1.   WORLDLY PLANE.  Theatre differs from the netherworldly plane of dreams - carnivals/pageants - parades/festivals - films ... as a worldly art form having its basis not in acting but in speech.  For although in practice acting and speaking tend to overlap, the former is more germane to emotionality and the latter to sensuality, which is nothing short of a submasculine/feminine distinction, as relevant to the planes in question.


2.   NOCTURNAL 'DRAMA'.  Wet dreams are the 'theatre' of sleep.


3.   THEATRE.  I would argue that, being a worldly art form, theatre is less Catholic or Protestant than ... royalist or republican, not to mention socialist or, at any rate, social at the television-play extreme and personal at the contrary extreme ... of wet dreams.


4.   DRAMATIC DISTINCTIONS.  By and large, I would argue for a tragedy/comedy distinction between 'royalist' and 'republican' drama, the sort of distinction which is arguably rather more tragic and comic at the 'personal' and 'social' extremes of wet dreams and television plays!