1.   HEATHEN FATALITY.  Mass has a Heathen fatality to suck-up, almost heliotropically, to Time, like an audience enrapt by a poetry recital.


2.   SEXUAL SUBMISSION.  Coitus exemplifies the submission of Mass to Time, like nature to the sun.


3.   FATHER TIME.  Mass movements are characterized by their almost reverential respect for military-style dictatorships.


4.   MILLENNIAL EXPECTATION.  When there are no longer men but, following a cyborg-like transition, supermen, superbeings, suprabeings, and ultrabeings ... in successive stages of post-human, or millennial, salvation.


5.   ETERNAL LIFE.  Men die, but the life forms of the post-Human Millennium will live for ever ... in the Eternal Life of the spirit.