1.   VACUOUS HELL.  The salvation of man to superman demands the damnation of woman to subwoman, whose Christian/Superchristian Hell is the precondition of a Christian/Superchristian Heaven.  Verily, Hell for woman is the self-denial of a uterine vacuum, whether through vocation or abortion, since Hell is a vacuum on any plane (phenomenal or noumenal), and propels the devil of selfless flight, the negative power that issues from a negative glory.  Normally, woman will seek deliverance from her uterine vacuum through sex and the probability of a maternal plenum (in pregnancy, etc.).  Thus motherhood is for woman a sort of salvation from her void, and accordingly denial of this salvation can only mean one thing: Hell!


2.   HEATHEN LIE.  Normally, man strives to palliate the Hell of woman's basic vacuum by making love to her, as though to make life easier for himself.  But, in reality, the cost of such a procedure is very high, even unto death through the 'wages of sin', since he is constrained, as subman, to enact Time into Mass, and thus forego Christian redemption, as man, through Volume into Space, becoming superman.  Thus he lives a Heathen lie, the lie of selfless sin.


3.   HEAVENLY PLENUM.  True selfishness, which is centred in the spirit, is so desirable to the man who cultivates it, that any external distraction, including women, is painful to him and something, in consequence, to avoid or, at the very least, minimize.  The man who is centred in his true self is acutely aware of the inconvenience of external distractions.  He will not allow others - women in particular - to prevail upon him.  Selfless service of others is akin, in his estimation, to a subfeminine Hell.  He lives Heaven, the supermasculine Heaven of an airy plenum.