1.   SEXUAL OPPOSITES.  Woman is alpha where man is omega, Hell where man is Heaven, light where man is spirit, flesh where man is intellect, beauty where man is knowledge, and illusion where man is truth.


2.   FIRST AND LAST.  Woman is rooted in the eyes where man is centred in the lungs, rooted in the womb where man is centred in the brain.  She is science where he is religion, politics where he is economics, the State where he is the Church, conservatism where he is radicalism, the past where he is the future.  For what began in the superfeminine must end in the supermasculine.  The First shall be last, and the Last shall be first!


3.   ROOTED IN THE DEVIL.  Women are incapable, physically and psychologically, of taking spirituality seriously.  God for them is 'beyond the pale' ... of that which is rooted in the eyes/light; for the fluid-based heaviness of their breasts screens off the possibility of their taking the lightness of air in relation to lung-centred spirituality seriously, and they will strive, in consequence, to disparage those who reject the light in favour of the spirit.