1.  The metaphysical atom, dominated by the proton, is the atom of being, and hence of religion, which treats of the soul.

2.  The physical atom, dominated by the neutron, is the atom of taking, and hence of economics, which treats of the ego.

3.  The chemical atom, dominated by the electron, is the atom of giving, and hence of politics, which treats of the spirit.

4.  The metachemical atom, dominated by the photon, is the atom of doing, and hence of science, which treats of the will.

* * * *

1.  The pseudo-metaphysical pseudo-atom, dominated by the pseudo-proton, is the pseudo-atom of pseudo-being, and hence of pseudo-religion, which pseudo-treats of the pseudo-soul.

2.  The pseudo-physical pseudo-atom, dominated by the pseudo-neutron, is the pseudo-atom of pseudo-taking, and hence of pseudo-economics, which pseudo-treats of the pseudo-ego.

3.  The pseudo-chemical pseudo-atom, dominated by the pseudo-electron, is the pseudo-atom of pseudo-giving, and hence of pseudo-politics, which pseudo-treats of the pseudo-spirit.

4.  The pseudo-metachemical pseudo-atom, dominated by the pseudo-photon, is the pseudo-atom of pseudo-doing, and hence of pseudo-science, which pseudo-treats of the pseudo-will.

* * * *

1.  The being of the soul in time (repetitive) contrasts with the doing of the will in space (spatial), as metaphysics with metachemistry, or religion with science

2.  The taking of the ego in mass (massive) contrasts with the giving of the spirit in volume (volumetric), as physics with chemistry, or economics with politics.

3.  The pseudo-doing of the pseudo-will in pseudo-space (spaced) contrasts with the pseudo-being of the pseudo-soul in pseudo-time (sequential), as pseudo-metachemistry with pseudo-metaphysics, or pseudo-science with pseudo-religion.

4.  The pseudo-giving of the pseudo-spirit in pseudo-volume (voluminous) contrasts with the pseudo-taking of the pseudo-ego in pseudo-mass (massed), as pseudo-chemistry with pseudo-physics, or pseudo-politics with pseudo-economics.

* * * *

1.  Pseudo-metaphysics will always be subordinate to metachemistry, as pseudo-soul to the will, or pseudo-religion to science.

2.  Pseudo-physics will always be subordinate to chemistry, as pseudo-ego to the spirit, or pseudo-economics to politics.

3.  Pseudo-chemistry will always be subordinate to physics, as pseudo-spirit to the ego, or pseudo-politics to economics.

4.  Pseudo-metachemistry will always be subordinate to metaphysics, as pseudo-will to the soul, or pseudo-science to religion.