1.   UNIVERSAL MAN.  The type of the 'universal man' is the furthest removed of human beings from the Universe, since he relates not to personality (in the mystical alpha) but to universality (in the gnostical omega), and is accordingly of an extreme evolutionary character.


2.   MORAL TRANSVALUATION.  When people come to understand my work, they will realize that Satan is as preferable to Jehovah as ... David to Moses, the beast (or shepherd boy) to the warrior (or Egyptian prince).  For the beast is properly submasculine, and hence subdivine, whereas the warrior is quasi-superfeminine, and hence quasi-superdiabolic, which is to say, nearer to the Devil per se, the devil of cosmic light.


3.   PARALLEL 'SELL OUT'.  Likewise, they will realize that Mohammed is as preferable to Allah as ... the heart to the blood, the 'fiery core' to its 'light-aside', since Islam (Shi'ite) took the same road as Judaism in deferring, through upper-class will, to the cosmic light of Hindu primacy, and such a road smacks of a 'sell out' to the Devil, the 'sell out' in this case being to value blood above the heart, so that Allah ranks above Mohammed in much the same way that Jehovah ranks above Satan (or Moses above David) in Judaism, which is less rooted, fundamentally, in the alpha-most region of the 'Kingdom Within', viz. heart/blood, than ... naturalistically, in the omega-most region of the 'Kingdom Without', wherein sunlight takes moral precedence over sunheat/fire in the Satanic core.


4.   DAVID AND GOLIATH.  David was a beast, or shepherd boy, who 'got lucky' against the demon named Goliath who 'came on' to him from a contrary realm, the realm, we may well believe, of Clear-Light primacy, or bona fide philistinism.