1.   REVERSED TRIANGLES.  Generally speaking, the Superheathen context (of the Supermother, Subfather, and Subson) is symbolized by a pyramidal triangle, whereas the Heathen context (of the Father, Mother, and Son) is symbolized by an inverted triangle.  Hence the one context is symbolically dominated by the Supermother, and the other context ... by the Son.  The Heathen context reverses the Superheathen situation.


2.   REVERSED OBLIQUES.  Although the Christian and Superchristian contexts are non-triangular, the sort of oblique ascent from the Virgin Mary to the Holy Ghost via the Christ Child is effectively reversed in the Superchristian context, as the Second Coming and the Holy Spirit of Heaven ascend away from the Mary Child of subfeminine humility on the basis of two modes of objective selfishness from subjective selflessness, the opposite of the Christian context, wherein objective selflessness in Christian chastity/charity is rejected by two modes of subjective selfishness in a heavenly ascent from prayer to contemplation.


3.   EFFECTIVE BLASPHEMY.  The notion of God creating the Universe is so logically absurd as to be effectively blasphemous!  Even the Sun-God (Jehovah/Satan) that may be held responsible, in some degree, for creating the earth ... is only a Subgod, and thus no better than submasculine, which is to say, beastly.


4.   LARGELY SELF-CREATING.  Most of the earth, and thus by implication nature, is self-creating, since it exists in relation not only to the sun but to the soil and, amongst other things, its molten core.  For, in reality, the greater part of nature owes its existence less to the sun than to the earth itself, which may be assumed to be its true creator.


5.   WORLDLY PHENOMENON.  Nature owes less to the sun, a subgodly parallel, than to the earth itself, and is thus a phenomenon of the World, having a mundane, or worldly, essence.  For this reason, it is heathen rather than divine.