1.   LIBERATION THROUGH CELIBACY.  Celibacy is a Christian/Superchristian ideal, not a Heathen/Superheathen one.  For celibacy is incompatible with the domination of men/submen by women/superwomen, since relative to the liberation of quasi-supermen/supermen from quasi-subwomen/subwomen.


2.   GENDER FISSION.  Liberated from sex, the quasi-supermen/supermen ascend into Heaven/Superheaven, while the quasi-subwomen/subwomen descend towards the Hell/Subhell of sexual self-denial.


3.   PHENOMENAL/NOUMENAL DISTINCTIONS.  Hell and Heaven are relative to Christian phenomenality, whereas Subhell and Superheaven are germane to Superchristian noumenality.


4.   CHRISTIAN/HEATHEN CONTRASTS.  The Christian Hell contrasts with the Heathen World as the Virgin Mary with the Mother, whereas the Christian Heaven contrasts with the Heathen Overworld/Netherworld, as the Holy Ghost with the Son/Father.


5.   SUPERCHRISTIAN/SUPERHEATHEN CONTRASTS.  The Superchristian Superheaven contrasts with the Superheathen Subheaven, as the Holy Spirit of Heaven with Jehovah, whereas the Superchristian Subhell contrasts with the Superheathen Superhell, as the Mary Child with the Clear Light of the Void.