1.   PSYCHIC ELEMENTS.  Inspiration is the proton, intuition the electron, logic the neutron, and (if you're lucky) enlightenment the photon ... of mind, as one moves from the soul to the spirit via the will and the intellect of psychic fulfilment.


2.   DIALECTICAL PROCESS.  Logic does not follow from inspiration alone, but is the result of managing inspiration and intuition to achieve a rational synthesis.


3.   SYNTHETIC RESULT.  If inspiration is the thesis and intuition the antithesis, then logic is the synthesis, which may or may not lead to the superthesis, as it were, of enlightenment.


4.   HEATHEN QUALITIES.  Inspiration, intuition, and logic are fundamentally Heathen qualities which usually correspond to the Father, the Mother, and the Son of emotional intellect (reading), wilful intellect (speaking), and rational intellect (writing), not to their noumenal preconditions in the Superheathen realms of the Clear Light, Jehovah, and Mohammed, where they are more fittingly associated with photographic speaking, filmic reading, and magazine writing respectively.


5.   LOGICAL RESOLUTION.  Intuition precedes inspiration in the Superheathen context, but inspiration precedes intuition in the Heathen one, the synthesis, in each case, being a logical resolution of the struggle between thesis and antithesis.  Yet logic is compromised by the Heathen nature of such a struggle, and is therefore unable, as a rule, to transcend its dialectic.