1.   LUNAR PARALLEL.  Whatever people think, the Father cannot be associated with and/or extrapolated from either the heart or the sun; He derives, on the contrary, from the emotional aspect of the brain as the fundamentalist component of the 'Three in One', a 'One' which, being cerebral, has reference to a lunar parallel which finds its intellectual cynosure in Christ.


2.   MOHAMMED.  The deity of the heart is Mohammed, who contrasts with the deity of the sun, viz. Jehovah and, to a greater extent, Satan, pretty much as Count Dracula contrasts with sunlight.  In fact, it could be argued that Mohammed stands in a filial relationship to Jehovah, as Subson to Subfather.


3.   NOUMENAL FIRST MOVER.  Before the Subfather, however, there was (is) a Supermother, the Hindi Clear Light of the Void, which is the noumenal First Mover in the Cosmos, the real 'Creator' from which Lucifer (Jehovah/Satan) 'fell', as solar from stellar ... in what I have elsewhere described as a submasculine revolt against superfeminine primacy, the beginnings, in solar monotheism, of a heavenly alternative to the stellar polytheism of the superdiabolic First Cause(s).


4.   SUPERFEMININE BEGINNINGS.  Thus the Cosmos/Universe didn't begin with Jehovah/Satan, but with the Clear Light of the Void, a superfeminine entity of stellar light and fire from which smaller stars like the sun 'fell', in due process of cosmic devolution.  The concept of God as 'He', as in some sense masculine, has no reference to the stellar Cosmos whatsoever, but only to the sun, which may be held responsible, in some degree, for creating life on Earth, since without it there would have been no nature, and thus no plants, animals, birds, reptiles, etc.


5.   SUPERMOTHERLY CREATOR.  Therefore while there is some truth in arguing that God (as Jehovah/Satan) created the world, there would be no truth whatsoever in the theory that God created the sun.  On the contrary, the sun was effectively created, along with other small stars, by the Clear Light of the Void, or any large stellar star which may be held to have preceded the sun, and to have preceded it not as a submasculine 'he' but as a superfeminine 'she' - the supermotherly Creator whose essence is less (sub)divine than superdiabolic.


6.   SUBMASCULINE SUBGOD.  The superdiabolic polytheism of the Cosmos preceded the subdivine monotheism of the Sun, as Hinduism preceded Judaism.  For whereas polytheism was stellar, monotheism was solar, and the consequence was that a submasculine Subgod superseded a superfeminine Superdevil.  In other words, that which is relatively godly (if on submasculine and hence modest terms) came to pass for the first time!


7.   OUTER SUBGOD.  Yet such a Subgod, necessarily subdivine, is outer rather than inner, solar rather than cardiac, scientific as opposed to religious, and thus morally inferior to the Mohammedan Subgod of the 'Kingdom Within', the heart-god who stands to the sun-god as subson to subfather, or blood to fire.