1.   CONTRASTING QUALITIES.  To contrast the holiness of World-denying virginity with the emptiness of the grave on the one hand, but the emptiness of abortion-affirming vacuity with the holiness of transcendental spirituality on the other hand - the former pair of contrasts Christian and the latter pair Superchristian.


2.   NOUMENAL CONTRASTS. To contrast the Superhell and Subheaven of Superheathen primacy with the Subhell and Superheaven of Superchristian supremacy, as one would contrast the alpha with the omega, the beginning with the end.


3.   PHENOMENAL INTERMEDIARY.  Christian Hell and Heaven are neither primal nor supreme but phenomenally intermediate between the noumenal extremes of the Superheathen and the Superchristian.  In this respect, they are akin to (though not identical with) the Heathen realms of the World and Purgatory, which are also phenomenal.


4.   CENTRIFUGAL AGGRESSION.  That man who is full of Heathen expletives will never make a Christian, much less a Superchristian!


5.   SHADOWS AND GUIDES.  Every religion has its political shadow and every politics its religious guide.