1. MALE/FEMALE BLUES. Distinguish between the Rock-Blues of guitar-based instrumental 'Blues' and the Blues-Rock of guitar-based vocal 'Blues'. But, above all, distinguish each of these from the authentic Blues of vocal-based superfeminine idealism, as in 'Lady sings the Blues'. For, fundamentally, the Blues is pure Hell!


2. HEATHEN ALLIANCE. To see a correlation between Anglicanism and the Labour Party, Puritanism and the Conservative Party, and Presbyterianism and the Liberal (Democratic) Party, as between the Protestantism/Parliamentarianism of the World, the purgatorial Overworld, and the purgatorial Netherworld. Mother, Son, and Father in a Heathen alliance between Protestant Church and State.


3. CATHOLIC CONNECTIONS. To see a connection, relative to Catholic republicanism, between the Irish Labour Party and the Virgin Mary, Fine Gael and the Christ Child, and Fianna Fil and the Holy Ghost, as though Labour were a democratic version of Communism, Fine Gael a democratic version of Nazism, and Fianna Fil a democratic version of Fascism. The Democratic Left would, I guess, be beyond the Christian pale in a sort of Superchristian affiliation with 'Mary-Child' feminism, as though the subfeminine precondition of supermasculine revolution in Social Theocracy/Transcendentalism, as germane to 'Kingdom Come', and hence the Second Coming/Holy Spirit of Heaven.


4. NO STRICT EQUIVALENTS. Clearly, one cannot regard Irish political parties as equivalent to British ones, as though the distinction between Protestant parliamentarianism and Catholic republicanism was of no account. In Ireland, a Christian country, politics - barring the Democratic Left - remains largely in the shadow of the Catholic Church. In Britain, a comparatively heathen country, the Protestant Church is effectively in the shadow of politics.