If all atoms are not equal but divisible (over and above those which are equal or equivalent, like metaphysical atoms with one another) between antithetical kinds of noumenal and phenomenal atoms, as well as between antithetical kinds of pseudo-noumenal and pseudo-phenomenal pseudo-atoms, then it is difficult to see how all men could possibly be equal, or even be 'born equal', when they derive from atomic and pseudo-atomic preconditions whose various molecular permutations make for differences in both gender and class, not to mention ethnicity and occupation.

In Great Britain, men are certainly not 'born equal', but are divisible between nobles and plebeians, the upper classes and the lower classes in both alpha and omega, pseudo-omega and pseudo-alpha antitheses, even if it is possible for some to go 'up' and others 'down' in society, while the great majority remain the same for better (noble) or worse (plebeian).

In the United States of America, by contrast, which was forged in revolutionary struggle against Britain and, hence, the British Empire, they uphold the notion that all men are born equal in a republican endeavour to exclude, as far as possible, the noble classes, so that, though Americans would probably be the last to admit it, American society is largely comprised of plebs, or persons with no royal or aristocratic connections whatsoever, but whose social values are effectively lower class, that is, deriving to a large extent from bourgeois and/or proletarian antecedents, with little or nothing of anything else, peasants and artisans notwithstanding.

In truth, men are not born equal, but, quite apart from gender and physical and even racial differences compounded by ethnicity, are born into different classes, more so in some countries, like Great Britain, Denmark, the Netherlands, Belgium, etc., than in others, like those professing some republican creed. And so a kind of noble/plebeian, upper-class/lower-class distinction, on both genuine and 'pseudo' terms, continues to exist, as with the aforementioned distinction between atoms and pseudo-atoms on both noumenal/pseudo-noumenal and phenomenal/pseudo-phenomenal planes.

Societies, like nations, are at a low ebb when they strive to reduce everything to the lowest-common-social-denominator of lower-class life. As a revolt against undue exploitation or neglect, or what is perceived as such, from metachemical/pseudo-metaphysical, or autocratic/pseudo-theocratic kinds of upper-class life, this is perhaps understandable, if not exactly laudable. For until such societies endorse a contrasting shift towards the rule and/or leadership (for the two are often intertwined) of metaphysical/pseudo-metachemical, or theocratic/pseudo-autocratic kinds of upper-class life, they will continue to wallow in their own slough of plebeian despond, without any prospect, even with some degree of residual allegiance to traditional theocratic/pseudo-autocratic powers, of deliverance from their lowly conditions to a better world 'On High', a world or, rather, an otherworldly/pseudo-netherworldly pairing characterized by the freedom of metaphysics to dominate pseudo-metachemistry independently of any metachemical/pseudo-metaphysical obstacles to that ultimate freedom such that would always leave metaphysics short of its full capacity and unable, in consequence, to properly dominate pseudo-metachemistry, to its own detriment, including, in repudiation of its entitlement to be identified with 'Sacred Lungs', any 'Sacred Heart'-like subsuming into pseudo-metachemistry that leads to a deference, in triangular vein, to the anterior rule of metachemistry over pseudo-metaphysics and thus ensures the ongoing enslavement of 'the world', in both its chemical/pseudo-physical and physical/pseudo-chemical manifestations, the one indirectly and the other directly, to the born enemy of godliness/pseudo-devilishness, the Saint and (neutralized) She-Dragon, which is really devilishness/pseudo-godliness, the Whore (to use equivalent minoritarian terminology) and (neutralized) He-Dragon.