1.   RACIAL TRANSMUTATION.  A Christian people who have been saved to synthetic spirituality ... may yet require the assistance of racial transmutation, in order to pass beyond this to the properly noumenal extremes of 'Kingdom Come'.


2.   NOUMENAL ROUTE TO SALVATION.  For Superheathen peoples, however, the route to Superchristian salvation is more direct, since those who, as superwomen, were given to the devil of personality can be saved to the angel of humility, while those who, as submen, were given to the beast of emotionality can be saved to the god of universality.


3.   HEATHEN/SUPERHEATHEN INKLING OF SALVATION.  Just as Heathen peoples can know chastity (if female) and spirituality (if male) while remaining predominantly either sensual or intellectual, so Superheathen peoples can know humility (if superfeminine) and   universality (if submasculine) while remaining predominantly either optical or emotional.


4.   CHRISTIAN/SUPERCHRISTIAN INKLING OF DAMNATION.  Conversely, just as Christian peoples can know sensuality (if feminine) and intellectuality (if masculine) while remaining predominantly either chaste or spiritual, so Superchristian peoples can know personality (if subfeminine) and emotionality (if supermasculine) while remaining predominantly either humble or universal.


5.   FROM LAST TO FIRST.  No people can be absolutely any one thing or another, i.e. one thing or another all the time, but they can certainly be predominantly one thing or another, depending on whether they are Superheathen/Heathen 'born' or Christian/Superchristian 'reborn'.  The significant feature about 'Kingdom Come' is that those who, depending on their gender, were predominantly optical or emotional in the Superheathen past will become predominantly universal or humble in the Superchristian future, thereby passing from one noumenal extreme to another ... as Superchristian criteria effect the gradual transmutation of life on Earth from an alpha-stemming to an omega-oriented bias ... thanks to a variety of technological and cultural procedures.


6.   SAVED TO ANGELS.  To save superwomen from the Clear Light of the Void to the Mary Child of subfeminine humility (eyes lowered or shaded instead of aggressively seductive in naked glare), as devils become angels, and optical immodesty is rejected.


7.   SAVED TO GODS.  To save submen from Jehovah/Allah/the Father to the Holy Spirit of Heaven in supermasculine universality (calmly one with the air one breathes), as beasts become gods, and emotional agitation is rejected.