1.   MASCULINE TRINITY.  Subman is that which is more emotional than either spiritual or intellectual; man that which is more intellectual than either emotional or spiritual; superman that which is more spiritual than either intellectual or emotional.


2.   FEMININE TRINITY.  Superwoman is that which is more optical than either sensual or devotional; woman that which is more sensual than either optical or devotional; subwoman that which is more devotional than either sensual or optical.


3.   ASCENT OF MAN.  From the subconscious emotionality of subman to the superconscious spirituality/universality of superman via the conscious intellectuality of man - the ascent of man from beast to God.


4.   DESCENT OF WOMAN.  From the super-unconscious personality of superwoman to the sub-unconscious chastity/humility of subwoman via the unconscious sensuality of woman - the descent of woman from Devil to angel.


5.   INDIRECT HEATHEN REFERENCE.  The Father has reference to the Son via the Mother, like Presbyterianism to Puritanism via Anglicanism.


6.   INDIRECT SUPERHEATHEN REFERENCE.  The Supermother has reference to the Subson via the Subfather, like Hinduism to Mohammedanism via Judaism.