1.   APPEARANCE AND ESSENCE.  The superwoman is the most external/centrifugal of persons, whereas the superman is the most internal/centripetal of persons.  Appearance and essence, Devil and God.


2.   CONTRARY MODES OF GENDER DOMINATION.  Men dominate women physically, through sex, but women dominate men metaphysically, as personality rides-out on the back of sensuality, and man is constrained, as submasculine beast, to the Devil.


3.   PARADOXICAL CHRISTIANS.  One wonders what business women can have in the 'House of Christ', since they are fundamentally creatures of the World, if not also of the Devil.  But, then again, women can be converted from sensuality to chastity, becoming less Heathen and more Christian.


4.   INTERDEPENDENT SALVATIONS.  Salvation is not just for men, neither phenomenally nor noumenally, but is also for women, since the rejection of sin by men cannot last unless women also reject it, thereby passing to either Christian (phenomenal) or Superchristian (noumenal) grace.  A sinful woman will always be a threat to a graceful man.