1.   HEATHEN REVOLT.  Protestantism is nothing more than a Heathen revolt against Christianity, viz. Catholicism.


2.   POST-HUMAN PROGRESSIONS.  From the supermen/superbeings of the old brain to the suprabeings/ultrabeings of the new brain, as from the backbrain/right midbrain to the left midbrain/forebrain.


3.   HEATHEN/CHRISTIAN DISTINCTIONS.  To distinguish the Humanities, the Sciences, and the Arts from the Divinities, as one would distinguish universities, academies, and colleges/schools from seminaries, or Heathen knowledge from Christian knowledge.


4.   PROTESTANT/CATHOLIC DISTINCTIONS.  To distinguish the Heathen intellect of the Son, the Heathen soul of the Father, and the Heathen will of the Mother from the Christian spirit of the Holy Ghost, as one would distinguish Protestantism (in its three main denominations, viz. Puritanism, Presbyterianism, and Anglicanism) from Catholicism.


5.   TRIANGULAR/PENTAGONAL DISTINCTIONS.  To distinguish the inverted triangle of the Son from the triangle of the Father, and to contrast both of these with the pentagon of the Mother, as one would contrast Puritanism and Presbyterianism with Anglicanism or, alternatively, Rugby Union and Rugby League with Association Football.