1.   SUPREME BEING.  What people have taken for God, namely the Judaic and/or Christian 'Creator', is really subdivine and therefore no more than bestial.  For God is the supreme (level of) willing that, as an air-focused meditation technique, makes possible the supreme (level of) being, which is Heaven.  God/Heaven has nothing whatsoever to do with a 'Creator', least of all a 'Creator of the Universe', and everything to do with an ultimate level of willing/being.


2.   ABSOLUTE CONTRAST.  This ultimate level of willing/being, of positive power/glory, is the Holy Spirit of Heaven, which contrasts absolutely with the Clear Light of the Void, the primal level of being/willing, in negative glory/power.  Such an absolute contrast is nothing less than one between superfeminine primacy and supermasculine supremacy, or, in simple terms, Hell/the Devil and God/Heaven.


3.   COMPLEMENTARY OPPOSITES.  There is obviously a sense in which submen are subhuman and supermen no less superhuman, but, equally, one should remember that submen and superwomen are complementary, as are supermen and subwomen - the former in Superheathen terms and the latter within a Superchristian framework.