1.   MYSTICAL BASIS.  Television beams personality at one from its mystical basis in the light.


2.   PERSONALITY PARADE.  How morally obscene is the parade of superfeminine personality which so often issues, in diabolical disarray, from the TV screen, sucking the life out of those whose souls have fallen victim to its optical allure!


3.   NEGATIVE POWER.  The Illusion-Devil of personality launches-out from the Woe-Hell of negative glory, to claim fresh victims on the barbs of its negative power, a superfeminine tyrant whose subjects idolize her mystical charms.


4.   FINANCIAL SACRIFICES.  Like all tyrants, television is merciless in exacting tributes from its subjects, who must make financial sacrifices in order that it may continue to rule at their expense.


5.   TELEVISION DISTINCTIONS.  Strictly speaking, colour television is submasculine compared to what might be described as the quasi-superfeminine nature of black-and-white TV, which is arguably more Jehovahesque than Satanic.


6.   PHOTOGRAPHY.  At the back of, or anterior to, film ... there is always photography, whether black-and-white or colour, which is to say, whether superfeminine or quasi-submasculine, Hindu-like or Buddhist.


7.   PHOTOGRAPHIC SLIDES.  At the back of cinema film there can only be photography, though more of the kind that is projected, as slides, onto a white screen than as snaps as such.


8.   ACTORS AND ACTRESSES.  Film and television actors are a sort of submen, by which I mean that they pertain to the submasculine in an alpha-stemming context of light/heat.  By a converse token, film and television actresses are less superfeminine than quasi-submasculine.  For the genuine superfeminine context is one of photography, not film!