BETWEEN TRUTH AND ILLUSION: My first exercise in philosophy, originally penned in 1977, takes dualism as its starting-point and develops its commonsensical logic through three parts, the first of which is essayistic, the second of which is a series of aphoristic reflections on the philosophy outlined in Part One, and the third of which is a dialogue between me, the so-called 'philosopher', and an imaginary student ... that strives to clarify and enlarge upon the main contentions of the work.


THE ILLUSORY TRUTH: Also divided into three parts, of which the first is by far the longest, this companion volume to the above expands on the dualistic theories outlined before, abandoning the more literary approach of BETWEEN TRUTH AND ILLUSION for an essayistic and aphoristic purism in which I began to develop an almost existentialist awareness of the extent to which many so-called truths are founded upon illusory concepts and, to that extent, are not really 'true' at all.


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