1.   FEMININE/MASCULINE CONTRASTS.  Collectivism/collectivity is basically feminine, having its roots, so to speak, in the noumenal collectivism of the stellar Cosmos, where it is superfeminine, and extending, via the feminine World, to World-denying subfemininity.  Thus collectivism/collectivity contrasts with the individualism/individuality of man, whether with regard to the submasculine, the masculine, or the supermasculine.


2.   FROM COLLECTIVISM TO INDIVIDUALISM.  Collectivism begins in the Devil and ends in the angelic subwoman.  Conversely, individualism begins in the beastly subman and ends in God.


3.   PUBLIC AND PRIVATE.  Collectivism is largely public and, by contrast, individualism private - the former feminine and the latter masculine.  Though it is also possible to think in terms of a sort of androgynous cross between the two, as in 'collections of individuals' or 'individual collectives', which is arguably less left or right wing than centrist (Liberal), and thus profoundly amoral.


4.   SUBMASCULINE/SUPERFEMININE CONTRASTS.  Solar monotheism (Judaism/Satanism) contrasts with stellar polytheism (Hinduism/Buddhism) as submasculine individualism with superfeminine collectivism.  Even the submasculine beast will keep himself individually aloof from the collectivity of superfeminine devils.


5.   INDIVIDUALLY ALOOF.  Just so, the Heathen man will keep himself individually aloof from the collectivity of Heathen women, as will the Christian man (monk) from the collectivity of Christian women (nuns), and, last but hardly least, the Superchristian god (superman) from the collectivity of Superchristian angels (subwomen).


6.   HEAVEN AND HELL.  Heaven is no less private and individual than Hell is public and collective - all the difference between the supermasculine god and superfeminine devils.


7.   COMPETITION AND CO-OPERATION.  Competition, like collectivism, is feminine, whereas co-operation, like individualism, is masculine.  For the competitive mind is rooted in the collective, whereas the co-operative mind is centred in the individual.  People compete with others from a collective point-of-view, and co-operate with others from an individual standpoint.  The collective no more recognizes individuals than the individual recognizes collectives.  One rejects individualism from a collective point-of-view, which is competitive, and transcends collectivism from an individual standpoint, which is co-operative.  The transmutation of collectivism devolves in the feminine (from superfeminine to subfeminine via feminine), while the transmutation of individualism evolves in the masculine (from submasculine to supermasculine via masculine).


8.   REJECTION OF GOD.  Society, like socialism, will always reject God; for God is the supreme individual.  High society will reject God from the Devil's point-of-view; low society will reject Him from woman's point-of-view.


9.   FROM ALPHA TO OMEGA.  From the Devil (of superfeminine personality) to God (in supermasculine universality) - from alpha to omega via the World/Overworld, etc.


10.  SUBDEVILS AND SUBGODS.  Angels are no less subdevils than beasts are subgods, for neither subwomen nor submen can be other than subdiabolic or subdivine respectively.