1. STELLAR CONTRAST. To contrast the Clear Light of the Void with the Clear Fire of the Void ... as one would contrast Hinduism with Buddhism or Krishna with Buddha - the latter merely the heat-aside of the former.


2. SOLAR CONTRAST. Conversely, to contrast the Clear Fire of Time with the Clear Light of Time ... as one would contrast Satanism with Judaism or Satan with Jehovah - the latter merely the light-aside of the former.


3. STELLAR/SOLAR COINS. No less than Krishna and Buddha are two sides of the same (idealist-stellar) coin, so Satan and Jehovah are two sides of the same (naturalist-solar) coin.


4. IDEALIST/NATURALIST DISTINCTIONS. A modern equivalent of the above 'coins', or dichotomies, would be Fascism (light-primal) and Nazism (heat-secondary) with regard to idealism, but Communism (heat-primal) and Bolshevism (light-secondary) with regard to naturalism, the cultural parallel having less to do with visions and dreams than with photos and films, photos being no less idealistic than films are naturalistic.


5. FILM NATURALISM VIS--VIS PHOTOGRAPHIC IDEALISM. Film actors/producers are all somehow communistic in their naturalist stance before life, a stance no less contrary to the idealism of photography than the Judaic/Satanic essence of dream naturalism could be regarded as being contrary to the visionary idealism of Hinduism/Buddhism.