (and, in subordinate terms, pseudo-volume against pseudo-time) on the one hand, that of the state-hegemonic/church-subordinate axis, and time against volume (and, in subordinate terms, pseudo-space against pseudo-mass) on the other hand, that of the church-hegemonic/state-subordinate axis, thereby ensuring that the objective natures of energy/motion were not allowed to get unduly out-of-hand but could be contained and constrained by the subjective natures or, more correctly, nurtures of gravity/force.

What the age needs now is less theorizing about energy/motion, after the fashion of Einstein, but more theorizing about the reactions to it of gravity/force, in order that the energy/motion activity so prevalently at large on the world's stage can be not merely curbed but effectively rectified by the force of gravity, in the interests of both culture (metaphysics) and civility or, more correctly (in relation to pseudo-metachemistry), pseudo-civility, the saint and (neutralized) she-dragon pairing of 'Kingdom Come'.

Only when the world is more led by the East, with its traditional omega-oriented disposition in Buddhism, than ruled by the West, with its alpha-stemming disposition that goes all the way back to alpha-oriented roots at the Judaic base of the Christian extrapolation within the overall framework, Old Testament as well as New, of the Judeo-Christian tradition, is the above scenario likely to transpire. For while the West prevails energy/motion will take precedence over gravity/force, to the detriment of the ideals to which I have alluded.

But, at the end of the proverbial day, I would still like to think that Social Theocracy, as the executive face of Social Transcendentalism, will be the means by which what I have loosely termed 'Kingdom Come' may be established, and established not for a few generations but for all eternity within an evolutionary context transcending mankind from standpoints closer to if not actually identifiable, on supra-human terms, with both the divine and the pseudo-diabolic, metaphysics and pseudo-metachemistry, while being served and protected by a superhuman administrative aside to what has been called the Centre proper, the centre of truth as characterized by the prevalence of religious sovereignty, conceived by me as the ultimate manifestation of popular, that is, mass sovereignty.