1.   CEREBRAL CORE AND ASIDE.  In the more or less Protestant context of the Father and the Son (Christ), the Father takes precedence over the Son in Presbyterianism, but the Son takes precedence over the Father in Puritanism, given the emotional/intellectual distinctions which exist between the two denominations.  Now if, for the sake of clarification, we identify the Father with the emotional aspect of the brain and Christ with its properly intellectual aspect, it soon becomes evident that the emotional brain corresponds to the core of the context, necessarily cerebral, in question, since the core is everywhere fiery compared to the light-aside, as in the solar and cardiac contexts already investigated, and the emotional brain, or emotional aspect thereof, is nothing if not a fiery core whose light-aside corresponds to what is commonly called the intellect.  Thus Christ stands to the Father pretty much as Allah to Mohammed or Jehovah to Satan - that is to say, as the light-aside to a fiery core.  Such a light, necessarily intellectual, would not exist were it not for the Father, Whose emotional essence corresponds to the fiery core of the brain.  Neither, we may believe, would blood exist without the heart, or sunlight without the sun.  Nevertheless, the fact that Christ takes precedence over the Father in Puritanism would suggest to me that Puritanism followed both Islam and Judaism in deferring to Clear-Light primacy by attaching more importance to the light-aside of its particular context than to the fiery core itself, thus putting Christ on a par with Allah and Jehovah ... as the primary deity of Protestantism.


2.   UNTRANSVALUATED DEFERENCE.  Yet if the light-aside of both the solar and cardiac contexts, viz. sunlight and blood, is quasi-superfeminine compared to the submasculinity of the fiery core, viz. sunfire and heart, then the light-aside of the cerebral context, viz. intellect, can only be quasi-superfeminine compared to the fiery core, viz. brain emotionality, of that context, which is arguably submasculine.  Thus Protestantism would be guilty of the same moral error as was earlier committed by both Judaism and Islam ... in ascribing more significance to the light-aside of their respective contexts than to the core itself.  Puritanism would rank with Islam and Judaism against Presbyterianism, Mohammedanism (Sunni Moslem), and Satanism, or those sects in which the core takes precedence over the aside.  For in siding with the light-aside, in this case intellectual, at the expense of the fiery core, one is effectively placing the Devil above God, since such a procedure attests to an untransvaluated deference to the Clear Light, the diabolic primacy of which takes precedence over the Clear Fire of the Void ... as Hinduism over Buddhism, or monochromatic visions over polychromatic ones.  Even the negative core of a stellar star, the Clear Fire of the Void, would be less diabolical than the fierce light which radiates from it as the Clear Light of the Void, and we may believe that whereas the light is primary and thus superfeminine, the lightfire, or negative core of a stellar star, is secondary and thus quasi-submasculine, which is to say, demonic rather than diabolic, a compacted entity which, existing in a direct relationship to the Void, serves to glorify light rather than to generate heat.


3.   MALE AND FEMALE BRAINS.  With regard to the above, one might contrast the female brain with the male brain, the latter of which is not only larger than the former but, existing independently of a physical void (the womb), is primarily a generator of heat (emotions) rather than light (personality), and thus stands closer to the solar sun than to the stellar cosmos.