1.   PROTESTANT COROLLARIES.  One could be forgiven for regarding, within the Heathen triad of Protestant civilization, Socialism as the political corollary of Anglicanism, Conservatism as the political corollary of Puritanism, and Liberalism as the political corollary of Presbyterianism.


2.   CATHOLIC COROLLARIES.  Likewise one is tempted, within the Christian triad of Catholic civilization, to regard Communism as the political corollary of Eastern Orthodoxy, Nazism as the political corollary of Celtic Christianity, and Fascism as the political corollary of Roman Catholicism.


3.   CHRISTIAN/HEATHEN TRIADS.  This is to distinguish between the Virgin Mary, the Christ Child, and the Holy Spirit with regard to the Catholic parallels, but the Mother, the Son, and the Father with regard to the Protestant ones - the former Christian and the latter Heathen.


4.   TRANSCENDENTALIST/FUNDAMENTALIST TRIADS.  The Mary Child (of feminism), the Second Coming, and the Holy Spirit of Heaven would of course constitute the principal parts of a Superchristian triad whose religious essence was transcendentalist, in contrast to the fundamentalist essence of the Clear Light of the Void, Mohammed, and Jehovah within the Superheathen context of a triad more authoritarian than totalitarian.


5.   SUPERHEATHEN.  There is a sense in which, compared to the Heathen Father, Mother, and Son, Jehovah is a Subfather, the Clear Light of the Void a Supermother, and Mohammed a Subson, as relevant to the Superheathen (which is ruled by the Supermother).


6.   SUPERCHRISTIAN.  Similarly, there is a sense in which, compared to the Christian Virgin Mary, Christ Child, and Holy Spirit, the Mary Child is a Subvirgin, the Second Coming a Superchrist, and the Holy Spirit of Heaven a Superspirit, as relevant to the Superchristian (which is led by the Superspirit).


7.   CHRISTIAN PHENOMENALITY.  Neither the Virgin-Mary Hell nor the Holy-Spirit Heaven of Christianity is genuinely hellish or heavenly, on account of the fact that, like Heathenism, Christianity is less noumenal than phenomenal.


8.   CHRISTIAN RELATIVITY.  Hence the Christian Hell of the Virgin Mary is less subfeminine than pseudo-feminine in relation to the Mother and quasi-subfeminine in relation to the Mary Child, while the Christian Heaven of the Holy Spirit is less supermasculine than pseudo-masculine in relation to the Son and quasi-supermasculine in relation to the Holy Spirit of Heaven.


9.   GENUINE NOUMENAL EXTREMES.  Only the Superchristian Hell of the Mary Child would be genuinely subfeminine, and the Superchristian Heaven of the Holy Spirit of Heaven genuinely supermasculine, given their noumenal standings in relation to 'Kingdom Come'.