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An assortment of autobiographical, philosophical, and other thoughts by



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01. Some Opening Salvos

02. An Alternative Take on Life and Death

03. The Logical View of Saints

04. The Autocracy of War vis-à-vis the Theocracy of Peace

05. Singing vis-à-vis Humming

06. A Common Myth

07. A Logical Sequence

08. Four Basic Social Divisions

09. Like Living in Hell

10. An Interesting Gender Question

11. A Pet Hate

12. Nature of the World

13. Two Kinds of Transcendentalism

14. Loathe to Qualify

15. The Adamic Parable

16. False Religions

17. No Help without Hindrance

18. A Tautology

19. No Bible Stooge

20. Classical Music

21. Male Abstractions

22. Image of Woman

23. No Divine Origin

24. A Gender Paradox

25. Equalitarianism

26. Democracy

27. Sovereign People

28. Nature of the Middle Classes

29. Revolutionary Responsibilities

30. Hitler

31. Churchill

32. Freedom

33. Religion and Science

34. Foreigners

35. Solitary Householder

36. ‘Fly Swat’

37. Gender Fidelity

38. Convenient Fiction

39. Books

40. Female Freedom

41. Concretion vis-à-vis Abstraction

42. Writing

43. Aphoristic

44. Who I Am

45. Protestants

46. The English

47. New Way of Writing

48. Mass Music

49. Music Keyboard

50. Sartre

51. Secular Age

52. Wax Earplugs

53. The People

54. Koestler

55. No Hope for Mankind

56. Time Wasted

57. Close to Nature

58. Bourgeois Decadence

59. Diabolical Equation

60. Irish ‘Independent’

61. Acting Up

62. Nonsensical Notion

63. Shaw

64. Women and Kids

65. Life

66. Black

67. My Computers

68. Whores

69. Distinct Difference

70. Religious Fakes

71. U2

72. Female Values

73. Religious Traditions

74. Jews and Moslems

75. Dishonesty and Moral Cowardice

76. Higher Art

77. Fiction and Feminism

78. The Liberated Female

79. Sexual Equality

80. Women Priests

81. The Contemporary World

82. Indigenous Irish Sports

83. Doggerel

84. Male Enslavement to Females

85. War and Peace

86. ‘Kingdom Come’

87. Marriage

88. Authors

89. Derivation of Sir

90. Yes

91. Sunday

92. My Life’s Work

93. Mixed Congregations

94. Creative Contradiction

95. Religion and the People

96. Greater Peace

97. The Enemy

98.  Actors and Films

99. Superimposition

100.  Pseudo-Right-wing Sons-of-bitches

101.  Pro-Extreme Right Wing

102.  Psychic Freedom

103. Shadow

104.  Anti-Porn

105.  CRT

106.  Favourite Female Singer

107.  Top Ten Female Singers

108.  Top Ten Male Singers

109.  Top Ten Singer/Songwriters

110.  Top Ten Electric Guitarists

111.  Top Ten Electric Keyboardists

112.  Top Ten Electric Guitarists/Keyboardists

113.  Top Ten Electric Bassists

114.  Top Ten Drummers

115.  Top Ten Groups

116. Top Ten Rock Groups

117.  Top Ten Wind Players

118.  Spectacles

119.  Everything I Do

120.  HMV

121.  Soul-denying Protestantism

122.  Irish Politics

123.  Lament

124.  Scandal

125.  Some Axially-motivated Racial Generalizations

126.  Nietzsche

127.  Truth

128.  ‘Pr***s’ and ‘Pseudo-C***s’

129.  Poe, de Sade and Others

130.  IRA

131.  True to Self

132.  The Masses

133.  Creation

134.  Idiot

135.  Good Question

136.  Circumstances

137.  Bitch

138.  The Pope

139.  Bibles

140.  The Tyranny of the Common Man

141.  Genuine Music

142.  The Limitations of Transcendental Meditation

143.  Metaphysical Stages

144.  Class, Occupation, Sex and Race

145.  The Nature of Divergence

146.  Hornsey

147.  From Will to Soul via Ego and Spirit

148.  Mother and Father

149.  Omnipotence and Omniscience

150.  Some Parting Shots







One evening I decided I had had enough of being a TV-sucking sonofabitch, and that was that.  Or was it?  I had a second thought and figured that one was more of a sonofabitch with radio and something akin to a quasi-bitch with television - which is worse!


One thing I am not and never shall be is a God-fearing sonofabitch!


I could never accept a female boss – it would make me a sonofabitch.  That is the problem with sexual or gender equalitarianism, quite apart from the fact that if you give a woman an inch she is almost bound, sooner or later, to take the proverbial mile – one way or another.


All these God-mongering sons-of-bitches make me sick.  They just don’t realize how religiously fake they are!


Jews are traditionally amongst the most culpable of God-mongers – virtual inventors of Devil the Mother hyped as God the Father, that is, as the Creator, Jehovah, call it by what name you like.


How can a close-lipped smile, motivated by joy, be identified with doing or saying anything?  Much less singing anything!


Young people are like roses, old people like tulips.


The internet is chock-full of piffling little money-grubbing sites.  Truly awful!  A page of … what? Nothing! Only sordid money-grubbers.


I’ve never known a computer that hasn’t held me back and more or less screwed me around, including the one I’m currently using (a Compaq).





Although the concepts of ‘life’ and ‘death’ are commonly understood in relation to living and dying, the actual alpha and omega of life are ‘birth’ and ‘death’, the former of which precedes life as commonly understood in relation to conscious duration, and the latter of which succeeds it.


There is, however, another way of looking at life and death, and that is to equate them with free and bound, or positive and negative, or bright and dark, or, indeed, virtue and vice, so that they constitute two sides of the same elemental or even pseudo-elemental coin, be it metachemical/pseudo-metaphysical at the northwest point of the intercardinal axial compass, chemical/pseudo-physical at the southwest, physical/pseudo-chemical at the southeast, or metaphysical/pseudo-metachemical at the northeast, the point polar to what exists at the southwest and antithetical to the northwest.


Consequently, I also like to think of life and death in this dichotomous sense as the free and bound sides of the same elemental/pseudo-elemental coin, whether that coin happens to be absolute or relative, noumenal or phenomenal, ethereal or corporeal.


There is an infinite life and death in metachemistry and a pseudo-eternal pseudo-life and pseudo-death in pseudo-metaphysics at the northwest point of the intercardinal axial compass, the former representative of a 3:1 ratio (absolute) of free soma (beauty and love) to bound psyche (ugliness and hate); the latter significant of a 1:3 ratio (absolute) of free soma or, rather, pseudo-free soma (pseudo-joy and pseudo-truth) to pseudo-bound psyche (pseudo-woe and pseudo-illusion).


Conversely, there is an eternal life and death in metaphysics and a pseudo-infinite pseudo-life and pseudo-death in pseudo-metachemistry at the northeast point of the intercardinal axial compass, the former significant of a 3:1 ratio (absolute) of free psyche (joy and truth) to bound soma (woe and illusion); the latter representative of a 1:3 ratio (absolute) of pseudo-free psyche (pseudo-beauty and pseudo-love) to pseudo-bound soma (pseudo-ugliness and pseudo-hate).


Likewise, there is a finite life and death in chemistry and a pseudo-temporal pseudo-life and pseudo-death in pseudo-physics at the southwest point of the intercardinal axial compass, the former representative of a 2½:1½ ratio (relative) of free soma (pride and strength) to bound psyche (humility and weakness); the latter significant of a 1½:2½ ratio (relative) of pseudo-free soma (pseudo-knowledge and pseudo-pleasure) to pseudo-bound psyche (pseudo-ignorance and pseudo-pain).


Finally, if conversely, there is a temporal life and death in physics and a pseudo-finite pseudo-life and pseudo-death in pseudo-chemistry at the southeast point of the intercardinal axial compass, the former significant of a 2½:1½ ratio (relative) of free psyche (knowledge and pleasure) to bound soma (ignorance and pain); the latter representative of a 1½:2½ ratio (relative) of pseudo-free psyche (pseudo-pride and pseudo-strength) to pseudo-bound soma (pseudo-humility and pseudo-weakness).


The metaphysical/pseudo-metachemical point of the intercardinal axial compass that I favour is therefore constitutive, in general terms, of a contrast between the Eternal Life in relation to the preponderating aspect of the element of metaphysics (psyche) and, a plane down, the pseudo-Infinite pseudo-death of the predominating aspect of the pseudo-element of pseudo-metachemistry (soma) – call this a contrast between Heaven and pseudo-Hell or, better, the pseudo-Devil, since whereas the fulcrum of metaphysics is Soul (and hence Heaven), the fulcrum of pseudo-metachemistry, by contrast, is pseudo-bound Will (and hence the pseudo-Devil), given the gender differentials which, here as elsewhere, preclude a straightforward – and oversimplified – parallelism of terminological usage.




Despite what I may have written in that revised/reformatted weblog ‘Saints of the British Isles’ (see The Centre of Truth), I don’t actually accept the fourfold placement of a saint at each hegemonic point of the intercardinal axial compass since, quite apart from logical objections, common sense alone should suggest that there are only two hegemonic points at which saints can reasonably exist – namely the southeast and the northeast in relation to physics and metaphysics, with the former pseudo-righteous (and hence pseudo-saintly) but the latter alone genuinely righteous (and hence genuinely saintly), bearing in mind the phenomenal/noumenal, corporeal/ethereal distinction between these two male elements on what are, in practical terms, two opposing axes, with contrasting emphases between state and church and, indeed, soma and psyche.

So, of course, saints, whether pseudo (physical) or genuine (metaphysical) can only exist at the southeast and northeast hegemonic points of our intercardinal axial compass, and not right across the axial board, so to speak, in any of the hegemonic elements.  Two of them, viz. metachemistry and chemistry, are characterized by whores (genuine and pseudo respectively), and whores exist in conjunction, hegemonically, with demons (whether pseudo in pseudo-metaphysics or genuine in pseudo-physics), who are axially polar to the saints, both types of which exist in hegemonic conjunction with angels (whether pseudo in pseudo-metachemistry or genuine in pseudo-chemistry), so that, in general terms, saints and angels are no-less correlative than whores and demons, the only difference being that saints are genuine in metaphysics and angels in pseudo-chemistry, whereas whores are genuine in metachemistry and demons in pseudo-physics, as noted above.

As to the distinction between St George and St Patrick, the former would seem to be metaphysical and the latter merely physical, since the one has his foot, metaphorically speaking, on a neutralized dragon (a pseudo-metachemical pseudo-dragon) and the other on a neutralized snake (a pseudo-chemical pseudo-snake), as though to keep them down or in their inferior place – assuming snakes were not altogether banished (from Ireland) in a general cull.

Whatever the case, snakes, lacking wings, don’t fly, whereas dragons do (or were alleged to), given their reliance on wings.  Therefore since dragons are a higher (flying) species of life than snakes, it seems only logical to regard St George as a higher (or genuine) species of saint than St Patrick, whose association with snakes is, to say the least, less exalted.

But if St George, being metaphysical, is the genuine saint, and St Patrick, his physical counterpart, the pseudo-saint, then it should be possible to logically infer that the neutralized dragon (pseudo-dragon) corresponds to the pseudo-angel and the neutralized snake (pseudo-snake) to the genuine angel – much as one may naturally balk at such a correlation in view of their apparent incompatibility.

But that is merely a consequence of a conventionally-conditioned false concept of angels which, like the false concept of saints, has traditionally characterized Western and, indeed, much Eastern thinking and religion, to the detriment of logic.  Such falsehood was rooted in mystical fancy often deriving from myth and tended to either overlook or confound gender – something I would regard as the equivalent of a cardinal sin.

Saints, in short, are righteously hegemonic males, angels their justly subordinate pseudo-female counterparts.

By contrast, whores are vainly hegemonic females, demons their meekly subordinate pseudo-male counterparts.

All this derives from logic, not mysticism.



With alpha-stemming life, war is the rule and peace the exception – the exception of an escape, through some degree of theocracy, from gender friction in monastery-like vein.

Men and women are permanently at war because they are opposites, and nothing men do to reject or hide this fact from themselves through so-called folk wisdom and other subterfuges playing up to the delusion of male supremacy will make any difference.

The only way to peace – to Paradise Regained, as it were, with ‘Kingdom Come’ – is for males to transcend gender friction through hegemonic dominance over females and, hence, their absolute subjection through neutralization, as in the paradigm of St George and the (neutralized) dragon – what, in the past (and above), I have called a pseudo-dragon, equivalent to the ‘lion’ that has been obliged to ‘lie down’ with the ‘lamb’ in the other well-known Biblical metaphor.  Only that can guarantee males a return to ‘Edenic’ self-respect in relation to psychic peace through being at one with their true, or deeper, self – the Soul.



The metaphysical approach to vocals is, of course, humming, at least at the human level of mankind, whereas synthesized humming, whereby the voice is ‘put through’ a synthesizer, would surely equate with a cyborgistic equivalence, bearing in mind the significance of synthesizers to global universality and, hence, to cyborgkind.

Singing, on the other hand, stems from female dominance, whether in terms of metachemistry over pseudo-metaphysics (noumenal) or chemistry over pseudo-physics (phenomenal), and inevitably suggests a kind of objective and/or pseudo-subjective outpouring of the voice in overly expressive or pseudo-impressive terms.

Unlike hummers, singers open their mouths in what appears to be an extrovert, though in the male or, rather, pseudo-male case may actually be pseudo-introvert, outpouring of melodic ideas tempered by emotion.

Since singing is a kind of water-dominated vocal activity (as described in earlier texts) especially germane to the chemical/pseudo-physical southwest point of the intercardinal axial compass, it is not – and cannot be – metaphysical (like humming, or interiorized non-verbal vocalizing), but these days in particular is much more a pop/rock phenomenon which also has the commercial benefit of providing a narrative tag with which to ‘bait’ potential or actual customers, as in the purchase of CDs.

Singing can, however, approximate to a progressive rock status as and when the verbal vocals are synthesized, or put through a synthetic device for purposes of enhanced artificiality and a comparatively more progressive production.  Such synthesized vocals will still fall short, however, of what I have elsewhere (see earlier texts) termed regressive electronica which, ironically, would be less likely to utilize a synthesizer in this regard, if only because it represents a descent from a synthetic purism while remaining rooted, for all that, in synthesized percussion and/or bass rhythms. 

But electronica-proper will, in utilizing the maximum of synthesizers, favour a metaphysical approach to vocals, and such an approach should, in godly vein, imply synthesized humming – the humming not of mankind but, in post-worldly and even universal terms, of cyborgkind, man’s evolutionary successor.



They say your eyes get better with age, but the not infrequent dispensing with glasses in my case has more to do with disillusionment with spectacles than with any perceptive improvement in vision.

They say your eyes get better as you grow older, but in my experience they get so bad that you can no longer bear wearing spectacles (contacts were never an option), neither psychologically nor physiologically.

I escaped the optical straitjacket of spectacles and, boy, did I fee liberated!  These days I could never go back to wearing glasses all day and, no matter how bad my eyesight, to looking through the wrong end of a telescope via lenses that not only distort one features but look like the proverbial beer glass.  Fuck that!

Wearing spectacles to see things more clearly or sharply is just another form of keeping up appearances – one of the worst, most psychologically damaging forms.

You’re straining your eyes watching hours of television, staring fixedly at the screen, when on come the optical entrepreneurs to cash in on your predicament and put pressure on the viewer to come in for an eye test and to buy another pair of spectacles, perhaps – irony of ironies – getting an additional pair free! What a perfect medium television is for such advertisers!  They have you over the back of the proverbial barrel.  But I have the solution to all that – not so much muting the volume or switching channels as … watching TV without spectacles, so that I am relatively indifferent to what I see, in any case.

As for High Definition and all the rest of it – who needs to see blood and gore and violence and greed more clearly and sharply!  That is only further playing into the Devil’s hands and partaking of a superbitch-ridden alpha that is as far removed from anything metaphysical and heavenly as you could possibly be … short of being burnt alive.



From the most devolution in cosmic metachemistry and the most counter-evolution in cosmic pseudo-metaphysics to the most evolution in cyborg metaphysics and the most counter-devolution in cyborg pseudo-metachemistry via more, less, and least degrees (stages) of devolution and counter-evolution on the one hand, and least, less, and more degrees (stages) of evolution and counter-devolution on the other hand, the intermediate stages approximating to nature and mankind.



Gender, racial, class, and occupational implications are facts of life that cannot be wished away, even if they can be regarded as not existing by woolly-minded, self-deceiving people.  Equality in these matters would not even be beneficial or desirable, since any attempt to deny or underestimate any of them only exposes the hollowness and implausibility of claims to the contrary.



I don’t know if there is anything lower than the Bangladeshi family I am now living with, but I have never encountered anything.

These people reach or, rather, plumb levels of obscenity in their attitudes and behaviour that beggar belief.  At times they seem scarcely human but decidedly subhumanist (a common Eastern reality) if not subhuman.

My Bangladeshi neighbours never chastise their kid but, rather, allow and even encourage him to make as much noise, both verbally and physically, as he likes.  He uses their bed as a trampoline all day and never stops chortling and giggling while he is bouncing, noisily, up and down, with their door almost permanently ajar! They act as though we, the other neighbours, didn’t exist, largely, I suspect, because of their close relationship to the landlord, who is obviously free to do as he pleases.  Impossible to have cordial relations with such people.

As an Irishman brought to England as a young boy, I bitterly resent having to live with these scrapings of the British Empire.  It seems to me like I am the victim of an ongoing crime … It is now 10.52 pm and the bed-bouncing antics show no sign of abating.

My neighbours at Hermiston Avenue – all detestable idiots! The Bangladeshis especially, who are forever up and down the wooden – yes uncarpeted – stairs leading from the first floor (where my and two other tenants’ rooms are) to their attic renovation and extension upstairs.

That Bangladeshi kid is a monster – bouncing up and down on his bed hours on end and hollowing all the while.  You’d never suppose they’d already put a full-size trampoline in the back garden!  Which, of course uses up most of the space, including the little left, when you can find room on the clothesline or, rather, tripod, for the washing.

That detestable little sonofabitch is never still or quiet, I repeat never still or quiet.  He is a constant nuisance and I have the distinct feeling of being tyrannized over by a kid!

The detestable tyranny of kids and … women!  And I am not in the least responsible for that creature … his father, who is probably back in Bangladesh, was responsible for bringing that monster into the world and … I and the other non-Bangladeshi neighbours have had to put up with the consequences!

When I say life makes me sick, I am not exaggerating.

And they say these creatures were made by God!!?  Even if that were true, which I don’t for one moment believe, it would make conventional religion all the more detestable and, frankly, contemptible … that a god was responsible for such a monster.

My life under the Bangladeshi regime at Hermiston Avenue, Hornsey, is absolute hell, not least when the big-handed ex-wife of the landlord exits the building regularly slamming the front door like it was meant to be slammed.  Complaints, of course, are of no avail – never were and never could be with such people, who behave as they do simply because that is the way they are, with little if any sensibility.

Having a Bangladeshi landlord is bad enough, what with the sort of ‘exotic’ neighbours he has tended, over the years, to inflict upon one, not to mention his gross incompetence in most things, but when he eventually moves his extended family in and more or less takes over the place, then you know what it means to be marginalized, not least in the cooking-ridden kitchen!  Is this a case of ‘devil take the hindmost’?  If so, then I don’t see the justice in it.  Aren’t I one of the greatest philosophers and writers (not to mention artists, musicians, composers, transcribers) who ever lived?  But, of course, I’m an Irishman in England.

The stink of their food coming upstairs from the communal kitchen is positively overwhelming in its nauseating richness and snot-like acridity – enough, at times, to make one vomit.  And to think that I have to share that fly-ridden kitchen with them every day! Difficult enough to actually find any room in the fridge or on the cooker what with their food and pots and pans everywhere.  This really is disgusting!  But when their kid invades it, as he often does, trailing a long scarf and babbling inanely in between hysterical outbursts … one feels like a complete idiot for actually being there and having to endure it all.

It would be difficult to imagine a less romantic place than Crouch End/Hornsey, where I’ve lived, unhappily, for some thirty-six years without so much as a one-night stand or a single kiss.  I was never intended for such a place.  But even Crouch End/Hornsey pales into insignificance when compared with the Bangladeshis….Impossible to lead a dignified existence in close proximity to such people.  I fear for the future of Britain with people like this able to breed and continue in their anarchic and fundamentally barbarous lifestyles, I really do, and I am not in the least British but unable, all the same, to escape the consequences of living in twenty-first century Britain.

These are a people accustomed to arranged marriages.  There is no ‘opt-out clause’; the breeding is taken for granted.  And look at their numbers!  Such people deserve nothing less than our pitiless disdain for acting the way they do.



Do women have egos, much less souls?  It seems doubtful, since it appears that their natural, which is to say hegemonic, condition is the bound psyche (to the free soma) of negative ego and soul, the former chemically weak and the latter metachemically hateful.



Every time I hear the word ‘God’ I metaphorically reach for the proverbial revolver (a Millerism), as though to plug one of those self-deceiving sons-of-bitches.



The world is at bottom largely if not completely irrational.  Christ’s injunction to ‘become as little children’ is one of the stupidest, most irrational things he ever said, or is alleged to have said, and deserves to be contemptuously dismissed.  Those bundles of frigging energy throwing their sonofabitch weight around all day …?

Reason is achieved not because of the world, but in spite of it – by turning one’s back on it and being true to oneself as a subjective (male) creature capable of inner peace through self-harmony, which is to say, of psychic togetherness, something that can only be achieved independently of women and … kids.  As Christ himself said: you’ve got to leave them (females) behind, though as I could add: provided you’re able to.



I used to think that there was only one kind of transcendentalism – namely, the metaphysical kind.  But that is really a progressive, or evolutionary, transcendentalism, as applying to the metaphysical salvation of males.

There is also what could be called a regressive, or devolutionary, kind of transcendentalism, as applying to females who achieve the overcoming of their hellish netherworldly vacuity through the attainment of a surrogate plenum in the guise of motherhood – a purgatorially worldly resolution which, by its very existence, tends to the diminution if not eradication of progressive transcendentalism in males.

Only messianic intervention, it seems, could comprehensively deliver such pseudo-masculine males from their pseudo-earthly kind of worldliness to an otherworldly heaven.  But the inevitable concomitant of that, i.e. salvation, is the counter-damnation of chemical females, or females who have achieved a regressive transcendentalism, to the pseudo-fundamentalism/pseudo-materialism of pseudo-metachemistry, the subordinate corollary of metaphysics.  Only thus can paradise be regained … for males.

For females, on the other hand, there is only the predominating neutralization of pseudo-infinite life and pseudo-infinite death (see ‘An Alternative Take on Life and Death’ above) – akin to the age-old metaphor of the neutralized dragon (pseudo-dragon) under the saintly heel, or the ‘lion’ (pseudo-lion or, better, lioness) that is perforce obliged to ‘lie down’ with the ‘lamb’ (of heavenly godliness) as the pseudo-metachemical partner of otherworldly triumph.



Jesu, joy of man’s desiring’ – a line from a Bach hymn, if I’m not mistaken.  But Christians are loathe to qualify anything, least of all with respect to gender.  It is certainly not woman who, other than in mundane terms, would be germane to the ‘man’s desiring’, or even man per se, the humanistic physical egocentric creature across the axial divide from anything church-hegemonic/state-subordinate; rather it would be the aforementioned pseudo-physical pseudo-man, the mass catholic pseudo-male who, if saved from his lowly upended predicament under woman (chemical females) at the southwest point of the intercardinal axial compass, would be eligible for the ‘joy’ of ‘man’s desiring’; though  less in relation to Christ, the so-called ‘Son of God’ who barely transcends bound metaphysical soma (the crucifixional paradigm) than in regard to free metaphysical psyche which, in relation to joy, is less of godliness, or godfatherliness, than of Heaven … the Holy Soul, the actual fulcrum of metaphysics which is the precondition of any godly confirmation and effulgent consequence – mere proof of the underlying joy.



We are told, from the Bible, about the ‘curse of Adam’ (not just the so-called adam’s apple), but the male who, post-puberty and in youthful idealism, has been brought low and cast out of the garden of his Y-chromosomal self-esteem for having succumbed to female temptation is less cursed than unblessed … with salvation from pseudo-physics to metaphysics, and thus the prospect of gender-sync blessedness in free psyche and bound soma to an absolute (3:1) degree, as befitting the context of noumenal subjectivity (metaphysics).

The ‘meek’, contrary to Christ, are not ‘blessed’; they are, as pseudo-physical pseudo-males, simply unblessed (with salvational deliverance).  And they exist, as pseudo-masculine males, under those who, as chemical females, or feminine females per se, are simply counter-uncursed (with somatic freedom and psychic binding to a relative, i.e. 2½:1½, degree).  But as the chemical ‘first’ they will end-up counter-cursed with pseudo-metachemical free psyche and bound soma to an absolute (1:3) degree in the event of the salvation of their pseudo-physical counterparts, the proverbial ‘last’, to metaphysics, wherein the ‘first/last’ standing is reversed.

Paradise regained at the expense of … woman.  That is the simple truth.



The want of qualification of terms and contexts in Christianity by Christians, or those who consider themselves such, is proof of the absence of gender resolve on the part of males to properly differentiate between the genders.  Just think of how difficult it must be for a Catholic priest to tell a mixed congregation, i.e. the Christian norm, that to become like or follow Christ the males must abandon females (wives, daughters, sisters, mothers, lovers, etc.) to take up the Cross … and multiply that by a factor of two or more when it is a female who, in a Protestant church, is in the pulpit.  One might suppose that such advice would not be to the forefront of her mind but, rather, a sense of the (worldly) desirability of familial ties and fidelity.  Bah!  The want of a Christian resolve even among so-called Christians, who regularly attend church, is sickening.  Christianity, particularly in its Protestant manifestations, is just another false religion.



There are some who say the world helps those who help themselves and others, by contrast, who argue that it only helps those who help others.  Both attitudes are right and simultaneously wrong, since there is more, axially considered, than one type of world, and even they are divisible into a chemical/pseudo-physical mass Catholic and a physical/pseudo-chemical mass Protestant dichotomy between what could be described as those who, objectively, help others and those who, pseudo-subjectively, pseudo-hinder themselves on the one hand, and those who, by contrast, help themselves and those who, pseudo-objectively, pseudo-hinder others.

The former pairing, being mass Catholic at the southwest point of the intercardinal axial compass, and therefore gender divisible in predominating and preponderating ratio terms between pseudo-evil chemical free soma and sinful pseudo-physical bound psyche, I would define in relation to mothers helping kids and fathers pseudo-hindering themselves through non-protective (traditionally) coitus attendant upon a sinful (bound psyche) acquiescence in folly (free soma), whereas the latter pairing, indubitably mass Protestant (Puritan) at the southeast point of the said axial compass, and therefore gender divisible in preponderating and predominating ratio terms between pseudo-graceful physical free psyche and good pseudo-chemical bound soma, I would incline to define in terms of fathers helping themselves through knowledge-based protective coitus and mothers pseudo-hindering others, i.e. children, through either a want of kids or within a small family unit (one or two kids) attendant upon a good (bound somatic) pseudo-chemical acquiescence in punishment (free psyche) that would contrast with the traditionally larger families conceived by, in the main, Irish Catholics within a British Isles-type axial dichotomy.

So much, then, for a lopsided perspective on who or what the world (which I am not in favour of) helps!



The notion of straight-line divergence would be tautological.  Anything that explodes in straight lines can only be divergent – and female, whether absolutely (metachemical) or relatively (chemical), that is, in terms of squares or rectangles.  It is the product of a vacuum, and contrasts with what is centred in a plenum, like the slap with the punch.



Although I occasionally use the Adamic paradigm as describing the ‘Fall of Man’ from noumenal heavenliness/godliness to worldly (pseudo-earthly) phenomenality adjacent to that order of worldliness (purgatorial) germane to Woman as the Eve-like creature who can only achieve the regressive transcendence of a surrogate plenum (child) via the exploitation (seduction) of the male, I have never been of the Biblical opinion that Adam precedes Eve … as the male the female or, in generic terms, man preceding woman, since it appears incontrovertible to me that woman is the anterior sex from whom man emerged and because of which the struggle towards a heavenly/godly solution in metaphysics is always an uphill one, given the traditional – one might say, fundamental – female dominance of things in back of anything male.  I am confident that John Cowper Powys, for one, would have no difficulty with this argument.

The ‘Fall of Man’ (when male) into familial servitude due to female pressures is the only ‘fall’ one can reasonably postulate.  And that is in relation to males who actually become to a degree metaphysical, not to those – probably the great majority – who are seduced by the ‘forbidden tree of knowledge’ into physics and are thus axially polar to the metachemical female who should – in Anglican monarchic fashion – find it easier to dominate such males from an axially hegemonic standpoint, not from, as with metaphysical males, a contrary axial standpoint which, by religious definition, will necessitate greater effort on the female’s part.

I believe the principal indicator of a male who becomes more metaphysical than physical is a love for rock, and associated types of contemporary music, and a tendency to reject formal education, not least in relation to so-called further education, so that he is somewhat of a hippy or freak type as opposed to a regular college-educated (physical) male, who may well be into sports, to boot.

As regards the starting point for males as well as females, it is neither metaphysical (and/or physical) nor metachemical, but more chemical/pseudo-physical (according to gender), and therefore it could be said that, contrary to being made in the ‘image of God’ (a misnomer) man, speaking generically, is the product of woman, not least the chemical free soma (as opposed to bound psyche) of pride and strength, Purgatory the Clear Spirit (spirit per se) and Woman the Mother, so that far from resembling a psyche preceding and preponderating over soma (metaphysical and/or physical) situation initially, he is closer, whether boy or girl, to the somatic precedence and predominance over psyche of his mother, and is accordingly more congenial, because relative, to her than would otherwise be the case, i.e., when the male child attains to puberty and either gravitates towards physics (2½:1½ free psyche to bound soma) or towards metaphysics (3:1 free psyche to bound soma) in which positions he will be at variance, whether axially or in terms of polarity, with the somatic predominance of, in particular, females who have gravitated, following childhood, to metachemistry and accordingly exemplify a free somatic/bound psychic disposition (3:1) that is fated, in the interests of acquiring a surrogate plenum through maternity, to war on the male, whether metaphysical or physical (depending on his ethnicity and/or physiological type) preparatory to – at least in the metaphysical case – bringing him low (a ‘fall’), as and when he succumbs to her beauty (coupled to love) and ends up fathering children … to the detriment of his gender attainment, with puberty, to free psyche and bound soma, or that which puts him at variance, if not loggerheads, with the adult female.

In Britain, the tendency of male maturity is to gravitate towards physics rather than metaphysics, given its Protestant opposition, traditionally, to Catholicism, and therefore to partake of the ‘forbidden tree of knowledge’ (in physics) at the expense of metaphysical transcendentalism/idealism and the possibility, assuming one does not succumb to female seductions, of developing into a ‘philosopher king’ and even, in exceptional instances, someone credibly messianic, the logical outcome of such a ‘king’.  For only the latter individual would have the know-how and, eventually, means to deliver the pseudo-physical (through salvation) to metaphysics and have the chemical delivered (through counter-damnation) to pseudo-metachemistry, a position requiring the cooperation, as it were, of a pseudo-female pseudo-Devil whose duty it was to take care of the chemical (females) while their pseudo-physical (pseudo-male) counterparts on the church-hegemonic/state-subordinate axis were being saved (as from female dominion in chemistry over pseudo-physics at the southwest point of the intercardinal axial compass).

There is a lot wrong with the Edenic myth, as with Genesis and the Old Testament generally, and it behoves us to extricate ourselves from this account of Creation and to adopt a more realistic and even scientifically factual account of how humanity or mankind or Man came to pass and, not least, who precedes whom in terms of gender, particularly as the term God is a misnomer used in relation to Devil the Mother, i.e. the metachemical ‘first mover’, and not to anything or, rather, anyone metaphysical, wherein Heaven precedes godliness, as Soul the ‘bovaryized’ ego (compared to physical ego) that can be termed super-ego, and that stands as a truthful testament to the prior existence of Joy, like a light (halo/smile) around the flame of the soul’s inner burning, or being.

Thus there is no God ‘in the Beginning’ and Man was not created in God’s image (as noted above), since the precedence of soma by psyche (or body by mind) only becomes perceptible in the male with or following puberty and is not characteristic of the feminine-like child who is, of course, closer to his mother in physiological/psychological make up, irrespective of gender, and therefore an energetic creature (animal-like) who exemplifies more soma than psyche, more body than mind, and can only continue to do so until the dawn of puberty and a gradual break with the mother and all things feminine, whether in terms of superfeminine metachemistry for girls or of masculine physics and/or supermasculine metaphysics for boys, the latter of whom would more approximate a ‘godly image’ to the extent that they come to reflect the precedence of soma by psyche to an absolute degree, i.e. 3:1; though it should not be forgotten that in metaphysics, the religious element par excellence, soul takes precedence over ‘bovaryized’ ego (super-ego) as Heaven over God or, rather, godliness, and Joy over Truth, so that we still have to distinguish his coming of metaphysical age, so to speak, from an ‘image-of-God’ conception that, frankly, grants too much credit to God (at the expense of Heaven) and then, where the increase-and-multiply ethos of the Bible is concerned, in relation to Devil the Mother hyped as God the Father, so that the term ‘God’ becomes untenable from a properly metaphysical standpoint and has to be held at arm’s length, so to speak, by recourse to such (down-played) terms as ‘godliness’ or ‘godfatherliness’ or, as above, godly.  There is no God-thingfulness in metaphysics, only a state of mind (super-ego) that, in truth, reflects the joyful essence of the metaphysical soul, which is soul per se, and the be-all-and-end-all of metaphysics, as of true religion, the heavenly ground of supreme being (joy).



Classical music is definitely music for stay-at-homes like me.  There is something intensely subjective about bowing.



If pornography is wrong, then so, too, are take-away meals wrapped in cellophane or whatever from supermarkets.  So, too, would be abstract art.

Male hegemonic realities lead to a proliferation of abstractions, and that, vis-à-vis the female-dominated tradition, is a good (beneficial/desirable) thing or, rather, rejection of concrete thingfulness in favour of abstract thinglessness, in keeping with the psychic preponderance (over soma) of what is properly – and freely - male.



Humans are not made in the psyche-over-soma image of God, as the Bible claims, but in the soma-over-psyche image of Woman (the Mother), from whom they gravitate, following puberty, to either metachemistry (females) or metaphysics and/or physics (males), the latter of whom are then more usually picked off by the XX-chromosomal cosh … of females, to assume a pseudo-metaphysical deference to metachemistry prior to a pseudo-physical ‘fall’ in conjunction with the attainment of a surrogate plenum (in chemistry) by the female, who is then primarily Purgatory the Clear Spirit (pride) and secondarily Woman the Mother (strength) of chemical free soma, the beneficiary, either way, of a regressive transcendence.  And, as noted, this is so of the physical no less than the metaphysical, since, despite pretensions to the contrary, they, too, are ‘picked off’ by females and end-up living in familial circumstances effectively, if not officially or consciously, dominated by females, despite their equivocal hegemony over pseudo-chemistry and the resulting tendency towards small families.  But to suppose that the Protestant (puritan) female had no beauty (and love) to begin with … but was merely pseudo-proud and pseudo-strong in free psyche and pseudo-humble and pseudo-weak in bound soma … would not leave much room for seduction or romance.



The world depends for its existence upon evil/crime; without these metachemical factors, epitomized by the noumenal female, it would be unable to exist.  Therefore the world shows itself to be unworthy of divine sanction, and should accordingly be ‘overcome’ in the interests of the salvation of the sinful/foolish pseudo-physical ‘meek’ to metaphysics and the correlative counter-damnation of the pseudo-criminal/pseudo-evil chemical ‘pseudo-vain’ to pseudo-metachemistry, the neutralized dragon (pseudo-dragon) under the saintly heel, so to speak, as of the so-called ‘lion’ that is perforce obliged to ‘lie down’, in pseudo-metachemistry under metaphysics, with the ‘lamb’ of saintly righteousness.

For only such a deliverance of those at the southwest point of the intercardinal axial compass to its northeast point on the (stepped-up) church-hegemonic/state-subordinate axis will bring down the metachemical ‘vain’ and their pseudo-male dupes, the pseudo-metaphysical ‘pseudo-meek’, obliging them to rub shoulders in damnation with the pseudo-chemical ‘just’ and in counter-salvation with the physical ‘pseudo-righteous’, prior to the total eclipse of state-hegemonic/church-subordinate axial criteria, as and when the remnants thereof are transferred to middle and bottom tier positions (on the triadic Beyond of the resurrected church-hegemonic axis) under the metaphysical/pseudo-metachemical top tier in what, in overall terms, would be the initial inescapable pluralism of a process destined to culminate, following long-term centro-complexification, in totalitarian absolutism, a totalitarianism in which only metaphysics and pseudo-metachemistry would be effectively germane, not least in respect of a kind of space-centre ‘Celestial City’ with a subsumed ‘pseudo-Vanity Fair’.



The advantage of being a ‘nobody’ is that one is more likely to be a ‘someone’, whereas a so-called ‘somebody’ is almost invariably a ‘no-one’ when it comes to having a mind and being able to systematically develop and/or fearlessly express it.



Equalitarianism always leads to one thing – a loss of values, whether in respect of class, gender, race, or profession.

Socialism opposes values because it reduces – or strives to reduce – everything to a valueless equalitarianism.  Ultimately, life becomes meaningless under an equalitarian system.

Equalitarianism is a worldly levelling that fights shy of diabolic and divine inequalities as it struggles to maintain the equalitarian reductionism of life, through democracy, towards the lowest-common-denominator of worldly secularism.



Britain is not – and never has been (bar the brief Cromwellian interlude) – a democracy in the accepted republican sense, but a plutocratic pseudo-democracy of bourgeois parliamentary origin which primarily contrives to serve the economic interests of the plutocratic oligarchy.

As for democracy-proper – it tends towards the pseudo-economics of socialism and is therefore not a male but a female (political) dominated society which the Irish Republic once identified with, though more in consequence of a rejection of British imperial interference than as an end-in-itself.

To some extent, the Church continued to pose as that in the Republic, i.e. the true end of society; though these days it has been sidelined by a quasi-plutocratic sell-out which is the victim, in no small measure, of Anglo-American, not to mention European, pressures on the Irish economy.

As for me, I repudiate everything that is not Social Theocratic and therefore profoundly religious, except, of course, the subordinate corollary of a pseudo-scientific ‘pseudo-dragon’ fated or destined to pseudo-metachemically remain under the saintly heel (of metaphysics) up at the northeast point of the intercardinal axial compass on what, following a majority mandate for religious sovereignty, would be the resurrected (post-Catholic) church-hegemonic/state-subordinate axis.



The People would not hail the Social Theocratic leader for the simple reason that they would still, as now, be sovereign – sovereign, that is, in religious rather than political terms, with a corresponding order of rights both strictly theocratic (metaphysical) and pseudo-autocratic (pseudo-metachemical), this latter of course the subordinate position in regard to females, whose pseudo-metachemical existence under the hegemonic control of metaphysics would be akin to pseudo-space (spaced) under time (repetitive), the time, needless to say, of Eternity within the framework of ‘Kingdom Come’.



The middle classes are not interested in truth, as I understand it (metaphysically), but only in defending the status quo which, in their case, equates with the safeguarding of plutocratic humanism.



A thoroughgoing revolution that is minded of the desirability of advancing religious sovereignty and removing obstacles, both political and religious, not to mention economic and scientific, to its advancement in the People can only be led by an extraordinary individual – one so extraordinary as to be virtually dictatorial in his messianic ‘omniscience’.

But such power as devolves upon him from the People, having elected through him for religious sovereignty, can only be used in the interests of the religiously sovereign, not for any other, unrelated purpose.



Hitler was a warmonger.  He violated the Munich Agreement by invading, annexing and exploiting the rest of Czechoslovakia in the interests of the Greater German Reich.  After that, the British and French could no longer be expected to negotiate with him, and therefore when he cynically invaded Poland, ostensibly over Danzig and the Corridor, without having declared war on her, accompanied, be it not forgotten, by the Soviet Union, his then-ally, Britain and France were left with no alternative but to declare their countries to be at war with Nazi Germany, though not, as it happened, the Soviet Union.  Which of course led to the so-called Phoney War, insofar as neither Britain nor France were prepared to assist Poland at the risk of antagonizing Hitler’s ally, and Poland very quickly succumbed in consequence.

Thus began the Second World War, and Hitler, despite initial successes, eventually got what he deserved – total and utter defeat, even if at the price for Britain and France of cooperation with the Soviet Union, that former co-invader of Poland, and, of course, an immense input, utterly crucial to the outcome, from the USA.



Churchill may or may not, as an Anglican, have been a Jew-ridden autocrat, but whatever he was he morally responded to a situation that was imposed upon him by Hitler’s criminality and the manifest unsuitability of his government predecessor (Chamberlain) in dealing with Hitler as he deserved – ruthlessly and without equivocation.



There is no great merit in freedom; it is the natural state-of-affairs.  But once you have found your freedom you must remain bound to it, else the opposite of freedom and binding, which is anarchy, will ensue.



The less religion the more science,  the less rebirths the more births, and the world, taken at face value, becomes increasingly overcrowded or overpopulated, and the accomplice, in consequence, of mass movements and ideologies.  A world without hope of divine redemption (overcoming) through religion, which is – or should be – about deliverance from the mass and therefore a whittling down of numbers through communal centro-complexification.



Sympathy for the Devil now takes the form of sympathy for foreigners – mostly third world – trying to bring down Western civilization, which, in a global age, is understandable if not exactly laudable.



The solitary householder, in some suburban or rural setting, is always prey to the fear of burglary and/or mugging.  There is a price to be paid for living in isolation from the urban generality in their terraced or semi-terraced housing, both financially and psychologically.



It is easier, in Nietzschean parlance, to be a ‘fly swat’ than not to be a ‘fly swat’ when one lives in close proximity to the generality of people.  But it only plays into their hands and ultimately is not worth the trouble.



She sat by her man through thick and thin like a beast of prey, waiting for an opportunity to pounce on any weakness that promised to play into her predatory hands.



Do we really live in 2010 A.D., or is that just a convenient fiction over the plethora of heathenistic facts that characterize, in female-oriented vein, our secular time?



People into rock music often buy books when, really, they should be buying e-books.



I’ve always viewed female freedom, which is bodily, as a threat to male freedom, which, by contrast, is mental, that is, psychic, or of the mind.



Concretion wars, in gender terms, upon abstraction, the body on the mind, and strives, with all its will, to bend the abstract to its concrete cause, namely the propagation, through sex, of offspring.  It is perfectly possible to believe in a body-mind symbiosis in connection with female triumphalism, which seeks to dominate and subjugate males.

A mind-body symbiosis, on the other hand, is only intelligible in relation to male hegemonic criteria, which, even if it doesn’t exactly establish a genuine mind-body symbiosis in the female, at least neutralizes and subjugates the body-mind symbiosis, making it less likely to openly prevail.



Sometimes the writing capacity ‘dries up’; at other times it ‘flows in torrents’, like a fast-moving stream.

Writing is far less troublesome than computing – you just get on with it.



The philosopher who doesn’t become increasingly aphoristic (and metaphysical) is either standing still or going backwards. (Assuming he isn’t a Lockean clod into essays because, racially or ethnically, he has no alternative but to be corporeal).



I am not only the Sartre or Nietzsche of my generation; I am the best self-taught philosopher who ever lived, as my centretruths website would attest.



Much as I despise Catholics, I have nothing but contempt for the philosophy of Protestants; it not only doesn’t add up, it can’t add up, because too autocratically or ‘democratically’ (plutocratically) narrow.



The English, being overwhelmingly Protestant, will be the last people to accord recognition to my philosophy, which is too profoundly religious, i.e. metaphysical, for their empirical capacities, grounded in scientific experiment, to accommodate.  They are a people for whom the subjective is taboo.  So, in other respects, are the British generally.



I’ve discovered a new way of writing: when my internet-ridden computer lets me down (as it frequently does) I scribble into a notebook.

Alternatively, it helps to have two computers ‘on the go’ at any given time, so that you can switch between them when the ‘going gets tough’ (or ceases altogether) with either of them.



The one constant feature about mass or popular music is that it is detestable at any level.



The black-on-white keys of a music keyboard, even with samples, no longer appeal to me.  I would be a hypocrite to play such an instrument while publishing my literature on the internet in white-on-black.  A white-on-black music keyboard, on the other hand, would be fine for someone who believes in a non-book-like approach to text, an approach that appears or, rather, seems to favour free psyche over bound soma.



Was it Sartre who said that other people are hell?  How right he was!  But I should like to add computers to the observation, preferably when connected to the internet.



Only in an age as secular as this would it be possible for so-called human beings to spend so much time in front of machines – far more time than monkeys would be prepared to spend, if we recall D.H. Lawrence’s gripe!



It would be no exaggeration to say that my chief mainstay, that which has made it possible for me to continue in a culturally intellectual lifestyle since moving from Surrey to London (1974) has been wax earplugs, to which I have taken regular recourse both during the day and at night to protect me from the noise of neighbours, few if any of whom have been consistently quiet.



The People – a bitch-dominated bugbear that fights shy of religious truth and, hence, true philosophy which, unlike the false, or scientific, variety, is anything but empirical.



Koestler – fundamentally a cosmic materialist with an empirical axe to grind at the expense, needless to say, of progressive transcendentalism.

I hardly think Sartre was a worse, i.e. lower, type of philosopher than Koestler, that Ena Sharples-admiring jumped-up political émigré hack.



There is no hope for mankind, least of all when humanistically left to its own democratic devices.  Hope is a question for radical theocrats and their ability to overcome mankind in the name of cyborgkind.

The cyborgistic overcoming of mankind through democracy towards a radical, or social theocratic, end – isn’t that at the core of my philosophy?



Time wasted staring at the computer screen when – as is all too often the case - it jams up or ceases to function properly – so much time and sight wasted on mechanical rubbish!

No wonder our age is so sad! We are all too often the victims of crappy machines/technologies which poison the soul and blight the mind, as well as inducing eyestrain.



Those who wish to get close to Nature forget or conveniently overlook the fact that it is a bitch pregnant with predatory zeal that desires, from a male perspective, only the contempt fitting to an object of unchristian aggression and mercenary unquiet.



The decadence of bourgeois civilization, i.e. women priests, is one thing; proletarian barbarism and philistinism quite another, even if the two realities co-exist in this (transitional) day and age on a classical music/rock-like basis.



‘Energy = MC²’ – a diabolical equation rooted in cosmic materialism.



Buy the ‘Irish Independent’ and read the ‘Daily Telegraph’ and the ‘Times’, those two worthy right-wing British newspapers.

On second thoughts, one can at least console oneself that the general standard of typography with articles from those titles will be higher.



Acting up for other people – I gave that up years ago.  No wonder I don’t have a woman – I couldn’t act up for her.

All acting up is rooted in vanity.

The actor is, by definition, of female persuasion.



Male ego was behind the nonsensical notion (in Genesis) that man preceded woman and was, in some degree, responsible for her creation.  What a joke!

As everyone should know, the more complex arises out of the simpler, like man out of woman.  Eggs and chickens.



Shaw was not even a poetic sonofabitch.  As a playwright he was a ‘quasi-bitch’.  The worst type of literary animal – virtually criminal



Oh to be free of the tyranny of women and kids! Wouldn’t that be closer to Paradise?



Some say life is too long, others – and usually the majority – that it is too short.  For my part, I say it depends on one’s circumstances, and I, for one, the solitary victim of decades of exile from nation and class, would categorically find it far too long.



Black = heathenistic bitch-loving fool (at least in a majority of cases), though with the compensatory honesty to call a spade a spade and a bitch a … bitch!



My computers are so bad (slow, inept, noisy, etc.) that it makes more sense to scribble in my notebook than to waste time (and health) staring interminably at a non-functioning screen.

Could anything be worse than Vista?  What one has to endure every day is a patent crime!

Always being held up by computers – the most frustrating of experiences!  How I detest these f***ing useless machines!  And despise myself for being so soulless that I can put up with them!

Sometimes I feel like giving-up computing and going back to writing again, so frustrating and humiliating is the computer experience….Not that I ever entirely stopped writing, but it did get rather scaled down due to other – and usually worse - commitments.



The problem of whores and an overcrowded world.  Nothing to do with godliness, much less Heaven.



There’s a distinct difference between being a master of one’s life and a victim of machines.



All those religious fakes keep speaking of God as though that were the crux of religion.  And, of course, God made man, etc., etc.  The hell she did!



How I detest that U2 song ‘Beautiful Day’.  So modern, so heathenistic, so … shallow and complacently acquiescent in the natural status quo!  But this is not an age in which Truth, in the religious or metaphysical sense, would be encouraged, let alone understood.



With women’s liberation, or feminism, one can only expect society, well accustomed to female dominion, to accord value to beauty and, well, strength or, rather, pride, since that, too, is female in character.

Truth is a pariah in contemporary female-dominated society, with its Beauty-oriented materialism and pride-oriented naturalism.

Even knowledge-proper, which appertains to ego, gets a raw deal these days, since it would seem to be associated, all too often, with bourgeois tradition and an opposition, by implication, to carnal knowledge, which defers, after all, to the hegemony of female values, particularly pride and strength, and has more of a black racial overtone that complicates and, as with all such matters, further exacerbates the majority Western position to a point where it cannot be evaluated except in relation to the impact, for better or worse, of coloured elements within the slowly unfolding global context.



Judaism extolled Will, Catholicism Spirit, Protestantism or, rather, Puritanism the Ego, and … but no, it is difficult if not impossible to think of a traditional religion which extolled Soul, at least to any appreciable extent.  That would seem to be for the future, when Eternity comes to pass and machines no longer dominate but serve, as though in the background to a more important eventuality.



Jews and Moslems are even worse than Christians in relation to the God-thing, or deity thingfulness, since they relate, in all-too-Middle-Eastern netherworldly vein, to the so-called Almighty, the ‘All-Powerful’ Creator, whereas Christians, being more worldly (in historical and environmental terms) usually make do with the extrapolative personifications like Mary and Christ which, to my mind, is the prerogative of half-wits rather than nitwits, or those for whom Beauty takes precedence not only over Truth (joy) but over Strength (pride) and Knowledge (pleasure) as well.  Ugh! How I detest the Netherworldly and their pseudo-Otherworldly dupes.



Of all the forms of dishonesty, there is nothing worse than religious dishonesty and the moral cowardice it breeds.



Higher art, by which is meant original creative art, is always effectively anti-People, that is, beyond the limitations of the masses and therefore something that proceeds independently of them on an intensely individual basis.



Fiction – a pseudo-bitch (pseudo-chemical) and/or pseudo-superbitch (pseudo-metachemical) art-form is incompatible with feminism, the female (pseudo-female) novelist and/or short-story writer is gender subordinate to a male hegemony in either physics (essayistic philosophy, or pseudo-philosophy) or metaphysics (aphoristic philosophy, or philosophy-proper), as in pseudo-chemistry under physics at the southeast point of the intercardinal axial compass and pseudo-metachemistry under metaphysics at the northeast point of said compass.  Therefore a ‘female’ who writes fiction (as opposed to plays) isn’t in the remotest degree feminist.

As for those amoral quasi-pseudo-bitches/superbitches who write novels and/or short stories rather than stick to philosophy of one sort or another … I have nothing but contempt. They ought to be made to wear tapering skirts and/or dresses, depending on their literary bent.



The liberated female, or female-proper, is by definition hegemonic over males (pseudo-males) in metachemistry and/or chemistry, with the latter very much pseudo-metaphysical under metachemistry and pseudo-physical under chemistry.



Equality between the sexes is a delusional concept.  Treating them as equals in certain respects, i.e. salary, job entitlement, justice, etc., is of course another matter.  Which, of course, also applies to race.



Much as I abhor the Christian (bourgeois) decadence of so-called ‘women priests’, I nonetheless concede that pseudo-devils will be required, as pseudo-females, to oversee the pseudo-metachemically counter-Damned no less than godly male individuals to oversee the well-being of the metaphysically Saved in the future global or universal setting that, with the democratic acceptance of religious sovereignty, I identify with ‘Kingdom Come’.  There will be strict gender segregation between the saintly metaphysical and the pseudo-angelic pseudo-metachemical, as between religion and pseudo-science, righteousness and pseudo-justice, time and pseudo-space, eternity and pseudo-infinity, noumenal subjectivity and noumenal pseudo-objectivity, extreme right-wing and extreme pseudo-left-wing criteria, as germane to the supercross and the pseudo-superstar of a St George and the (neutralized) dragon-like scenario that would be equivalent to choppers and jump jets (pseudo-jets) or, in the latter instance, the ‘lion’ that is perforce obliged to pseudo-justly ‘lie down’ with the ‘lamb’ … of saintly righteousness.



The contemporary world is dominated by devils, or liberated females who ‘strut their stuff’ the better to captivate and dominate males, who are then reduced to pseudo-male sons-of-bitches.  The only way to defeat this is to so save the pseudo-physical ‘meek’ to metaphysics and so counter-damn the chemical ‘pseudo-vain’ to pseudo-metachemistry that there will no longer be an audience, a gullible public, a lapsed catholic generality, etc., for the devils (and pseudo-metaphysical pseudo-gods) to exploit, and no way that they and their human-all-too-human physical/pseudo-chemical financial backers on the state-hegemonic/church-subordinate axis (northwest to southeast on the intercardinal axial compass) could continue to profit from the exemplifications of somatic licence which characterize their purely evil concept of freedom – one necessarily female in character in its illustration of a beautiful free will.



Indigenous Irish sports – Gaelic football, Hurling, and Camogie – have the advantage over their British-derived imperial counterparts - rugby, football, and cricket – of being church-hegemonic/state-subordinate, and therefore germane to a people for whom the southwest and northeast points of the intercardinal axial compass are integral to their sense of axial polarity as exemplified through cultural ethnicity.



Ali Dali from Mali goes to Bali.



Do females enslave males?  Yes, they most certainly do, whether to an absolute degree (in metachemistry over pseudo-metaphysics) or to a relative degree (in chemistry over pseudo-physics), that is, whether in the ethereal terms of a 1:3 ratio of free soma to bound psyche (contrasting with the female 3:1 ratio) or in the corporeal terms of a 1½:2½ ratio of free soma to bound psyche (contrasting with the female 2½:1½ ratio).  Either way the male, as pseudo-male sonofabitch, is preponderantly enslaved by the free female and accordingly obliged to live more on the ‘dark side’ (bound psyche) than in ‘the light’ (of free soma) – in complete contrast to the free female.



War and peace – the alpha and omega of life, autocracy and theocracy, metachemistry and metaphysics, Devil and God or, more accurately, Heaven, will and soul, whether in cosmic, natural, human, or (to anticipate the future) cyborg terms or, indeed, right across the board, as it were, from the utmost alpha in metachemical cosmos (stellar-like) to the utmost (coming) metaphysical omega (subjectively cyborgistic).



In ‘Kingdom Come’, which I equate with a Social Theocratic society centred (at least for the metaphysical) in religious sovereignty, the males will be metaphysically free (in psyche) and the females pseudo-metachemically bound (in soma) – the reverse, in other words, of what exists in the netherworldly/pseudo-otherworldly context of contemporary metachemistry over pseudo-metaphysics.



Anyone, that is, any male, who wants to get married must be fuck*** mad – certainly off his head, having ‘lost it’ to a woman.  Then he officially becomes a ring-toting sonofabitch, whether in his ear or, in the ‘fallen’ state commensurate with marriage, on his finger.



An author should be authoritative, but evidently not authoritarian.  Where is the logic in that?



Most people probably don’t realize that ‘sir’ derives from ‘sire’, its medieval counterpart.



Despite their instrumental brilliance I really don’t like the rock band Yes, largely because of their sun-oriented lyrics which strike me as crassly heathen.  Also Anderson’s high-pitched thin voice, almost female, leaves me cold.  Hippy-dippy.

It would be no exaggeration to say that there is an obsession with the Sun with Yes or Anderson’s lyrics – an obsession bordering, ironically, on lunacy.

Sunday is the ‘ideal’ day, it seems to me, on which to play Yes, not least the ‘Live at Montreux 2003’ DVD.

Lyrically Yes are terrible – their songs make me cringe.

In some respects (though not the obvious ones) Yes would be more suited to the Proms than to a jazz festival like Montreux.  They aren’t exactly classical, no, but then again they aren’t jazz either.  No doubt, the Montreux Festival profits from selling out to Rock.



Fancy calling the traditional Christian day of rest Sunday!  What could be further from the spirit of Christ?  Is a country with a day called Sunday, i.e. day of the Sun, really Christian?  I doubt it.  In fact, I completely deny it.

Actually the Sun is Satanic, that is, what corresponds to the pseudo-Father and pseudo-Son (3:1) rolled into one and dominated, stellar-wise, by the metachemical Mother and Daughter (3:1), the free soma and bound psyche that rules the pseudo-metaphysical ‘fall guy’, or solar sonofabitch.



All my life’s work – the literature (especially philosophy), art, photography, videos, literary transcripts, music, website building, etc. – has been a compensation for the emptiness and loneliness of exile from my native land (Ireland).  I have attempted to fill the void with cultural activities.  But the void, of course, persists … and will doubtless continue to do so … as long as I remain in English exile.



The disgusting spectacle of mixed congregations in churches – what can they know of godliness (in relation, more importantly, to Heaven, as of ‘bovaryized’ ego [super-ego] in relation to Soul) who make a show of worshipping God, whether in the ‘Person’ of the so-called Father or in His Son?



Man might, as superman, be ‘made in the image of God’ or, rather, Heaven/godliness to the extent that his psyche (mind) precedes and preponderates over his soma (body) to a 3:1 degree, commensurate with noumenal absolutism in metaphysics (subjective), but that would not apply to the 2½:1½ ratio of psyche to soma characterizing man per se as a physical entity paradoxically subject to subversion to somatic emphasis in secondary state-hegemonic/church-subordinate axial vein vis-à-vis the primary state-hegemonic/church-subordinate axial status of pseudo-chemical pseudo-females in gender polarity with their metachemical female counterparts who, of course, hegemonically ‘call the shots’ in relation to a 3:1 free somatic/bound psychic disposition.

Nor would it explain how, having at the superhuman level been made in godly image, ‘man’ allowed this same ‘God’ to fashion ‘woman’ from his ribs as a creature not only at gender loggerheads with anything godly (and metaphysical)  but, in her free soma and bound psyche, at variance with him to the extent that, succumbing to carnal temptation, he is no longer able to remain true to his self (soul) but is perforce obliged to ‘walk the world’ as a familial exile from Paradise.

A god who makes something or, rather, somebody in the opposite image to himself is a contradiction in terms, like the Genesis account of ‘the Garden’ and, indeed, of all Creation.

The sooner this Biblical nonsense is officially consigned to the ‘rubbish heap of history’ the better; for the Bible is a tissue of lies and contradictions that, notwithstanding the innumerable anachronisms characterizing its ancient Middle Eastern origins, actually favours Devil the Mother hyped as God the Father and Her entitlement, under a beautiful free will, to ‘increase and multiply’.

Of course, there are also people who prefer Christ, the so-called ‘Son of God’, hyped as God and even some, mostly female, who regard the so-called ‘Mother of God’ in such an idolatrous light.  All deluded and partial, in consequence, to ‘bovaryized’ religion, i.e. to the conventional religious traditions of Western and even Eastern civilization.



The People, meaning principally the broad uncivilized (barbarous/philistine) masses, are never too partial to genuine religion (about which, in any case, they can have only the foggiest idea), in which abstract values preponderate, by dint of their propensity towards concrete values owing not a little to the sexual and familial domination of females which, with them, is virtually inevitable and regarded, in a manner of speaking, as de rigueur.



To establish a greater peace, a more genuine peace (inner), in which the male is elevated (through salvation) from a pseudo-male pseudo-physical status under chemical females, as pseudo-mass under volume, to a properly male metaphysical standing over pseudo-metachemical pseudo-females or, rather, pseudo-superfemales, as time over pseudo-space, the ‘first’, in respect of the chemical, becoming pseudo-metachemically ‘last’ and the ‘last’, in respect of the pseudo-physical, becoming metaphysically ‘first’ in an unequivocal hegemony at the northeast point of the intercardinal axial compass on what would be a stepped up (resurrected) church-hegemonic/state-subordinate axis stretching from southwest to northeast points of the said compass … to establish such a greater peace, I say, one would have to war on ‘the People’ as chemical/pseudo-physical elements in order to overcome their familial, worldly and effectively female-dominated status, with intent, in effect, to overcoming ‘the world’ as it exists at the southwest point of the aforementioned compass and therefore in axial contrast to the physical/pseudo-chemical manifestation of it at the southeast, which, due to its economic hegemony in physics, is financially ‘hand in glove’ with the somatic licence of the female-dominated metachemical/pseudo-metaphysical northwest point of the intercardinal axial compass on what, by contrast, is the state-hegemonic/church-subordinate axis and secular fruit, in this day and age, of schismatic heresy.  One might even say that the relationship of the physical/pseudo-chemical to the metachemical/pseudo-metaphysical resembles a Faustian pact, in which the knowledge-compromised soul is sold to the beautiful free will that rules a diabolic or devilish roost.



Am I an enemy of ‘the People’?  No.  Actually, I’m the enemy of the metachemical/pseudo-metaphysical elements at the northwest point of the intercardinal axial compass who prey upon the chemical/pseudo-physical elements from the netherworldly standpoint of female-dominated somatic licence and thereby preclude their deliverance (to metaphysics/pseudo-metachemistry) and effective ‘end of the world’, as that much-preyed upon gender dichotomous entity that is only an end-in-itself as far as the regressive transcendence of females is concerned.

To me, the chemical/pseudo-physical elements are pawns in my game of putting the metachemical/pseudo-metaphysical ‘out of business’ for want of prey down at the southwest point of the said compass and therefore damned (metachemistry to pseudo-chemistry) and counter-saved (pseudo-metaphysics to physics), and, as pawns, they cannot be enemies but, rather, means to a specific end – the progressive transcendence of pseudo-physics in metaphysics on the male side coupled to the regressive counter-fundamentalism (counter-materialism) of chemistry to pseudo-metachemistry on the female side.



In the following I attempt to draw up a list not only of my favourite films on DVD but of my favourite all-time film roles by a given actor or pair of actors.  Hence:-

Tom Cruise and Tom Wilkinson in ‘Valkyrie’;

Sean Connery and Christian Slater in ‘The Name of the Rose’;

Johnny Depp and Lena Olin in ‘The Ninth Gate’;

Richard Burton and Leo McKern in ‘Massacre in Rome’;

Anthony Hopkins in ‘The Bunker’;

James Coburn and James Mason in ‘Cross of Iron’;

Kenneth Branagh and Stanley Tucci in ‘Conspiracy’;

Michael Caine in ‘The Eagle Has Landed’;

Liam Neeson and Alan Rickman in ‘Michael Collins’;

Burt Lancaster in ‘The Train’;

Robert Shaw in ‘Battle of the Bulge’;

Stephen Fry in ‘Oscar Wilde’;

Orson Welles in ‘Is Paris Burning?’;

Peter O’Toole and Donald Pleasance in ‘The Night of the Generals’;

Robert Mitchum and Peter Falk in ‘Anzio’;

Gabriel Byrne and Mira Sorvino in ‘Attack on Leningrad’;

Jude Law and Ed Harris in ‘Enemy at the Gates’.

Thomas Kretchmann in ‘Stalingrad’;

Jürgen Prochnow in ‘Das Boot’;

Bruno Ganz in ‘Downfall’.



That superimposition of feminist secularism upon decadent bourgeois civilization ensures that the latter is often conditioned by the former to an extent whereby it comes to mirror the barbarous/philistine criteria largely applying to the proletariat, not least in respect of the Protestant-oriented phenomenon of so-called women priests.  Bah! What a shambles!



All those left-wing or, more correctly vis-à-vis their extrinsically left-wing female counterparts, pseudo-right-wing sons-of-bitches with their philistine acquiescence in feminist barbarity and all that is most democratically and socialistically superficial in contemporary (global) society – how they revolt me!



No-one could be more pro-extreme right-wing than me, the apostle of the Supercross and its moral entitlement to keep what I have elsewhere called the pseudo-Superstar in its gender subordinate place, as in pseudo-metachemistry under metaphysics (pseudo-space under time) at the northeast point of the intercardinal axial compass – a neutralized dragon (pseudo-dragon) under saintly heels, pretty much like the proverbial ‘lion’ that is perforce obliged to ‘lie down’ with the ‘lamb’ (of godliness in relation to Heaven) because it has been neutralized and has no other choice.  Jump jet (pseudo-jet) under chopper on an aircraft carrier would be an equivalent metaphor.  But haven’t I said all this a thousand times before?



Free speech or, rather, writing comes with me, not with the proletarian mob of bitch-slavering half-wits whose lips are sealed in all but profane contexts.



To come out of the shadow of autocracy hyped as theocracy – what a liberation for mankind that will be!  The genuine theocracy of Social Theocracy and/or Transcendentalism – a male preserve, so really not something that would appeal to women or females generally, given their fundamentally autocratic dispositions, and doubtfully congenial to decadent bourgeois vested interests, who prefer the proletariat, the urban-cum-global generality, under their autocracy-deferring heels.



Anti-porn people are detestably stupid and … concrete, or human-all-too-f***ing-human.



It is to be hoped that with the passing of CRT-type televisions and computers the age of the ‘hollow men’ has also passed.  For the ‘hollow men’ are those who are most dominated by and akin to free females, who are never so televisually free than when ‘strutting their stuff’ via the cathode ray tube.



I think my favourite female singer is Liana Foly, and I’ve only got one of her albums, viz. Reve Orange, which doesn’t exactly complement my favourite (German) group – Tangerine Dream.



Probable order of my all-time top ten female singers:-

                      1.  Liana Foly;

                      2.  Chrissie Hynde;

                      3. Joni Mitchell;

                      4.  Sinead O’Connor;

                      5. Maire Brennan;

                      6.  Mary Coughlan;

                      7. Enya;

                      8. Andrea Corr;

                      9. Angela Gossow;

                      10. Cher.



Probable order of my all-time top ten male singers:-

                      1.  Mick Jagger;

                      2.  Ian Gillan;

                      3.  Glenn Hughes;

                      4.  Chris Logan;

                      5.  Chris Farlowe;

                      6.  Robert Plant;

                      7.  Ozzy Osbourne;

                      8.  Alice Cooper;

                      9.  Ronnie James Dio;

                      10.  Bruce Dickenson;



Probable order of my all-time top ten singer/songwriters:-

                      1.  Bob Dylan;

                      2.  Neil Young;

                      3.  Joni Mitchell;

                      4.  Gerry Rafferty;

                      5.  David Crosby;

                      6.  Chris de Burgh;

                      7.  Paul Brady;

                      8.  Lou Reed;

                      9.  Roy Harper;

                      10.  Freddie White.



Probable order of my all-time top ten electric guitarists:-

                      1.  Michael Schenker;

                      2.  Jeff Beck;

                      3.  Gary Moore;

                      4.  Rory Gallagher;

                      5.  Jimi Hendrix;

                      6.  Eric Clapton;

                      7.  Frank Zappa;

                      8.  Carlos Santana;

                      9.  Snowy White;

                      10.  Phil Donnelly.



Probable order of my all-time top ten electric keyboardists:-

                      1.  Keith Emerson;

                      2.  Chick Corea;

                      3.  Rick Wakeman;

                      4.  Dave Greenslade;

                      5.  Jon Lord;

                      6.  Jan Hammer;

                      7.  Herbie Hancock;

                      8.  Mike Ratledge;

                      9.  Barry Miles;

                      10.  Don Airy.



Probable order of my all-time top ten electric guitarists/keyboardists:-

                      1.  Steve Winwood;

                      2.  David Sancious;

                      3.  Edgar Froese;

                      4.  John Mayall;

                      5.  Joni Mitchell;

                      6.  Wayne Findlay;

                      7.  Chris de Burgh;

                      8.  Pete Townshend;

                      9.  Neil Young;

                      10.  Jerome Froese.



Probable order of my all-time top ten electric bassists:-

                      1.  Stanley Clarke;

                      2.  Dave LaRue;

                      3.  Jaco Pastorius;

                      4.  Jack Bruce;

                      5.  Phil Lynott;

                      6.  Roger Glover;

                      7.  Mark Clarke;

                      8.  Chris Squire;

                      9.  Alphonso Johnson;

                      10.  Roger Waters.



Probable order of my all-time top ten drummers/percussionists:-

                      1.  Jon Hiseman;

                      2.  Pierre Moerlen;

                      3.  Billy Cobham;

                      4.  Ian Paice;

                      5.  Carl Palmer;

                      6.  Alan White;

                      7.  Mitch Mitchell;

                      8.  Colin Allen;

                      9.  Keith Moon;

                      10.  Richard Bailey.



Probable order of my all-time top ten groups:-

                      1.  Tangerine Dream;

                      2.  Deep Purple;

                      3.  The Rolling Stones;

                      4.  Thin Lizzy;

                      5.  King Crimson;

                      6.  Colosseum;

                      7.  ELP (Emerson Lake & Palmer);

                      8.  MSG (Michael Schenker Group);

                      9.  Return to Forever;

                      10.  Weather Report.



Probable order of my all-time top ten rock groups:-

1.       Deep Purple;

2.       The Rolling Stones;

3.       Thin Lizzy;

4.       Michael Schenker Group;

5.       The Doors;

6.       The Grateful Dead;

7.       The Allman Brothers Band;

8.       Black Sabbath;

9.       Spiritual Beggars;

10.  Jethro Tull.



Probable order of my all-time top ten wind/horn players:-

                      1.  Wayne Shorter;

                      2.  Miles Davis;

                      3.  Wallace Roney;

                      4.  Dick Heckstall-Smith;

                      5.  Ian Anderson;

                      6.  Michael Brecker;

                      7.  Randy Brecker;

                      8.  Thijs Van Leer;

                      9.  Barbara Thompson;

                      10. Elton Dean.


SPECTACLES (Revisited)

Increasingly I like to take a break from the optical straitjacket of spectacles and become optically liberated into an impressionistic world where ugliness (and beauty) is much less discernible.  What an all-round relief!



Everything I do I do for the sake of an intellectually cultural/pseudo-civilized Few, not for the impulsively pseudo-barbarous/philistine Many, with their hideous sports and uncouth tempers.

The only thing that would preclude me from wiping out an entire city (assuming, for the sake of argument, that I had the power) would be the harm that would befall the intellectually cultural/pseudo-civilized Few, as interpreted by me in relation to freak and/or hippy-like artistic radicals of a metaphysical and/or pseudo-metachemical disposition (depending on gender).

As for the barbarous/pseudo-philistine Few and the pseudo-cultural/civilized Many – right now the state-hegemonic don’t mean that much to me and I am not interested in their immediate welfare.



Oxford Street HMV (His Master’s Voice in, I believe, two if not three locations) may be the biggest and best-stocked of such shops in the British Isles, but that only means that it has more godless junk than anywhere else, including the smaller provincial stores.

These days, HMV is a multimedia high-street monopoly with little or no competition from rival digital-media outlets, most of which have since folded or retrenched, including Virgin Music and Tower Records.

HMV sounds like a disease, though much of its stock is less about nourishing the Soul than appealing to people seemingly without one – those who have wilfully turned their back on the Soul under female pressures, allowing what remains of it to be bent and twisted out of all recognition.



Protestants would traditionally have been even less likely than Catholics to acknowledge, much less cultivate, the Soul.  Their secular descendants prefer simply to deny it from the standpoint of materialism, which includes mechanics and contemporary technologies.



If there is anything worse than the centre left in Irish politics, i.e. Fianna Fáil, it can only be the radical republicanism of the extreme left, meaning, in Irish political terms, Sinn Fein.  No self-respecting right-wing person, least of all when extreme right (noumenal), would want to have much or, indeed, anything to do with the likes of Sinn Fein, and the sooner this party are consigned to the rubbish bin of history the better.

Just as the Greens, a right wing (conservative or, rather, conservationist) party, co-exist in government at the time of writing (2010) with the centre-left Fianna Fáil, and have their temptations, if not inclinations, to get around or over Fianna Fáil through some kind of association with the extreme left, if only to put the centre left under pressure, so in the future I foresee the Labour Party as a political assist to any pro-extreme right-wing party/movement which, like Social Theocracy, would take the country towards ‘Kingdom Come’, if only to put pressure on the centre right Fine Gael party from a left-wing standpoint that may well prove advantageous to the pro-extreme right, since paradoxes of that order are the stuff of contemporary Irish politics.  And if they do, well, rest assured that Social Theocracy must take full advantage of anything and everything that encourages such a shift in political thinking.  For only then will it be possible to get rid of the scourge – and shame – of the radical republicanism of the extreme left, bearing in mind Social Theocracy’s commitment to the Centre and hence to noumenal centrism, the means whereby extreme right and extreme pseudo-left elements can be reconciled in metaphysical and pseudo-metachemical fashion, the proverbial ‘lion’ of the latter ‘lying down’ with the ‘lamb’ of the former in what, with religious sovereignty, would be the Centre-proper.



Unfortunately, as long as we continue to be at the mercy of machine-making (computers not least) epsilon semi-morons, we shall always be held back and have our lives turned on their head, so to speak.



Life is a scandal that few if any of us have the guts to cry out and revolt against, with intent to turning it around.



Red = barbarism/pseudo-philistinism, i.e. metachemistry and pseudo-metaphysics at the northwest point of the intercardinal axial compass;

White = pseudo-culture/civility, i.e. physics and pseudo-chemistry at the southeast point of the said axial compass;

Therefore Red is polar to White on the state-hegemonic/church-subordinate axis (as Class to Occupation).

Black = pseudo-barbarism/philistinism, i.e. chemistry and pseudo-physics at the southwest point of the intercardinal axial compass;

Yellow = culture/pseudo-civility, i.e. metaphysics and pseudo-metachemistry at the northeast point of the said axial compass;

Therefore Black is polar to Yellow on the church-hegemonic/state-subordinate axis (as Sex to Race).

Catholic Irish tend to be divisible between Black and Yellow (as opposed to Red and White), as between Gaelic football and hurling on the church-hegemonic/state-subordinate axis stretching from the southwest to the northeast points of the intercardinal axial compass.

Protestant Irish, like their British counterparts, tend to be divisible between Red and White (as opposed to Black and Yellow), as between rugby and soccer on the state-hegemonic/church-subordinate axis stretching from the northwest to the southeast points of the intercardinal axial compass.



Wasn’t it Nietzsche who said women are base but men evil? I disagree.  I think the reverse is more true – that men are generally base but women fundamentally evil, i.e. somatically beautiful and sensuously loving, just the attributes to seduce and bring men low with – as, I’m sure, Schopenhauer would entirely agree.

Such beauty and love exists in free soma, not bound psyche, and it exists, like ugliness and hate, metachemically, i.e. in the fundamental female element on a materialist basis.



Truth, in the widest possible and therefore non-theological sense, does not come to those who neither have the balls nor the brains for it.  If you have just the balls or the brains it tends to pass you by.



Those ‘pr***s’ and ‘pseudo-c***s’ who went on to ‘further education’ and partook more greedily of the ‘forbidden tree of knowledge’ are always beneath me – lacking in metaphysical and/or pseudo-metachemical attributes from a standpoint centred in physics/pseudo-chemistry.



Poe and de Sade – brothers in literary crime.  Two of a kind, bar the Sadian sexual deviance and cruelty.

Jim Morrison had something of the Poe in him, being a great poet.  Indubitably one of the American classics, despite his all-too brief career.

Morrison lived up to the mythic aura of Keats and Shelley – by dying early (27).

From Henry James to Henry Miller – a tale not so much of two cities (Boston and New York) as of two Henrys.

The Italianate delicacy of Ezra Pound, that exquisite lyricist and fascist collaborator.

I wrote all the above notes in between watching CSIs – including CSI NY’s Death House, a brilliant episode (10 from Series 6) which was strongly reminiscent of Poe.

As a youth I revelled in Ginsberg’s poetry, despite the manifest obscenities and profanities liberally scattered throughout the texts.  His is a poetry not only distinct from Pound, but beyond Rexroth in its mesmeric turgidities and torturous syntax, not to mention the boldness of its ambiguities.



No matter how detestable the IRA may be, it was a product of British intransigence and a consequence, in large part, of British imperialism, which both defines and limits the IRA and its political wing, Sinn Fein.

Hence no British imperialism in Ireland, no IRA/Sinn Fein.

But Ulster Loyalists are a consequence of British imperialism, not something independent of it that just happens to be pro-British. They manifest the British will in Ireland, the protestant-derived secular capitalism that has a parliamentary sanction, pseudo-politics in the service of economics.  Thus they are inevitably at axial loggerheads with the Catholic majority on the island of Ireland, despite the latter’s apparent dotted-line sell-out to capitalism under WASPish pressures both internally and externally.

Such a sell-out has come to grief and the restoration of trust in politics demands not the continuance of pseudo-politics in the economic service at the southeast point of the intercardinal axial compass, nor the restoration of politics and pseudo-economics proper to the catholic majority at the southwest point of the said compass, wherein socialist republicanism comes back on to the agenda, but, rather, the utilization of the democratic process to a religiously sovereign end, such that may allow the existing republic to be transcended in the name of the Social Theocratic Centre and hence the concomitant salvation and counter-damnation of the lapsed catholic generality to a context equivalent to ‘Kingdom Come’.  For only in such an otherworldly/pseudo-netherworldly context could the tendency of selling-out to capitalism be avoided, not merely averted.



The worst they can do to you is to stop you from being true to yourself, your soul.  Being ‘true’ to somebody else is also counter-productive, since it necessarily precludes one, as a male, from being true to oneself.

Hence to betray oneself, or one’s self (the soul), all one has to do is to be ‘true’ to another, like some woman whose beauty has seduced one and whose self is, in any case, not to be found in psyche but in soma, not in soul but in will and, lower down (in the phenomenal realm of the corporeal), not in ego but in spirit.

Few men wish or, indeed, are able to be true to themselves in a world dominated by women.  The majority take it for granted that they will meet somebody, fall in love, get married, and raise a family.  With them, there is no prospect of Truth, which is to remain true to oneself or, more accurately, one’s self (the soul) and reflect and/or confirm its contentment in terms of a godly halo (smile).



You cannot ameliorate the lot of the masses in terms of bodily overcoming through soul except that they are overcome by a messianic capability and transmuted, according to gender, in either metaphysical (male) or antimetachemical-cum-pseudometachemical (anti-female-cum-pseudo-female) terms, terms that necessitate their transfiguration from human (chemical/pseudo-physical) to supra-human (as described above), as and when a substance-motivated communal cyborgization becomes possible under the right kind of regime - one necessarily geared, through Social Theocracy (transcendentalism) to the development of ‘Kingdom Come’ at the expense of ‘the world’.

As human beings they cannot be delivered from ‘the world’, since the masses will always be characterized by female dominion, and it is precisely the domination of females that keeps the majority of males in a subordinate position, as mere breadwinners for the matriarchal family.

But if you can overcome human life, then you can overcome woman and establish a society whose supra-human elements, whether metaphysical (male) or pseudo-metachemical (pseudo-female) will allow males to be true to themselves, their souls, without fear of female intervention and seduction in the interests, ultimately, of offspring.  Only thus can ‘the world’ be overcome and Paradise be established, one might evens say regained, if one wishes to reference the Biblical account of Adam before ‘the Fall’, bearing in mind what I have already critically said about it.



Perhaps the Genesis account of Creation, whereby ‘God’ made Adam before ‘He’ fashioned Eve from one of Adam’s ribs, is in some degree responsible for the reluctance of many if not most people to regard women as the primary sex and men as secondary, since such a manifestly objective account of the genders will appear to contradict the Bible and, hence, the so-called ‘word of God’.  But of course males wouldn’t succumb to females so easily and even readily if the latter were not, in most cases, more physically refined and attractive-looking, even beautiful, and able, in consequence, to get the better of them, subordinating them, in due course, to a means whereby their need (more than desire) for a surrogate plenum in the form of offspring can be gratified and, ultimately, realized, thereby perpetuating ‘the world’ in its arguably mainstream manifestation, which I have tended to identify with the southwest point of the intercardinal axial compass.

But the secondary sex before the primary one?  Give me a break!  Men emerge, as male babies, from women, as of course do female babies, and that is not only how it is now but how it has always been.  Only a fool or a biblical lackey or simpleton would contend otherwise.

Of course, long before anyone even thought of the Genesis account of Creation, never mind what subsequently turned into the Old Testament and, together with the New Testament, the so-called Holy Bible, there were cavemen who couldn’t write or read simply because such things hadn’t been invented then, and before them, well, dinosaurs and other prehistoric creatures who populated an even more dangerous – and barbarous – world than the one in which we are accustomed to living.  Nature is not, nor ever was, a picnic.  The predation of stronger animals upon weaker ones, of the bigger upon the smaller and the quicker upon the slower, is an age-old reality that goes way back beyond or, rather, before (anterior to) the caveman and his illiterate babble.  We do not need some later scribe or intellectual – primitive by contemporary standards – telling us about the creation of Adam as though no caveman, never mind prehistoric reptile, had ever existed.  We do not need to listen to – and in some cases worship – this poppycock.  What we do need is a regime that will take it upon itself to rid the world of this idiocy once and for all, so that we never again have to put up with it.  Then the possibility of true religion, which has nothing to do with free will (beauty) and everything to do with free soul (joy), will arise, and such religion, appertaining to a religiously sovereign proletariat, will know nothing of priests or prayer-books or hymnals or churches or bibles or confessionals or masses or sermons or anything else that stems from the Genesis account of Creation and flies in the face of both reason and common sense.  We need to be liberated from all such pre-global (Eastern and Western) anachronisms, before things will get any better, as and when the People are ripe for ‘Kingdom Come’.

To be perfectly honest, I think the author of Genesis, if there was one (and not several), was an idiot.

To tell the truth about God … as Devil the Mother hyped as God the Father …would probably constitute blasphemy in some people’s minds – minds unaccustomed to thought and to the exercise of reason.  In short, simple minds.

As for the truth about the so-called Son of God … or, for that matter, the so-called Mother of God in relation to what is supposed, in any case, to be the ‘Son of God’, one would be accused by the simple-minded of being even more guilty of blasphemy.  But the sad truth about Western religion, i.e. Christianity, is that it has nothing to do with godliness as the mere concomitant of Heaven, of a ‘bovaryized’ ego (super-ego) bearing witness to the Soul, because rooted in the Judaic Creator (Jehovah) and therefore stemming from Devil the Mother hyped as God … with all the attendant extrapolative ‘thingful’ deities that bear witness not so much to religion as to the mass reality of female dominion, with the sanctity of free soma in metachemical free will behind the ‘increase and multiply’ ethos of the Old Testament.

That is why we want ‘Kingdom Come’ – not to establish another false religion, but to do away with falsity in order that the Truth may prevail and true religion in consequence, something inconceivable outside and anterior to such a heavenly ‘Kingdom’, which must necessarily be both superhuman (administrative aside) and supra-human (the Centre-proper).



The girl in the house next door, a teenager, never or hardly ever walks; she always runs up and down the stairs, around her room, etc., and, rushing in or our, invariably slams the front door.  A total idiot?  What was it Baudelaire said about the modern girl?



For anyone to prefer the authors of the Bible to the likes of Baudelaire or Nietzsche or Schopenhauer or Sartre … well, what kind of a person is that?



Circumstances make one unpleasant, mostly circumstances beyond one’s control, like defective computers or unruly neighbours or confined spaces or overcrowded environments or … bad health.

People being made mentally and physically sick by computers.



Power is a bitch, and glory also.  Or, more correctly, a superbitch and a bitch respectively.



Whatever the Pope and other such high-ranking ecclesiastics may have to say about moral relativism and so on … is a Western (Christian) anachronism in a global age, and it behoves us to do our (Social Theocratic) duty in the future and sweep them onto the rubbish heap of history, so that we can get rid of moral relativism from a standpoint beyond both Western anachronisms (bourgeois and Catholic) and contemporary global barbarities alike.  That is the only way it can be done, not be attempting to reverse time (to Christian criteria) or pretending that televisions and cameras don’t exist or effectively regarding people who smelt metal as devils in hell … when one uses or has need of the products that emerge from their smelting.



If, in the event of a majority mandate for religious sovereignty, bibles are going to be incinerated – and thus effectively returned to their Maker (as John Cowper Powys might say) – there had better be stringent penalties put in place for anyone caught continuing to print them afterwards.  It would have to be made a crime against the religiously sovereign, that is, the saved/counter-damned proletariat, for anyone to perpetuate biblical anachronisms in the context of ‘Kingdom Come’.  And that goes for all such anachronisms – Eastern as well as Western.



The common man, especially when British and habituated, in consequence, to female dominion on state-hegemonic axial terms, is a tyrant of suspicion and incredulity with regard to anyone who has the capacity to lead an independent, cultural, creative lifestyle.  He tends, when possible, to ‘nose in’ on whatever you are doing, assuming you’re unfortunate enough to live in close proximity to such a person in, say, a bedsit or small flat in rented accommodation, and, with nothing particular to do himself, he makes it his business not only to keep an eye on what you’re doing, but to make efforts, for the most part low-key, to dissuade you from doing it and even to suggest – though he knows nothing of what you really do and, even if he did, would be a poor judge in any case – that it is rubbish or that you are wasting your time to be doing it in the first place, etc., etc.

In short, the tyranny of the common man is a refusal to accept creative or intellectual independence and, for want of anything better to do, to discourage one from being different.  For if there is one thing that, besides sex, is virtually sacrosanct to the common man, it is conformity with society in general and a refusal, in consequence, to live apart from the common run.

And yet, all this is a product of misfortune and social conditioning, not of wisdom or even common sense.  The common man ends up taking his socialization for granted.  He wants to be like everybody else.  Thus he is the antithesis of the philosophical artist or artist philosopher, who regards the standards of the Many as a threat to his cultural independence and ability to uphold Truth in a world ruled by Beauty and, to a lesser extent, Strength.

The common man does nothing independently because he is afraid of the consequences and/or humiliation at not being able to make it all ‘work out’.  Thus he adheres to the herd, the flock, the crowd, the audience, the congregation, the family, the firm, etc., and only finds his justification or meaning within society, especially when it is constituted, as in Britain, on a state-hegemonic axial basis, and therefore under the sovereign rule of female values and the piling up of somatic units, a rule that conduces not only to an empirical disposition but, more vulgarly, to an entrenched nosiness that would not have been out of place in the policing of empire.



Music, if true to itself and therefore genuinely metaphysical, can only be expressive of itself or, more correctly, the focus of an impression that is less self-expressive than self-impressive, impressing one with its adherence to and reflection of soul (joy), so that it becomes a godly vehicle for the reflection of Heaven, impressing one with its truth.  All else – music employing titles ostensibly expressing some theme or subject extraneous to itself – is false, as, to a greater extent, are songs, which subordinate music to a verbal narrative, pretty much the way religion, through alternative false gods, is subordinated, in the interests of men or women or devils (superwomen), to economics or politics or science, as the ethnic case may be.

Music that is not true to itself as an impression of the Soul is … false, and therefore germane to cultural falsity – a populist norm that manifests in economic/pseudo-political (men/pseudo-women), political/pseudo-economic (women/pseudo-men), or scientific/pseudo-religious (superwomen/pseudo-supermen, or devils/pseudo-gods) cultural ‘bovaryizations’ of music, as in much classical, pop, and jazz.

In traditional serious Western music, Romanticism signified an expressive departure from – and rejection of – the classical norms of musical form (true to self) and was avowedly a degeneration from the canons of classical propriety symptomatic of aristocratic-cum-bourgeois decadence.

Of all artists, the musician is the one who can – if he so desires – most approximate to a heavenly (metaphysical) paradigm through the manipulation, to a soulful effect, of notes.  By contrast, the painter is a virtual empiricist, the sculptor a sensualist, and the writer an intellectual.  Neither vision, touch, nor thought can convey feelings to anything like the same extent as the application of varied pressures to a musical instrument.



The trouble with transcendental meditation as a penultimate form of metaphysics (as consistently argued by me in the past) is that, centred on man, it still uses ego or the nearest (‘once-bovaryized’) equivalent to it (super-ego) as its effective starting-point for any soulful self-realization that can only transpire – and then only intermittently and temporarily – on the recoil from the out-breath as a mode of self-preservation vis-à-vis the utilization of the relevant not-self, viz. lungs and breath, both of which have less to do with Heaven the Holy Soul and God the Father (to speak formerly and in keeping with my habitual way of explaining this) than with the Son of God and the Holy Spirit of Heaven.

Therefore transcendental meditation starts with the ‘once-bovaryized’ ego of the nearest human equivalent of superman (not the comic book character) and ends, only too temporarily, with the soul spinal cord deep … before one is obliged to return to the starting point and plunge anew (the expression is not meant to paraphrase John Cowper Powys) into the lungs and breath in the interests of a degree of self-transcendence achieved, not in relation to the aforementioned not-self, but on the rebound from it, like a ball that is attached to a rubber band and recoils from wherever it is launched with a momentum that takes it back past its starting point.

Transcendental meditation is somewhat similar, and therefore no more, as noted above, than a radical mankind approach (compared with Catholic prayer) to metaphysics that could never be more than penultimate in relation not only to what precedes it in nature (sex) but to what will hopefully one day succeed it in cyborgkind (as antithesis to anything cosmic) when once global civilization, which is proletarian, comes of sensible age and opts to democratically abandon its current film-oriented stage for the benefits of ‘Kingdom Come’ and the equivalent, in consequence, of a Christian rebirth from outer to inner, sensuality to sensibility, female hegemonic to male hegemonic, secular to religious, through the use of – and with democratically-mandated religious sovereignty – entitlement to mind-enhancing drugs that, by and by, will conduce towards the development of cyborgization in relation to the person, and thus to ‘man’s overcoming’ (to use a Nietzschean expression) in metaphysical divinity, an eventuality that while germane to the male sex would not be relevant to females, whose fate would, as described elsewhere, be less metaphysical than pseudo-metachemical, and thereby subject to a different order of substance entitlement (soma contracting as opposed to psyche expanding) and correlative approach (pseudo-objective rather than subjective) to communal cyborgization, the means whereby both male and pseudo-female supra-human entities alike may be more efficaciously and efficiently served from the administrative aside by a superhuman, individually cyborged ideological elite.



Cosmos = the metaphysics of smoking, as of other-contemplation;

Nature = the metaphysics of coitus, as of other-realization;

Mankind = the metaphysics of meditation, as of self-contemplation;

Cyborgkind = the metaphysics of chemical enhancement, as of self-realization.

All the above contexts only have reference, of course, to the metaphysical manifestations of the Cosmos, Nature, Mankind, or Cyborgkind, not, with the exception of Cyborgkind (which has yet to come into its metaphysical own), to their more prevalent manifestations, whether metachemical (cosmos), chemical (nature), or physical (mankind).



Class is supersensuously rooted in metachemistry as a noumenal expression of Will;

Occupation is sensibly centred in physics as a phenomenal impression of Ego;

Sex is sensuously rooted in chemistry as a phenomenal expression of Spirit;

Race is supersensibly centred in metaphysics as a noumenal impression of Soul.

Upper-classfulness = inter-racial;

Middle-classfulness = occupation;

Lower-classfulness = sex;

Classlessness = race.

To distinguish the autocratic roots of Class at the metachemical northwest point of the intercardinal axial compass and the pseudo-theocratic roots of pseudo-Race in relation to pseudo-metaphysics from the plutocratic roots of Occupation at the physical southeast point of the said compass and the pseudo-democratic roots of pseudo-Sex in relation to pseudo-chemistry upon what is the state-hegemonic/church-subordinate axis.

Contrariwise, to distinguish the democratic roots of Sex at the southwest point of the intercardinal axial compass and the pseudo-plutocratic roots of pseudo-Occupation in relation to pseudo-physics from the theocratic roots of Race at the northeast point of the said compass and the pseudo-autocratic roots of pseudo-Class in relation to pseudo-metachemistry upon what is the church-hegemonic/state-subordinate axis.

A society ruled by the upper class will encourage sexual inter-breeding between the races in the interests of occupation (capitalism) and the avoidance, so far as possible, of race (religion), as in Britain.

Britain and America – secular democracies dead set against religion from a racial premise, the only premise that really determines how religion will pan out.

Britain is traditionally a nation axially divisible between Class and Occupation;

Ireland, by contrast, is traditionally a nation axially divisible between Sex and Race.

The British are quick to ‘pounce on others’ from class-dominated superficiality.  The wilful shallow-pate is the first to take umbrage, especially when female.

The Irish, on the other hand, are slow to ‘take umbrage’ from race-dominated profundity.  The soulful ‘deep thinker’ is the last to take umbrage, especially when male.



Straight line emanation, or divergence, from an absolute rectilinear entity like a ringful (vacuous) square or absolute star will always be symptomatic of superfeminine domination in metachemical objectivity, having more to do with Beauty and Love than with Ugliness and Hatred but still significant, in free soma and bound psyche (3:1) of both.

A society dominated by females will be illustrative of rectilinear divergence, and hence heathenistic or, in contemporary parlance, secular values.  For the opposite of anything Christian, which is male-orientated (in sensibility) can only be that which is female-dominated (in sensuality).

Hence the unchristian nature of female priests – a degeneration of Christian criteria germane to the medieval/bourgeois, but particularly protestant bourgeois, overlap with the secular feminism of proletarian barbarity and, hence, of the juxtaposition of decadent Western with unregenerate barbarous/philistine global civilization, as, in a limited environmental sense, of suburban with urban.



A thoroughly poisonous, mean-mouthed environment that is absolutely soulless.  Torture!

My exile (successively from Galway, Hampshire, and Surrey) in north London!  Never a sense of companionship with what they call ‘kindred spirits’.  Always a feeling of isolation in a philistine if not barbarous milieu where one remains distanced from if not at loggerheads with one’s neighbours.  Injustice.  And yet … anger and a desire for vengeance.  A passionate determination not to spend the rest of one’s life in such a soulless place.



The Doing of metachemical Will, which is noumenally objective;

The Taking of physical Ego, which is phenomenally subjective;

The Giving of chemical Spirit, which is phenomenally objective;

The Being of metaphysical Soul, which is noumenally subjective.

From the Doing of metachemical Will to the Being of metaphysical Soul via the Taking of physical Ego and the Giving of chemical Spirit – the absolute Alpha and the absolute Omega via the relative omega and alpha.

Hence, in another sense, from Hell to Heaven via the Earth and Purgatory or, alternatively, from the Devil to God via Man and Woman – though this is only an approximation, given the use (over-simplistic) of parallel terms.

Certainly the fulcrum of metachemistry is Will and therefore Doing, the Doing, one might say, of Devil the Mother (beauty);

The fulcrum of physics is Ego and therefore Taking, the Taking of Man the Father (knowledge);

The fulcrum of chemistry is Spirit and therefore Giving, the Giving of Purgatory the Clear Spirit (pride);

The fulcrum of metaphysics is Soul and therefore Being, the Being of Heaven the Holy Soul (joy).

Doing and Taking are the hegemonic factors, corresponding to metachemistry (over pseudo-metaphysics) and physics (over pseudo-chemistry) on the state-hegemonic/church-subordinate axis stretching from the northwest to the southeast points of the intercardinal axial compass.

Giving and Being are the hegemonic factors, corresponding to chemistry (over pseudo-physics) and metaphysics (over pseudo-metachemistry) on the church-hegemonic/state-subordinate axis stretching from southwest to northeast points of the intercardinal axial compass. 

‘Christ walking on the water’ with an airy backdrop is symbolically or metaphorically illustrative of church-hegemonic/state-subordinate hegemonic factors, in that to get to metaphysics over pseudo-metachemistry you have to be rooted in chemistry over pseudo-physics, with the chemical ‘first’ destined, in the event of counter-damnation, to become pseudo-metachemical ‘last’ and the pseudo-physical ‘last’, in the event of salvation, destined to become metaphysical ‘first’.

The ‘Christ walking on the water’ metaphor would have been lost on Protestants, whose religious apostasy put them at axial loggerheads with church-hegemonic/state-subordinate criteria and thus not only the possibility of understanding such a metaphor but of sensibly or imaginatively relating to it.

Heresy is heresy is heresy is heresy, whose spin-off, if not exactly decadent end-product, is the female-dominated secular society that characterizes contemporary (global) civilization.

The Doing of Class as opposed to the Being of Race;

The Taking of Occupation as opposed to the Giving of Sex.

From the state-hegemonic Doing of Class to the church-hegemonic Being of Race via the state-hegemonic Taking of Occupation and the church-hegemonic Giving of Sex.

Class and Occupation are no less axially state hegemonic than Sex and Race are church hegemonic – with Will and Ego at axial loggerheads with Spirit and Soul.

In fact, to recapitulate one of my principal axial findings, Will and Ego alike correspond to what could, in this instance, be called the alpha preceding factor (as fulcrum) of metachemistry and physics – Beauty preceding Love in metachemical free soma and Knowledge preceding Pleasure in physical free psyche, whereas Spirit and Soul, by contrast, correspond to what, in this instance, I shall call the omega preceding factor (as fulcrum) of chemistry and metaphysics – Pride preceding Strength in chemical free soma and Joy preceding Truth in metaphysical free psyche.

Hence the axial compatibility of Will and Ego, Beauty and Knowledge, on the one hand, that of state-hegemonic Doing and Taking.  And hence the axial compatibility of Spirit and Soul, Pride and Joy, on the other hand, that of church-hegemonic Giving and Being.

Taking has a tendency to suck-up to Doing in a kind of Faustian pact, whereby the somatic licence of the latter is financed by the psychic freedom of the former.

Giving can only be overcome by Being, as and when the pseudo-taking pseudo-physical ‘last’ (under-plane subordinate in pseudo-mass under volume at the southwest point of the intercardinal axial compass) are saved to metaphysics and the giving chemical ‘first’ (over-plane hegemonic in volume over pseudo-mass at the southwest point of the said compass) are counter-damned to pseudo-metachemistry, wherein the gender positions are reversed as the ‘last’ become ‘first’ (over-plane hegemonic in time over pseudo-space at the northeast point of the intercardinal axial compass) and the ‘first’ become ‘last’ (under-plane subordinate in pseudo-space under time at the northeast point of the said compass), thereby allowing Joy and Truth to metaphysically flourish as never before.



Whenever my mother discussed my father, whom I never knew, it was always to put him down and/or slag him off.  I never once heard a good thing said about him.  But that only made me more determined not to make his mistake and get married.

If, at the end of my life, I am still celibate and single, I would like to think that not having married and had a family was my greatest achievement, greater, by far, than all of my literary, musical, and other cultural and/or internet-related accomplishments put together.

In this world, it is easier for a man to marry and have a family than to remain single and celibate.  That is why most men get married.

Not having had the benefit of a father around when I was a young boy only conduced towards my development of a jaundiced view of women, with regard to my mother and chair-ridden grandmother, from which I have never recovered.  Even now I shiver when I recollect how useless they were in acknowledging, much less satisfying, my various wants – physical as well as mental.  I was not only seriously malnourished and in generally poor health by the time my mother was free to dispatch me, at the age of ten, to a Children’s Home in Carshalton Beeches, Surrey, but frustrated and disgusted by their – and my mother’s in particular – inability to play with me or show me how things worked or encourage me to do or make certain things that, apparently, only a father would have been able to do, like playing ball with one in a park or something.  I am only too aware of what a misfortune and social disadvantage it is not having the benefit of a father’s presence so that, with only a mother, one develops a lopsided perspective on life and family relationships – a psychology which predisposes one to see and understand too much of he female side of life and little if any of its male side.  The fact that I was an only child (my parents separated too soon to have another), with neither brothers nor sisters, only compounded this predicament by making me more reliant on my own resources and unable or unwilling to interact with others – there being, in any case, no-one else, apart from my arthritic grandmother and hard-pressed mother, to interact with.

Fundamentally, I blame my grandmother for that predicament.  For it was she who returned to Ireland with her daughter (my mother-to-be) and then failed to make it stick.  Even with the break-up of my parents’ relationship following my father’s discovery, I dare say, that my mother (his wife) was more of a Brit than he had suspected or even initially realized (despite having been born in Aldershot she contrived to fake an Irish accent), it would have been less bad for me to have grown up in Galway than way back in Aldershot, where my grandmother and mother-to-be had been living, compliments of a British Army connection involving my maternal grandfather (whom I never knew), who left his native Donegal to join the British Army in Scotland many years before and was subsequently posted elsewhere, including the army HQ in Hampshire.

But in Aldershot and, subsequently, Carshalton Beeches I was even more alienated and solitary than I might otherwise have been, had I been able to grow up in Ireland, and accordingly more disposed to withdrawing into myself and turning my back, as far as possible, on the world and its various social demands.  In Aldershot, as remarked above, I also saw too much of the female side of things, and I did not always like what I saw.  I had no reason, in later life, to be enamoured of women, and although a certain anti-British element always entered into my attitude to women in Britain, I soon realized that I was in rebellion against my mother and everything, including the British Army, she stood for, and that I had to some extent been ethnically or racially inoculated against the possibility of following my father’s tragic example and marrying outside the fold.  I guess I am like an extension of my father in England, and therefore one who keeps to himself and holds the British at arm’s length, as they say.  Not that that makes me any more enamoured of immigrants from the British Empire and other far-away places – far from it!  I recoil from the Bangladeshis, for example, with whom I am obliged, in my poverty, to share a kitchen and bathroom as from a social or ethnic bugbear, and have only contempt for what I described as the scrapings of the British Empire.  It’s as if they were worse than the British themselves … But I digress.

If I have no regrets for never having married, it is because I saw no prospect of marriage for someone like myself in a country which is not my own (I am of course an Irish citizen) and from whose money-grubbing values I generally recoil in horror.  It is not simply that I would not associate with, much less marry, a Brit.  Rather is it that any arrangement which was likely to lead to propagation would be unacceptable to me so long as I was still living in England and living, moreover, as an Irish-born outsider.  Not only does the prospect of a family have no appeal to me in relation to the overcrowded urban environments of north London, including Finsbury Park, to which I was obliged to move (though not for the first time) from Surrey back in 1974, when I stayed for a short time at the flat my mother and then stepfather were living in prior to moving to Crouch End and then Hornsey, but it doesn’t appeal to me as an Irishman in exile … to be responsible for forcing a British upbringing and (state-hegemonic female-dominated) lifestyle upon any child, or prospective child, of mine.  I couldn’t do it, and therefore in this and certain other regards I am profoundly responsible, even though, to the superficial eye, it may not look that way. 

Frankly, I have developed a thick skin over the years and don’t much care what others (and not just Brits) think.  I feel obligated, in short, to live alone and to invest in a damage-limitation-exercise that focuses the hurt and suffering back upon myself, even at a personal cost.  And if, as my mother would often have me believe, my father was a bad man, was ‘no good’, someone (an Irishman) she would never have married had her mother not obliged her to accompany her back to Ireland, then I shall at least have the satisfaction of knowing – quite apart from my feelings about her – that I have not passed on his genes to anyone else and that the buck, as they say, stops here, with me.  My ‘children’ are, and have long been, my books and other cultural products, and if there is any special merit in that in a country which gives no particular encouragement to serious cultural endeavour and independence of mind, then I would be the first to acknowledge it, not forgetting what I said earlier about my celibacy and status as a bachelor which, in a society only too disposed to piling up somatic units in increasing numbers, is no mean feat!



Even now there are idiots who identify omnipotence with God, or godliness (as I prefer to say), as though something all-powerful had anything to do with religion-proper (metaphysics) and, hence, Heaven (as the joyful condition of metaphysical soul).  Bad enough that they should equate omniscience with God, as though something all-knowing had anything to do with religion.  Are not omnipotence and omniscience commensurate with metachemistry and physics respectively, that is, with science and economics, or Devil (the Mother) and Man (the Father), as of Power and Form, Will and Ego, Beauty and Knowledge.  In other words, the hegemonic elements of the state-hegemonic/church-subordinate axis that stretches from northwest to southeast points of the intercardinal axial compass.  I would have a moral (and axial) problem with both….



Society is divisible between those who follow their own leads and those that copy others.

I do not follow; I lead.

Opposition to Class comes primarily from Occupation; opposition to Sex primarily from Race.

I have always believed that not Class but Sex (gender) is the underlining dynamic or dialectic of the historical process.  Therefore I have thought church-hegemonically rather than state-hegemonically, as someone of Roman Catholic West of Ireland Gaelic descent who fights shy of the Anglo-dominated state-hegemonic axis … as he fights shy of Power and Form from a standpoint centred in Content(ment) and opposing Glory (with its chemical pride and strength).

The danger with taking the ‘bovaryized’ ego (super-ego) too seriously in metaphysics is that it can become detached from the Soul to a degree whereby it ceases to serve or reflect Truth and becomes merely knowledgeable, sinking to the level of physics and the ‘forbidden tree of knowledge’, were a ‘once-bovaryized’ soul (pleasure) is subordinated to the Ego, which is less philosophical than philological, and therefore more disposed to the pleasures of theology than to the joys of theosophy, the joys that come from being at one with the Soul.

The philosopher of Truth will not be ‘king’ for long if he abandons metaphysics for physics and, effectively changing axis, descends into the mundane realm of mere knowledge, where not God, much less Heaven, but Man is if not exactly ‘king’ then avowedly governor, disposed to hyping knowledge as Truth and thus himself as God.

If the ‘Philosopher King’ is to remain godly, it will be because he defers to the primacy of the Soul, and thus of Heaven, in the construction – always loosely formal – of his philosophy, that truthful mirror, so to speak, of the Soul’s inner Being (joy), which is the kernel of a messianic credibility.

Let my epitaph be: he remained true to himself (his self) and fathered no offspring but his cultural creations.  He was the creator, above all, of a new approach to thinking which stemmed, as far as possible, from the Soul, and was accordingly truly divine, that is to say, the ‘Word of God’, in its metaphysical core.  He ‘took note’ of what his soul revealed to him of its essence, and he calls these notes true … to his self.








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