Key to Selected Terms

noumenal approximates to ethereal

phenomenal approximates to corporeal

psyche approximates to mind

soma approximates to body

bovaryized or bovaryization is a difficult term (originally deriving from Flaubert's novel 'Madame Bovary') which approximates to removed from or bent away from its representative position by foreign influences

Triadic Beyond approximates to a three-tier gender-subdivisible pluralistic approach to revolutionary church-hegemonic axial criteria

majoritarian approximates to the predominating (soma) or preponderating (psyche) ratio aspect of a given atom

minoritarian approximates to the postdominating (soma) or postponderating (psyche) ratio aspect of a given atom

Pseudo-majoritarian and pseudo-minoritarian approximate to the respective pseudo-ratio aspects of pseudo-atoms

Postdominating is the converse of predominating

Postponderating is the converse of preponderating