1. STAR-TEARS. Women's tears are akin to stars that fall from the cosmos of their eyes ... in testimony to the sadness of negative glory.


2. NUNS AND MONKS. Nuns can be quasi-subfeminine saints, but not angels! Likewise monks can be quasi-supermasculine saints, but not gods! For angels are no less genuinely subfeminine (and humble) than gods are genuinely supermasculine (and universal).


3. LOWERED EYES. The 'humble angel' keeps her eyes lowered, in contrast to the 'personality devil', whose eyes are aflame with negative power, constraining submen to her superfeminine whims.


4. BEYOND SAINTS. Angels are more devolved than female saints (nuns), just as gods are more evolved than masculine saints (monks). The saint is Christian, whereas the angel and the god are Superchristian.


5. HUMILITY/UNIVERSALITY DESTINATIONS. Angels can no more depart the Subhell of their subfeminine humility ... than gods depart the Superheaven of their supermasculine universality.


6. SAVING AND DAMNING. The Second Coming will save Christian men to the Superheaven of supermasculine universality, and damn, relatively speaking, Christian women to the Subhell of subfeminine humility, thereby creating gods and angels.


7. GODS AND ANGELS VIS--VIS DEVILS AND BEASTS. The gods and angels of the supermasculine/subfeminine extremes of Superchristianity will contrast with the devils and beasts of the superfeminine/submasculine extremes of Superheathenism.


8. MONKS AND NUNS VIS--VIS MEN AND WOMEN. Likewise, it could be said that the monks and nuns of the saintly extremes of Christianity contrast with the men and women of the masculine/feminine divide of Heathenism.