1.   NOUMENAL VACUUM.  Compared to the virginal vacuum (in the womb) of the quasi-subfeminine female, the psychic vacuum (behind the eyes) of the superfeminine female is noumenal.


2.   OPTICAL PROJECTION.  Behold the 'mirror Zen' of the superfeminine female as she applies and contemplates her eye make-up in selfless objectivity!


3.   SELFLESS OBJECTIVITY.  Beware the penetrating eyes of the superfeminine female as she brings the mystic allure of her selfless objectivity to bear on potentially suitable (submasculine) males.


4.   RISING TO THE BAIT.  The oriental male does not so much fall for women as ... 'suck up' to superwomen, particularly where saris are concerned.


5.   ORIENTAL SUBMASCULINITY.  The oriental male is less masculine than submasculine in his deference to superfeminine females.


6.   SUBMASCULINE REALITY.  To succumb to a superwoman is to be a subman, whether in relation to saris or kaftans.  This is the traditional oriental reality.


7.   COMPLEMENTARY PLENUMS/VACUUMS.  A vacuum behind the eyes, in oriental fashion, is not incompatible with a plenum between the legs (pregnancy), just as, in the Christian Occident, a vacuum in the womb (virginity) is not incompatible with a plenum in the mind (prayer).