1.   NOUMENAL SALVATION.  Just as Christianity rejected the flesh in favour of the word (intellect), so must Superchristianity reject the light in favour of the spirit.  For whereas Christianity only aspires towards a phenomenal salvation, through Christ, from the flesh-bound World, Superchristianity (which I equate with Social Transcendentalism) will aspire towards a noumenal salvation, through the Second Coming, from the light-bound Netherworld ... of cosmic Hell.  The 'Heaven' of Christianity is effectively purgatorial.  The Heaven of Superchristianity, by contrast, will be truly divine - the noumenal spirituality of the Holy Spirit of Heaven.


2.   ETERNITY BEYOND THE GRAVE.  Only the noumenal spirituality of the Holy Spirit of Heaven is commensurate with Eternal Life in the Beyond.  For the phenomenal spirituality (prayerful intellectuality) of Christ leads to the grave, and thus to the visionary afterlife of the Holy Ghost in what can only be a subliminal consciousness of chemical changes in the brain until such time as extensive decomposition sets-in, which is to say, for a comparatively short period of time.  Compared with the Eternity of 'Kingdom Come', in which a true spirituality was being cultivated beyond the human plane to one that was manifestly post-human (superhuman), the 'Eternity' of the grave, always excepting the gravestone, would be as a moment in time, a mere instant of visionary bliss that was over almost before it had really begun.


3.   BEYOND VISIONARY EXPERIENCE.  Whilst utilizing visionary bliss, albeit on the synthetic terms of hallucinogenic enlightenment such that one could metaphorically equate with a 'resurrection of the Dead', the true spirituality of 'Kingdom Come' would go far beyond visionary experience in its aspiration towards and eventual attainment of the truest spirituality.  For what began on the level of the Second Coming could only culminate on that of the Holy Spirit of Heaven, just as what began with Christ can only culminate in the Holy Ghost.  Hence, in the latter case, from praying to contemplating; in the former case, from tripping to meditating.  Essence precedes appearance in the Christian context, whereas appearance precedes essence in the Superchristian one.  For essence is alone truly commensurate with supreme being.