1.   LIGHT/FIRE DISTINCTIONS.  For me, there is a sort of superfeminine/submasculine distinction, analogous to that between the light and the fire, devil and beast, between Hindus and Buddhists, Judaists and Satanists, and Islamic Fundamentalists and Mohammedans, as though the first in each pair primarily related to different manifestations of the Light (stellar, solar, and bloody respectively), whereas the second in each pair primarily related to different manifestations of the Fire (stellar, solar, and cardiac respectively).


2.   BLOCKING-DEVICE REDUCTION.  The only thing that will really guarantee a 'rebirth', or transmutation from absolute sin to absolute grace, in the future ... will be the development and siting in space of large blocking devices, or 'solar panels', such that will progressively reduce the sun's influence and thus permit people to be predominantly omega-orientated rather than, as before, alpha-stemming in their moral integrities.


3.   EXCEPTION TO THE RULE.  Thus, for the first time, there will be more supermasculine calm for men than submasculine emotion, more subfeminine humility for women than superfeminine personality.  The alpha will become the exception to the rule, the shadow side of the moral psyche, in which gods and angels will have supplanted beasts and devils.  Even those who, as former Christians, had opted for the 'resurrection of the Dead' through hallucinogenic enlightenment, would be as saintly spirituals to spiritual saints, leading a superior form of spiritual life to what they would have known as Christians, prayerfully waiting upon the grave.  And even that will, in due course, be superseded by properly divine and angelic extremes ... as racial and cultural transmutation, voluntarily entered into, bring the 'phenomenal' to a genuinely noumenal salvation.


4.   RACIAL GENERALIZATIONS.  Racial transmutations for the Irish cannot be the same as those for the British, since the Irish are a predominantly Catholic and thus Christian people, whereas the British are a predominantly Protestant and thus Heathen people, for whom Christianity is, by and large, a lost cause.  Hence whereas the Irish will ultimately require a pattern of racial transmutation in keeping with their omega-oriented Christian traditions, the British can only be transmuted backwards, as it were, in terms of Superheathen cultural influence, so that, eventually, they or, more correctly, their descendants ... will be in a position, as effective Superheathens, to be directly saved to 'Kingdom Come' at both universal and humble extremes, rather than have to pass through an hallucinogenic salvation ... like, presumably, the Christic Irish.  My personal view is that, because of their contrary moral biases traditionally, caucasoid Asians and Blacks are more suited to Britain, but mongoloid Asians and Arabs more suited to Ireland.  This is of course to generalize.  But I do not think I can be far wrong, since caucasoid Asians and Blacks are by and large peoples of the light, the former externally (through Clear-Light-based vacuous meditation) and the latter internally (through, for example, narcotic drugs), whereas mongoloid Asians and Arabs are by and large peoples of the air, the former internally (through Tao-based airy meditation) and the latter externally (through, for example, air-conditioning devices like electric fans).


5.   NECESSITY OF RACIAL INTERBREEDING.  Certainly, one cannot ignore race in its relationship to culture and, beyond that, to morality.  Only a fool would pretend that racial transmutation was of no consequence to historical and moral progress!  For one thing, it dilutes the blood, and thus precludes the kind of strength-affirming Paganism that tends to characterize those peoples overly enamoured of 'racial purity'.  For another thing, it breaks down national barriers and tends to encourage a universal perspective in people which transcends race.  Thirdly, it helps to quicken the slow and even, in some respects, to slow the quick, bringing disparate cultures together.  Fourthly, it breaks down prejudice, since racial (and thus sexual) exclusiveness is a major cause of prejudice, which can only be eliminated through interbreeding.  In short, the more cross-fertilization there is, the more will people come together into one universal family of brotherly (and sisterly) love.  Difference is conflict.  Similarity is peace - the peace of divine calm above and of angelic humility below.