1.   REVERSE METAPHORS.  Blood is the 'light' of the heart, just as, to reverse the metaphor, fire is the 'heart' of the sun.


2.   THE ESSENCE.  It could be that the heart, the 'seat of the soul', is to blood what fire is to light, which is to say, the essence of the context in question, which finds its religious personification in Mohammed/Allah no less surely than the sun ... in Satan/Jehovah.


3.   HEART/SUN ESSENCES.  Mohammed would be more essentially of the heart than Allah, just as Satan would be more essentially of the sun than Jehovah.


4.   SATANIC SUBMASCULINITY.  Satan is not the Cosmos from a Judaic point of view, for Jehovah is that which 'sucks up' to the Cosmos in quasi-superfeminine idealism, whereas Satan is submasculine through and through!


5.   DIABOLIC SUPERFEMININITY.  I could not now regard that which was submasculine, and hence subdivine, as the Devil.  On the contrary, the Devil is fundamentally a superfeminine ideality which has its Clear-Light basis in the Cosmos, the original font of Creation.


6.   DIVINE SUPERMASCULINITY.  Ultimately, God is not subdivine, nor even divine, but superdivine, the supermasculine superdivinity of the Holy Spirit of Heaven, which is supreme being.


7.   SUBMASCULINE BEAST.  The Subgod is a submasculine beast that revolted against ('fell from') the superfeminine Devil ... of the Clear Light of the (stellar) Void, but is no more a devil himself than ... the subfeminine angel ... of feminist humility ... is a god.  Angel is no less distinct from God ... the Holy Spirit of Heaven ... than beast from Devil ... the Clear Light of the Void.


8.   PERSONALITY SOURCE.  Certainly the stellar Cosmos cannot be personified as angelic, since there is nothing humble about stars.  On the contrary, they are the source of superfeminine personality, which issues optically from a psychic vacuum.


9.   GOD AND ANGEL.  Just as God is the most evolved degree of masculinity (supermasculine), so the angelic is the most devolved degree of femininity (subfeminine).  The former is at the furthest possible psychic remove from the submasculine beast, and the latter at the furthest possible physical remove from the superfeminine Devil.